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Keeping your data secure at Superworks

At Superworks, we understand that you rely on us to keep your data safe, and we take this responsibility seriously. To ensure the security of your data, we implement multiple layers of security controls. We apply security measures at every stage of data processing to prevent any unauthorized access or data leaks.

Our company's approach goes beyond simply providing a secure application or software. We are committed to assisting you with all aspects of data management, including storage, transfer, monitoring, and review, while adhering to industry best practices for security procedures.

Prioritizing data security and employee checks

At Superworks, we value the confidentiality of the information our customers provide us and do not share, sell, or trade any data or databases. Only authorized personnel with higher authority to have access to the database, and employees must pass a detailed gateway access process before being able to request access to your data. Moreover, we hire employees who have undergone thorough background checks to ensure the security of our databases.

Privacy of data

Our company's success hinges on providing a secure and transparent environment for our customers. We implement various initiatives and involve a cross-functional team to safeguard data.

Access to database

To ensure the security of your database, only the most senior personnel in our organization have access to it. Our developers do not have direct access to the data and must go through our authentication gateway and submit a query to access any private or personal information required.

Support through personnel access

At Superworks, we prioritize the privacy of our customer database, and our customer support team does not access your data without your explicit permission. Our support team will only assist you with your profile once you have granted them access, and we do not intrude into any other data you have previously provided.

No on-premise storage

At Superworks, we utilize Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure to store our database and do not rely on any local, on-premise infrastructure or built system to store your information.

In transit encryption of security

All communication sessions and data exchange between you and our portal is secured with TLS 1.2, which was the latest data security update at the time of implementation.

Patch management for product infrastructure

Superworks manages and identifies various missing patch addresses in the product infrastructure and updates them to the latest version within a specific time frame using unique server-level instrumentation.

24 X 7 Monitoring

Our operations team diligently monitors the behavior of the application, software, and infrastructure and remains available to provide recognized solutions to address any concerns you may have.

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