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Why is Superworks The Best Pick as a Keka Alternative?

There is no process Superworks HRMS software can’t automate. There are many reasons why Superworks is the best Keka HR alternative.

No matter the size of your business—whether it has 15 employees or more than 1000— Superworks offer a bunch of exceptional tools and features that can not just keep data centralised but also manage time attendance and payroll software.

An HR software like Superworks can empower employees like never before. Superworks is undoubtedly a one-stop software solution that can help your business to flourish and grow. You also get a 24-hour short system to ask questions and get HR software solutions to your challenges in less than a second.

Superworks is for every company that is looking for a smart system to streamline its business operations, thereby taking the burden off HRs’ and employees’ shoulders. No matter how big the business is, you may pick what suits your needs.

What are you waiting for? Pick Superworks & tailor it to the specific business requirements of your firm and let the magic happen.

Superworks Vs Keka

There brands aren’t trophies, they’re friends we’ve met on our journey


Here are the main features of
HR and payroll software, which can be used to compare both options.

15 days free trial true false
Single access for multiple tools true false
Easiest onboarding process true true
Time tracking for tasks true false
Free demo for you true false
Different projects – single dashboard true false
Kanban & listicle view true false
Performance management system true true
Quick notifications and alerts true true
Single dashboard for resources true false
Centralized data true true
Self-service portal true true
Performance reports true true
Auto-generated slips true false
Time sheet with analytics true true
Recruitment and hiring true true
One on one meeting tool true true

Tailored solution for your HR and payroll needs.

Get the perfect Keka alternative- Superworks for all operations.

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Smart Features

Let’s solve all your business problems together with Superworks

Track employee work hours & leave in just a tap. Also ensure employee demands are met without any fail with features like scheduling shifts, tracking attendance, and more.

Payroll management & processing

Set up a suitable method to calculate things like professional taxes, TDS, and provident funds. Also, give your employee the autonomy to do things with ESS features.

ATS & Recruitment Solution

Choose our recruitment management system and transform the whole hiring process. Superworks recruiting system goes beyond other tools due to its extraordinary features and modules.

Project management system

Efficiently plan, execute, and monitor employee projects without putting in much effort. With Superworks, you can streamline workflows, assign tasks, track progress, and collaborate effectively.

Superworks - the Keka alternatives you’ve been searching for!

Easy and seamless data management

More efficient candidate tracking, talent management and HR management

Self-service feature for empowered workforce

Timely, human capital, error-free and automated payroll processing

A smart & intuitive system for project management

overtime, bonuses and reimbursement management

why superworks


Who are the competitors of Keka HR?

Competitors of Keka HR include prominent HRMS solutions such as Superworks and many more. Each of these platforms offers unique features and benefits catering to the diverse needs of businesses, providing alternatives for organizations seeking comprehensive HR management solutions beyond keka.

However, you can consider Superworks as you can see on the feature comparison above page.

What is the best HRMS software in India?

Determining the best HRMS software in India depends on various factors such as specific organizational needs, scalability, and pricing. Superworks stands out as a strong contender known for its comprehensive features, scalability, and competitive pricing in the Indian market, making it a preferred choice for many businesses seeking efficient HR management solutions.

Why Should I prefer Superworks instead of Keka?

Superworks offers advanced customization options, seamless integration with other modules, superior scalability, and responsive customer support, making it a preferred choice over Keka for many businesses in India.
Additionally, Superworks prioritizes user experience, providing intuitive interfaces and robust customer support to ensure a seamless transition and maximum efficiency for HR professionals.

Where can I find the features of Keka Vs Superworks?

Detailed features of Superworks and Keka can be found on Superworks alternative page. Additionally, you may compare features side by side on review websites or by contacting their sales teams directly.

Accessing comprehensive feature lists helps in making informed decisions based on the specific requirements and functionalities offered by each platform.

Do I get easy support in Superworks?

Yes, Superworks provides easy support with a dedicated team of experienced HR professionals ready to assist with inquiries, technical issues, or customization needs, ensuring prompt resolution and uninterrupted operations.

Whether it’s troubleshooting, customization guidance, or general inquiries, Superworks offers responsive support to enhance user experience and streamline HR management processes.

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Superworks - The Best Keka Alternative for top-notch HR experience!

  • Scalable
  • Seamless
  • Secure
  • Streamlined
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