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Why 360 Degree Feedback Is Crucially Important? Check Reasons!

  • 360 feedback system
  • 11 min read
  • March 21, 2024
360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback

We keep moving forward with our jobs and the package that comes with it. But once in a while we should stop and think about the process we have made, right? And if your thoughts align with ours then congratulations, you can be one who will get the essence of the 360 Degree Feedback.

Though not every day, once in a while, you should be taking assessments of your work, capabilities, achievements, and the falls. Because they are highly required for growth. This feedback in the field of performance management is incredibly important as it helps to assess the overall performance in moments.

Simply put, we can name this 360 feedback a valuable input through which employees will be getting a clear vision for growth. The process majorly involves getting feedback from your colleagues, managers, other stakeholders, or reports.

This feedback process is definitely an upgrade from the traditional one, where the employee was just getting feedback from their respective managers. A multi-rater feedback system such as this really has expanded the thinking process and has given us a new vision for growth.

What is a 360 Degree Feedback?

What is 360 Degree Feedback

For appraisal, this type of  360 degree feedback is a must to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the particular employee. Rather, a complete employee performance evaluation can a based on this multi-rater feedback to collect their overall performance. Multiple sources are required, with this feedback. And this feedback program can be accomplished by a line manager or an HR!

How Does A 360 Degree Feedback System Work?

360 Degree Feedback System

To devise an employee development plan direct reports are not quite enough to keep your focus on. For this reason, this system has come into existence, where the information is gathered from the main working people. Those people are either working beside or affected by that employee’s superior. From that collected information, one can have a clear idea, regarding their strengths and weaknesses.

The feedback such as a 360 degree one, has come into existence to address a common problem. While taking on feedback from a single person, may not be enough, or biased. That is why the feedback over a 360 degree view gives you a more complete image of the employee.

Why Is 360 Degree Feedback Important?

360 Degree Feedback Important

In the times today when everyone wants to be on the path of growth, 360 degree feedback is a must to be operational. Because it is a highly crucial, strategic tool for companies, to recognize the upcoming leaders among them. A 360 degree feedback system is the next go-to option especially when the company is in the growth phase

With this process, there come some open-ended questions from the organization. That helps to determine how each employee is working on projects. In this article or anywhere else, the purpose of the feedback is plain and simple, knowing our lows so we can start working on them.

360 Degree Feedback Template

360 Degree Feedback Template

This feedback can be as detailed as possible like the managers in their reviews can mention specific projects and how the employees have progressed over. As a 360 feedback, the survey comes with two sets, one comes with open-ended questions, while another is closed-ended questions.

Closed-Ended Questions

On the brighter side, what is the role of these closed-ended questions to the employee? These questions in the 360 feedback are less descriptive and mostly come with a likable scale of one to five. Check here, we have some 360 feedback examples:

  • In the 360 degree feedback review, do you consider this person as a role model in the organization?

  • this employee comes with the great attitude and works fine with everyone.

  • Whenever, an issue comes to the front whether the first time or the ninth time, the person comes up with a creative solution.

  • This employee doesn’t work for the performance appraisal but to carry the company’s values and culture.

  • In this 360 degree evaluation method, this employee efficiently meets deadlines.

  • There are ways to communicate with other employees, and this person knows them well.


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Open-Ended Questions

The advantages of these open-ended questions are slightly more when we compare them to the closed-ended ones! Because here, more of a detailed picture we get of the employee, and their strengths and performance. So whenever we begin the search for great 360 degree feedback tools, you can be sure to get this one first.

Here in regards to open-ended questions, 360 degree feedback also comes with a some amazing samples there’s a from a variety of them, so let’s see what they are!

  • In this 360 feedback system, what is that one that employees should start doing right away?

  • Aside from such a 360 feedback sample, how good is this employee in taking feedback? And do they implement the most?

  • What professional qualities do you want them to improve, so that their work relationships can improve?

  • How do you see them moving forward to get a better professional life in the future?

  • Does this employee pay attention to minute details in the projects before presenting something like ‘here are some details?’

  • How good are they with explanations? Are there any specific inputs they need to correct in their communication skills?

Such questions indeed play a crucial role in the 360 degree feedback appraisal system. Because based on that only, a company can get the idea, regarding which ones deserve an appraisal, and which ones are still on a learning curve.

Pros And Cons Of 360-Degree Feedback

Pros And Cons Of 360 Degree Feedback

There are multiple 360 degree feedback advantages and disadvantages with detailed explanations. Because this is a system purely based on the people’s opinion regarding a person’s professional inputs for the company! So it does come with some pros and cons, so let’s have a look at them both, sequentially. So after getting the answer to the question of what’s 360 degree feedback appraisal,‘ let’s begin with the pros!

What Are The Benefits Of 360-Degree Feedback?

Benefits Of 360 Degree Feedback

The list this feedback benefits is quite long, as there are more advantages to 360 degree feedback, than any other feedback system. So without looking here and there, let’s start with those PROS of the feedback system!

  • Sources for the information are not limited, as a variety of them are there for more reliability.

  • Provides more open space for team, where they can openly share opinions regarding their colleagues. The people who want to grow, can learn from mistakes and be more accountable.

  • For the employees, it highlights the points that need to be worked on, specifically their low ones.

  • Minimizes or should we say nullifies the possibility of raters’ biases, and potential discrimination.

  • Provides a clear vision regarding the career development areas.

What Are The Drawbacks of a 360 Degree Feedback Tool?

Drawbacks Of 360 Degree Feedback

However, like the PROs, there are also CONs aka drawbacks of this feedback system. And like numerous other things, we see or perceive in life, this system is also not free of cons! That is why it’s crucial to know what they are, and how they can affect the atmosphere of your workspace.

  • It can easily create multiple potential issues if implemented improperly.

  • It should be based on previous performance management because if not done effectively, the system can fail.

  • While focusing on the weaknesses and the shortcomings of the employee, here we forget to list strengths. So, sometimes it can be quite demotivating for some people, as it may seem like a list of complaints and not appreciation [if not designed properly].

  • One of the drawbacks comes forth, as it drives opinion from inexperienced raters. And if a group combines to list potential misinformation for each other, they can easily game.

Is 360 Degree Feedback Really for You?- Superworks

After going through all the details regarding what could be done and how it can benefit your organization, what have you decided? Is it good for you? Is it not? Not pushing you through the wall but just want to give a thought regarding this. This is not some work that can be done idly, and with Superworks you can do it in a great manner. Rather, it would take a confident management group with a finer human resource management tool to implement it.

So now I have an answer to ‘What is 360-degree feedback in HRM?’ and what benefits can you achieved for 360 degree appraisal in HRM, it’s up to you to decide. but as per our knowledge of employee management, we think you should do that [in a proper manner though]! So, while doing HR reports and going through HRMS software for appraisal, don’t forget this feedback system though!

Concluding With The 360 Degree Feedback

Asking people’s opinions for their colleagues, or subordinates takes guts. Because in that way you are giving more power to people, so they can help you [the management] to make a decision. That is why, the 360 degree feedback survey is for people with  the fine management. Organizations, who happen to have access now to this finely efficient 360 degree feedback tool!


What are the four parts of 360-degree feedback?

It includes self-assessment, manager assessment, peer assessment, and, if applicable, subordinate assessment. These perspectives collectively to provide a comprehensive view of an individual's organizational performance and behaviors.

Why should you only use a 360-degree feedback tool for development?

Using a 360-degree feedback tool exclusively for development cultivates a supportive environment where employees feel empowered to improve without fear of negative consequences. It encourages open communication, allowing individuals to focus on growth opportunities and collaborate effectively within teams, ultimately contributing to enhanced organizational performance and employee satisfaction.

What is the advantage of 360-degree feedback in HRM?

In HRM, 360-degree feedback offers a comprehensive assessment of employees, identifies training needs, enhances leadership development, and contributes to a positive organizational culture.

What are the disadvantages of 360-degree feedback?

Challenges include potential biases and perceptions in feedback, complexity in implementation, confidentiality concerns, and the need for skilled interpretation to ensure effective development outcomes.


Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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