The Types Of Compensatory Leave In Modern Workplaces

What Is a Compensatory Leave Application?

A compensatory leave application is a written letter from an employee to their employer asking for permission to take a compensatory rest day.

Overtime compensatory leave

Types Of Compensatory Leave

Weekend compensatory leave

Holiday compensatory leave




Overtime Compensatory Leave

Overtime leave is an alternative to cash payments for overtime hours worked.

Tip 1

Weekend Compensatory Leave

A weekend compensatory leave is offered to employees whose positions normally require them to work on weekends.

Tip 2

Holiday Compensatory Leave

Holiday Compensatory Leave is a period of time when an employee is not working due to vacation or holiday.

Tip 3

The compensatory leave request is typically made to the employee's immediate supervisor or manager.

To Whom the Compensatory Leave Request is Made?

Compensatory Leave Format

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