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Thinking of drafting well-formatted HR documents templates? You need to check our HR services Superworks – hrms software that provides a startup HR Toolkit free download option. As a Human Resources- HR toolkit India provider we provide 300+ well-maintained, perfectly drafted HR documents, and HR templates.

Download all ready to use HR-related documents such as letters, emails, forms, job descriptions, and many more to manage your HR and workforce. In Our HR toolkit gives every kind of required document that helps with HR process streamlining.

Now, you need to think of the ready to use HR toolkit documents that help you craft everything easily, and don’t think about the HR templates to write and then draft!

Create customized HR documents within minutes.

Save time by avoiding recurring writing of documents.

We are trusted by 50+ HR professionals all over India.

  • Job Application Form
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
  • Employee Absenteeism Report
  • Written Warning Form
  • Disciplinary Warning Notice Form
  • Critical Incidents Log Form
  • Discipline Documentation Notice
  • Employee Warning Notice Form
  • Sample COVID-19 Screening Form for Employers
  • Working From Home During Covid-19 Risk Assessment Form
  • Covid-19 Employee Self-Certification Form
  • Employee Self-Certification Form for Covid-19 Symptoms
  • Emergency Leave Employee Request Form
  • COVID-19 Employee Temporary Remote Work Request Form
  • Paid COVID-19 Leave Request Form
  • Covid-19 Employee Health Screening Form
  • Covid-19 Return to Work Form
  • COVID-19 Return to Work Risk Assessment
  • Employee Self-Certification Form
  • Employee Registration Form
  • Gratuity Form
  • Employment Application Form
  • Background Verification Form
  • Asset Handover Form
  • Induction Feedback Form
  • Form 16
  • Form 05 – Employees Provident Fund Scheme
  • Gratuity Nomination Form
  • 90 Days Evaluation Form
  • Annual Appraisal Form
  • Training Feedback Form
  • MBO Appraisal Form
  • Performance Evaluation Form
  • Probationary Appraisal Form
  • Self-appraisal form
  • Training Evaluation Form and Feedback
  • Employee Clearance Form
  • Exit Feedback Form
  • Employee Reference Check Form
  • Employee Referral Programme Form
  • Exit Form
  • Application for Leave Form
  • LTA Claim Form
  • New Hire orientation feedback form
  • Probationary Progress Evaluation Form
  • Direct Deposit Forms (Attached Voided Check)
  • Direct Deposit Forms (Without Voided Check)
  • Job Offer Letter Form (07 HR)
  • Employee Termination Form (07 HR)
  • Disciplinary Procedure Form (07 HR)
  • Time-off Request Form
  • Vacation Request Form
  • Overtime Policy
  • Leave Policy
  • Attendance
  • Public Holiday
  • NDA Policy
  • Attendance Policy
  • Employee Reimbursement Policy Template
  • Grievance Policy
  • Increment Policy
  • Leave Encashment Policy
  • Sick Leave policy
  • Incentive
  • Increment
  • Mediclaim Policy
  • Employee Performance Review Policies
  • System Monitoring Policy
  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Employee Referral Policy
  • Exit Policy
  • Exit Interview Policy
  • Joining and Induction Policy
  • Cell Phone Policy
  • Retirement Policy
  • Code of Conduct Policy
  • Employee Promotion Policy
  • Gratuity Policy
  • Grievance
  • No Smoking Workplace Policy
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy
  • Meal and Break Periods Policy
  • At-Will Employment Policy
  • Work from Home Policy
  • Travel Policy
  • Relocation Policy
  • Weapon-free Workplace policy
  • Bereavement Policy
  • Dress Code policy
  • Sexual Harrasment Policy
  • Parental Leave Policy
  • Maternity Policy
  • Workplace Violence Policy
  • Employee Termination Policy
  • Recruitment Policy
  • Reward and Recognition Policy
  • Flexible Working Hours Policy
  • Email Usage Policy
  • Anti-discrimination policy
  • Employee Confidentiality Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Employee Exit Interview Policy
  • Employee Accessibility Policy
  • Company Credit Card Policy
  • Employee Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Employee Parking Policy
  • Employee PTO Policy
  • Employee Training and Development Policy
  • Workplace Visitors Policy
  • Company Cyber Security Policy
  • Employee Transport Services Policy
  • Appointment Letter
  • Appraisal Letter
  • Job Application Letter
  • Job Confirmation Letter
  • Work Experience Letter
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Offer Letter
  • Relieving Letter
  • Warning Letter
  • Bond Renew Letter
  • Warning Letter For Attendance Issues
  • Warning Letter For Behaviour Issues
  • Probation Extension Letter
  • Warning Letter For Poor Performance
  • Warning Letter for Insubordination
  • Promotion Letter
  • Recognition Letter
  • Termination Letter
  • Employment Verification Letter
  • Resignation Acceptance Letter
  • Full & Final Settlement with Confirmation
  • Interview Call Letter
  • Welcome Letter
  • Employment Service Agreement
  • Increment Letter
  • Final Warning Letter
  • Demotion Letter
  • Address Proof Letter
  • Lay Off Letter
  • Inter-Department Transfer Letter
  • Bonus Announcement Letter
  • Branch Transfer Letter to Employee
  • Breach of Employment Letter
  • Job Suspension During Misconduct Inspection
  • Internship Offer Letter
  • Full and Final Settlement Letter
  • Insubordination Warning Letter
  • Job Subspention Letter
  • New Hire Probation Letter
  • Welcome Letter
  • Work Anniversary Letter
  • Birthday Wish Letter
  • Recommendation Letter for Scholarship
  • Employee Query Letter
  • Bonafide Letter
  • Candidate Rejection Letter
  • Condolence Letter
  • Festival Bonus Letter
  • Business Invitation Letter
  • Request Denial Letter
  • Redundancy Termination Letter
  • Temporary Employment Offer Letter
  • Letter of Expectation
  • Interview Reminder Letter
  • Second Interview Letter
  • Letter of Introduction for a new employee
  • Retirement Announcement Letter
  • Policy Change Letter
  • Business Event Invitation Letter
  • Business Contract Termination Letter
  • No-Objection Letter
  • Warning Notice for Intoxication at Work
  • Meeting Reschedule Letter
  • Employee Nomination Letter
  • Salary Increment Letter
  • Late Coming Warning Letter
  • Re-Designation Letter
  • Behaviour Warning Letter
  • Internship Completion Letter
  • Relieving Letter Format
  • Overtime Policy
  • Warning Letter For Negligence Of Duty
  • Regret Letter
  • Inter Department Transfer Letter Format
  • Bonus Award Letter to Employee
  • Attendance Warning Letter
  • Job Confirmation Letter
  • Employee Final Warning Letter
  • Probation Letter
  • Employee Retention Letter
  • Authorization Letter Format
  • Unauthorized Absence Warning Letter
  • Bond Letter
  • Joining Letter Format
  • Salary Certificate Letter
  • Loan Application Letter
  • Breach Of Employment Contract Letter
  • New Employee Introduction Email
  • Employee Probation Termination Letter
  • Effective Letter of Expectation
  • Exit Interview Letter
  • Self Appraisal Process
  • Thank You Letter
  • Appreciation Letter
  • Job Offer Letter
  • New Employee Announcement Letter
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Employee ApologyLetter
  • Maternity Leave Letter
  • Layoff Letter
  • Job Interview Reminder Letters
  • Job Rejection Letter
  • Scholarship Recommendation Letter
  • Part Time Employment Offer Letter
  • Employee Fraud Termination Letter
  • Festival Bonus Letter
  • Misbehaviour warning letter
  • Android Developer
  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • Game Developer
  • iOS developer
  • Web Developer
  • PHP developer
  • QA Web Tester
  • Systems Engineer
  • Phyton Developer
  • AngularJS Developer
  • JavaScript Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • IT Manager
  • Node.js Developer
  • jQuery Developer
  • Back-End Web Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • React.js Developer
  • Unity or Unity3D Developer
  • UI/UX designer
  • Content writer
  • HR Executive
  • HR Intern
  • PHP codeigniter Developer
  • Technical Project Manager
  • UI/UX Product Designer
  • Telecaller
  • Company Onboarding Executive (Account Manager)
  • Software Support Executive
  • Frequently arriving late to work email
  • Looks unwell since long
  • Missed Deadlines
  • Irregular Attendance
  • Employee having negative attitude
  • More Training Required Email(Training recommendation email)
  • Inappropriate Behavior
  • Employee wants to quit
  • Asking for feedback from employees
  • Inquiry for negative feedback
  • Thank You email to employee
  • Thank You email to team
  • Job Offer email
  • Onboarding a new hire email
  • Announcing a new hire email
  • Employee Referral Program Email
  • Promotion Email
  • Announcing Important Dates email
  • Welcoming a New Employee
  • Invitation to employees for an event/party
  • Event Reminder email
  • Email announcement for performance review
  • Job confirmation email
  • Performance review email
  • Work Anniversay emails
  • Birthday emails
  • Work from home tips email
  • Employee contract termination email
  • Employee background verification check email
  • Internship Offer email
  • Increment email
  • Candidate selection email
  • Rejection email after application or selection
  • Warning email for disciplinary action
  • employee appreciation email
  • employee layoff email
  • employee termination email
  • Referral program reward announcement email
  • Asking candidates for reference email
  • part-time to full-time offer email
  • salary negotiation
  • Interview confirmation email
  • Interview feedback email
  • successful interview email
  • interview invitation email
  • interview assignment email
  • interview cancellation email
  • candidate not showing up email
  • internal job posting email
  • Passive employee email
  • new job opening for rejected candidates
  • Internal Transfer email
  • employee demotion email
  • Breach of employment email

Superworks HR toolkit is ideal for

Superworks HR toolkit is an all-in-one platform of HR processes and your business.
Startup entrepreneurs
Small and mid-sized organizations
HR generalists and managers
HR students & interns

Hands-on help to use Superworks free HR toolkit

Now to have free HR forms, HR templates for small businesses are becoming easy! Not only forms but Human Resources documents, you can download them easily. All you have to do is pick one or many of the documents you want from the above section of HR toolkit and make the document as you want.

Once you choose one of the documents or sections you want to download, you will be redirected to a new page on our particular HR Templates page. On that page, you'll find different versions of the HR toolkit India templates that help you and your business.

Pick ready to use document and its version that fits your business HR processes. Then you need to fill out the form before downloading our HR templates. There is a Word version as well as a PDF of the Human Resources document that helps you to make it customized. Once you make your choice, you need to choose a platform like email, WhatsApp, and fill the form to get the HR toolkit for your business.

Superworks HR toolkit

Superworks HR toolkit is compatible with

Superworks hr toolkit is an all-in-one platform for government-compliant hr documents.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel
Google Docs
Google Docs

Easily access & revamp HR documents with Superworks HR Toolkit - click, edit, done.

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One stop destination for all HR

The Superworks HR Toolkit is a platform from where all HR can get their problem solved. Whether it is HR toolkit or HRMS, it ultimately helps to save maximum HR time and make the whole process more effective.

Use the ready to use HR document templates such as a job description, email, letter, form, policy to make every conversation with employees better, and make them happy to work productively. Also, the HR toolkit gives you more time to think about your other things other than of HR.

The HR department is connected with employees directly, so choose the right words to craft your thoughts, as you can also edit the document as per your needs.

If you want to be one of the first to try the Superworks ready to use HR Toolkit, just call the experts of HR. Also, check our HR modules to make your work easy.

Rating on google reviews

Superworks hr toolkit is an all-in-one platform for government-compliant hr documents.

Kney Jordan

1 day ago

Kney Jordan image

The HRMS toolkit was a lifesaver for our small business! We were able to easily access all the necessary HR forms, policies, and job descriptions, which saved us so much time and effort. Plus, the included format of emails and letters were a huge help in communicating with our employees. Highly recommend this toolkit to any small business owners!

Ayan Nail

1 day ago

Ayan Nail image

I downloaded the HRMS toolkit for my own personal use and it has been a game-changer. The included templates and policies are up-to-date and easy to customize to my own needs. Plus, the job description templates were especially helpful when I was applying for new jobs. I highly recommend this toolkit to anyone in the HR field!

John Sen

1 day ago

John Sen

As an HR professional, I found the HRMS toolkit to be incredibly comprehensive and easy to use. The toolkit includes everything from employee forms to disciplinary action templates, and the job descriptions were especially helpful in recruitment. The toolkit saved us a ton of time and was well worth the investment.

Abhin Sin

1 day ago

Abhin Sin

I recently started my own business and was overwhelmed with all the HR tasks that needed to be done. It had all the necessary forms and policies that I needed, and the job description templates were a huge help in creating my team. I highly recommend this toolkit to any new business owners who need help with HR tasks.

Kney Jordan

1 day ago

Kney Jordan

The HRMS toolkit is an excellent resource for any HR professional or business owner. The included forms, letters, policies, and job descriptions are all well-organized and easy to use. The templates are customizable, which made it easy to adapt them to our own company's needs.

Ayan Nail

1 day ago

Ayan Nail

I downloaded the HRMS toolkit for HR team and it was a great investment. The included templates were very helpful in creating job descriptions and employee forms. The policies and letters were also a great addition, and saved us a lot of time and effort.

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We’ve got you covered with all in one HR Toolkit


How do I get the free hr toolkit?

It’s becoming easy to get the HR toolkit free download option. Just visit the Superworks website and in the Resources menu click on HR Toolkit. You’ll find a link to download the toolkit for free, or you can check a particular document of the section for the required document. Click on the link, and fill in the required information, choose the platform. Then it will be downloaded. Now, it’s ready for you to use and help you to improve your HR processes.

Is it possible to get the customized HR document that is not available in HR Toolkit?

Yes, you can get them! This Startup HR Toolkit provides a range of pre-made templates that has the Word version as well. You can download the Word copy and customize it as per HR processes & your business needs. You can customize any of the forms except government-free HR forms for small business, as they are made by the government and needs to be as it is.

How long last I get access to the Free HR toolkit?

Once you’ve filled out the form to get access to the free HR toolkit, you will enjoy unlimited access to its resources. There’s no time limit or expiration date on your HR access, just download whenever, wherever you want to streamline your HR processes.

How frequently do HR document templates get updated?

We are committed to help you and your business with the most up-to-date and effective HR processes with HR document templates. We regularly update the templates ensuring to your HR process and the latest industry trends. This ensures that you always have access to accurate and relevant documents for your HR needs.

Will this HR document be easy to download?

Downloading an HR document is a easy and straightforward HR process. Once you’ve chosen the document section you need from our HR Toolkit, you can simply click on the download link provided. Then you need to fill out the form to download the HR document. The document will be sent to your preferred platform for a working person. It is ready for your HR to access and to use.

What is in an HR toolkit?

An HR tool kit is a comprehensive resource that includes ready-to-use HR templates designed to assist you in various aspects of the HR process. Our HR toolkit has been carefully curated to help you in the management of HR tasks and processes.

To use the toolkit, you need to access it through our platform customize the templates to fit your HR needs, and take them to your account. Afterwards you can make the document as per your convenient. In Superworks HR toolkit, you’ll find everything you need to streamline your HR processes and ensure compliance with best practices in the field of HR.

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