What Should You Include in an Internship Offer Letter Format?

An offer letter format for internship is a formal document provided by a company to a selected candidate, offering them a position as an intern within the organization.

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What is an Internship Offer Letter?


What Should You Include in an Internship Offer Letter Format ?

Company Name

Please ensure to explicitly state the full name of the company that is offering the internship position.

Internship Position

Please specify the internship position title or designation being offered to the candidate clearly.

Program Dates

Clearly mention the specific start and end dates of the internship program.

Employee Compensation

You need to write about recognizing the valuable contributions of your interns and strive to provide a fulfilling experience.

Supervisor/Manager Information

Specify the supervisor or manager name responsible for overseeing the intern throughout their tenure.

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Acceptance Statement & Signature Section


Legal term disclosure


Work schedule format


Terms of Agreement

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