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Why is Superworks the best Smart HR Solutions alternative?

Wondering to manage HR operations makes every business owner do an executive search for the best HRMS software. By having expertise in HR management with automation, you can take the appropriate guidance for your business.

From recruitment to employee engagement, Super HRMS & Super Payroll by Superworks can help to eliminate business challenges. Supporting global HR problems, we believe in helping HR trends as well as employees by providing the utmost employee lifecycle tools.

No matter the size of the business, you must need HR management as well as payroll management, what if you get both with the right HR Technology or tools? Smart HR Solutions have provided all required services but they are handled manually. Superworks has an upgraded version as it provides automated HR and payroll processes.

Enhance the skills of employees, track projects, reduce costs, centralize the database, and perfect analytics & reporting are the main benefits that you can avail!

Superworks Vs Smart HR Solutions

Upgrade HR by choosing the best HR software, check features!


Here are the basic features of HR and payroll software, which can be used to compare both options.

HR activity handling true true
Core HR processes true true
Talent enhancement true true
Desktop & mobile app true false
Recruitment management true true
GEO fencing & GPS In/Out true false
Helpdesk module true true
Reimbursement management true false
Automated payroll true true
Rewards & Recognition true false
Shift management true true
Overall HRMS true true
Employee self service portal true true
Geo-tracking attendance management true false
Statutory compliant true true
Social Wall true false
Leave management true true

Elevate HR efficiency with an intelligent Smart HR Alternative.

Benefit your organization with advantageous features from Superworks!

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Advanced features

Left outdated functionalities & adopt Superworks

The attendance management of Superworks supports the team to count real-time working hours by tracking every second. It saves a single detail in the database and proceeds further for HRMS, Leave & payroll management.

360 degree performance review

The company has to review the performance of every team to justify the mission. To support this, Superworks provides 360 degree performance feedback and reviews to measure the work and uplift their skills.

Project management

For employee engagement and productivity - projects should be completed in a defined period. This feature from Superworks helps to track all projects to deliver them on time to the client by helping the team to work continuously.

Automated recruitment

Creating the list of candidates, and getting them hired in their own company is easy with the Super Recruit. Superworks provides auto scan, candidate sourcing, source pool, and junk pool kind of features.

Superworks – The superlative Smart HR Solutions alternative

Seamless employee lifecycle development

Cloud-based employee database

Analytics-driven reports & insights

Error-free and quick payroll operations

Resource and asset management

Private & public survey management

HR using smart hr alternative


What is the best Smart HR Solutions alternative?

Whenever you are out there exploring the best Smart HR Solutions alternative, you can either go through dozens of lists or you can just check out Superworks! For a better alternative, you would go for the better Payroll- for which there’s Super Payroll in Superworks! And when it comes to better Employee Engagement- There is Super HRMS in Superworks!

So we just want to let you know, that there is a better alternative for Smart HR Solutions, that can upgrade your HR Processes to provide a needed boost! And its name is Superworks!

What is the best HR and payroll software?

Not one but multiple factors are there as the building blocks for the Best HR & Payroll Software, so let’s understand them first in detail! Every need and deed of your organization should be done smoothly through automation [just like it’s getting done in Superworks]! There should be ease of usage, higher scalability,  and a better payroll system!

All these components come together and make platforms like Superworks, the best ones in all over the market!

Why should you prefer Superworks over Smart HR Solutions?

When it’s time to choose between a good and a better Smart Solutions, you know in your veins, that you have to go for the best one! And if you completely understand your need to switch to an upgraded version in terms of HR Solutions, you would surely opt for Superworks!  Because there’s Employment Engagement that needs to be leveled up [as that’s the only way to stay a step ahead of our peers]! 

And there’s a crucial need for better HR Technology to initiate, sustain, and complete Payroll processes, and you know it! Moreover, there is not one but many amazingly smart features that you will only get with Superworks! So it is high time to switch, be wise and choose a smarter option!

What is the reimbursement process in Superworks?

Reimbursement management is a process, where the employees of your company can initiate the easy process of getting their money back, once paid by them only for the company! This process would take the burden off the shoulders of your Expense management team, and make sure to keep it as hassle-free as possible! So with Superworks, keep enjoying the perks of this amazing system, and let your employees handle other important tasks!

How does Real-time attendance work in Superworks?

To keep a keen eye over the employee’s crucial work, and keep tracking every moment of theirs- There’s Real-time Attendance! And to keep tracking every employee over time, and the corresponding tasks they are doing, there’s the super track! Because here in corporate, every minute counts!

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