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 Super Recruit

Why is Superworks the best Workable alternative?

Are you tired of using clunky, outdated applicant tracking system that leaves you feeling frustrated and unproductive? Look no further than Super Recruit - one of the best Workable alternatives to Workable on the market today.

Super Recruit is designed with the user in mind, offering a sleek and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and customize.

With just a few clicks, you can set up automated resume screening, candidate matching and intelligent scheduling, freeing up your time to focus on what really matters - finding the best candidates for your organization. Also where HRMS integrates applicant tracking system, you can easily connect Super Recruit with a wide range of other HR and recruiting marketing platforms to create a truly integrated and efficient workflow.

Superworks Vs Workable

Find the best among this 2 recruitment software, check the features list


Here are the main features of recruiting software, which can be used to compare both options.

Project management system true false
Single access for multiple tools true false
Easiest onboarding process true true
Time tracking for tasks true false
Free demo for you true false
Different projects – single dashboard true false
Kanban & listicle view true false
Performance management system true true
Quick notifications and alerts true true
Single dashboard for resources true false
Centralized data true true
Self-service portal true true
Performance reports true true
Auto-generated slips true false
Time sheet with analytics true true
Recruitment and hiring true true
Pre- Onboarding kit true false

Revolutionize your hiring process by getting a perfect Workable alternative.

Elevate & experience team collaboration with Superworks.

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Advanced features

Explore the cutting-edge capabilities of the Super Recruit

Auto background filter

This feature automates background checks looking for recruiters. It uses a survey tool to collect the necessary information, talent acquisition, eliminating the need for manual checks or waiting for verification emails.

Job requisitions

The job sites requisition feature simplifies the hiring process by allowing managers to easily request a new hire or replacement for a specific position. It provides a simple interface for managers to provide position information.

Junk pool creation

Super Recruit's "junk pool creation" feature automates the process of moving rejected applications to a separate pool without manual intervention. This saves recruiters time and allows them to focus on more qualified candidates.

Customizable career page

Super Recruit's customizable career page feature enables companies to create branded career pages on their website using customizable templates. This feature allows recruiters and hiring managers to build visually appealing pages.

Super Recruit - A right alternative of Workable

Uncomplicated and painless recruitment

More powerful applicant tracking

Candidate pool and junk pool for future

Time-saving interview scheduling

Automated pipeline functionality

Effortless onboarding after recruitment

why superworks

Workable Alternative FAQs

What is the best Workable alternative?

A recruiter has to have access to a modern, more efficient, and much more accessible applicant tracking system! Because times are fast, and the best ones don’t stay available to recruit for too long!

That is why Superworks makes sure to modernize its applicant tracking system and to keep it up-to-date—just like their used wants!

Which platform provides better Customization for recruitment?

Platforms like recruitment software are just a medium helping its users to get the best applicants for themselves, and Superworks understands it too well! That is why, Superworks provides a space through which companies can design their own customizable templates using their websites!

This feature is really killing it because both recruiters and hiring managers can now build visually appealing pages for them!

Where can I find more advanced features in recruiting Software?

Not too far, you just have to go up [on this page], where you can have a look over a long list of seemingly unendable features of recruiting software, designed just for you! Over the left side [in the Superwork’s section], you will see a pool of special features when compared to the right side! So a better option is pretty clear!

What is an Applicant Tracking system? Is it available on Superworks?

Applicant tracking should be rich in modern features that can provide us with a detailed overview of the employees! So we can make sure each & every second of our employee should be of worthy for the company! With Superworks it is possible, as their goal is to boost your productivity!

Can I get a free demo at Superworks?

Well, you can, on Superworks you can access a modern application tracking system, that can help you stay a step forward compared to your peers, and that too for free! That is why you should always opt for a platform where you can have direct access to the full spectrum view of real-time employee monitoring!

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