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Over 30K people use Superworks for employee management.

Trusted by 200+ companies worldwide

“I think Superworks is an exciting platform with a company that has forward-thinking and built around objectives. It is very much a part of their working culture. It has been a great experience using the software developed by them.”

Krunal Vaghasiya

Krunal Vaghasiya

Wisernotify CEO

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Eliminate the hassle & stress of last-minute hiring

Manage Candidates, Bulk Recruitment, and Screening Effortlessly

Auto scan

Search resumes for a specific role instantly with added functionalities and fewer margin of errors.

Systematic sorting

Hotlist the best-fit candidates in a centralised system, making the entire hiring process easier & collaborative.

Effortless job posting

Upload job openings on several platforms in just a single click with Super Recruit system.

Easy sourcing

Track down the most qualified candidates for an opening from several reputed job portals automatically.

Better overview

Compare candidates, change status, select and scan different resumes and more at a single place.

Faster decision

Make data-driven decisions and recruit candidates faster with real-time and accurate insights.

Select the right candidate for the right opening at the right time!

Make candidate search & recruitment smoother with Super Recruit

Simple & meaningful candidate sourcing!

Implement systematic and comprehensive method of sourcing to get a wider pool of best talent with Super Recruit software.

Get efficient sourcing tools

Advertise job openings on platforms

Automate employee referrals

Streamline automated evaluation

Candidate sourcing

Quick interview scheduling is now possible!

Schedule Interviews, assess candidates, shortlist the right ones and much more automatically with our top-notch applicant tracking system.

Real-time insights for fair evaluations

Create evaluation forms in a few clicks

A huge range of integrations for better communication

Readily available screening questionnaire

Collect Average score of employee

Centralize and streamline flexible hiring

Leave behind manual tasks and hire new employees with e-signatures & provide impeccable candidate experience with our intelligent Recruit software.

Stay connected with top talent for future roles

Secure candidates faster

Offer a smooth onboarding experience

Get real-time status of the candidates

Candidate status

Have a tab on your improvement areas!

Monitor and gauge hiring processes and operations, thereby understanding the areas that need to be enhanced for better hiring results.

Accurate reports and analytic

Instant customer support

Real-time feed back

Track all the hiring activities

Employees Area of Interest

Ready to make better hires with Super Recruit?

Take a step ahead to simplify hiring & improve your bottom line

  • Speed Up Hiring Process
  • Reduce Cost Per Hire
  • Auto-Filter Resumes
No credit card required.

No more waiting for hiring reports, get them at your fingertips!

Retrieve hiring data & keep improving hiring at every step.

Track interview & stay updated

Effortlessly get clarity on job openings, posting, interview and much more with real-time hiring insights.

Identify top-performing sources

Don’t waste time everywhere - only focus on the sources providing you the best talent for your organisation.

Promote data-driven decisions

Leave no room for regret and make informed decisions with clear, reliable data of every candidature.

Keep improving with every hiring

Analyze bottlenecks in your hiring process and make improvements accordingly for better results.

Candidate hiring Reports

Why is Super Recruit the most loved HR recruiting software in India?

We are here to revolutionise your recruiting process.

  • User-Friendly software

    Intuitive and simple interface for HRs/recruiters to navigate and use.

    User-Friendly software
  • Reports & Dashboard

    Get detailed metrics on the performance of recruiting efforts.

    Reports & Dashboard
  • Bulk communication

    Get pre-configured email templates, mass mailing option, and auto-follow up features.

    Bulk communication
  • 100% Customizable

    Tailor the system, choose features, integrate with other software & custom reports.

    100% Customizable
  • Ensure data security

    Get a higher level of data security with encryption, firewalls, patch management, and much more.

    Ensure data security
User Friendly software Graph of Qualified & Disqualified employee Make a Bulk communication Customizable Integration Cloud base data security

Select the best Recruit for your recruitment and...

Take a step ahead & make your operations SMARTER!

fast img

Improve employer branding

Build a strong brand by cross-posting job descriptions & reaching a wider pool of candidates with Super Recruit.

Accurate icon

Enhance candidate experience

Create extraordinary candidate experience by automating sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, and onboarding with Super Recruit.

easy icon

Promote collaborate hiring

With Super Recruit, exchange feedback and review candidates together and make a joint decision-making process.


Which Type of Recruiting Software Should You Choose?

The reason behind looking for the ATS system [or recruiting software] in general is to improve the effectiveness of the recruitment process, right? So the chosen one should improve the flow of recruitment with;

  • Fewer mistakes
  • Less time to hire
  • Lower cost per hire
  • Persistent quality improvement for new hire
  • Streamline administrative work

That’s the kind of Recruiting Software you will find here [or probably much better]! Step up, and find your perfect fit at Superworks!

What is included in the ATS pricing plan?

ATS [applicant tracking system] can help you keep track of your applications in moments. Such a comprehensive system here is full of decisive features, just designed to streamline your hiring process.

The list of features can go on and on from posting job openings to managing resumes in bulk, tracking, and evaluating them, reports, analytics, and whatnot! For a better understanding, you can just explore the detailed list beside the best pricing for the diverse business needs.

How does the ATS pricing plan benefit HR teams?

While we can’t imagine our HR teams tracking all the applications, this ATS comes forth as a delight! Because it will directly provide comprehensive features like bulk resume upload, interview scheduling, candidate database, and integration with tools like Google Meet and Zoom.

All this would help you crucially to streamline recruitment processes, enhance collaboration, and improve efficiency, and ultimately will save tons of time and resources for your HR teams.

How does billing work for the ATS plan? Is it monthly, annually, or based on usage?

You can easily join those 30,000+ people who are accessing all the amazing features and functionalities of the ATS plan, without any interruption. All these amazing benefits at just monthly 2499/- at Superworks!

This easy and accessible monthly subscription will continue to allow you to scale up and will make hiring process management much more flexible. With this model, users can efficiently manage the budget for their recruitment expenses and utilize the platform’s full strength of tools and services to streamline hiring processes effectively.

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It is your turn to simplify the search for perfect candidates!

Save time, money & efforts on hiring process with Super Recruit

  • Cost-Effective
  • Time-Efficient
  • Data-Driven
  • Feature-Rich
No credit card required.
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