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Why is Superworks the best Kredily alternative?

Having a name in the best HR & payroll software list doesn’t mean having everything perfect. In this case, finding a better, alternative version for any software is a good option.

Superworks is among the best HR & payroll software that can be used as any great software alternative. Kredily has different features for HR & payroll services however, Superworks has more modules than Kredily like- Super HRMS, Super Payroll, Super Recruit, Super Asset, Super Track, and Super Cha, Super Survey,& Super Project.

Now, look no further for great options for HRMS and Payroll software, Superworks has all to serve you!

Superworks Vs Kredily

Chance to choose the best HR & payroll software, check features!


Here are the main features of HR & Payroll software, which can be used to compare both options.

Employee life cycle management true flase
Performance management true flase
Report & Analytics true true
Desktop & mobile app true true
Asset management true flase
Bank Integration true true
Payslip generation true true
Employee document management true true
Customizable salary structure true true
Timesheet management true flase
Advance pay management true flase
Benefits management true flase
Recruiting management true true
Geo-tracking attendance management true true
Leave management true true
Arrear calculation true flase
Statutory compliant true true

Experience next-gen payroll management with advanced features.

Redefined for your business with the most affordable Kredily alternative.

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High- Tech features

Experience the advanced capabilities with Superworks

Reimbursement management

This feature streamlines a whole reimbursement process with the 3-level – approval chain for managing expenses. It ultimately ensures compliance with policies and provides a positive experience.

Accurate tax calculation

Indian payroll needs accurate tax & compliance management. Superworks has the right formulas to make all the complex calculations easily and automatically. No wrong entry & No hassle to file tax manually now.

Easy-to-use dashboard

Superworks is most popular for easy-to-use UI/UX, all-in-one dashboard. In this case- having all kinds of modules on one page needs another level of creativity. Superworks provide a simplified yet attractive dashboard.

Access panel hierarchy

Superworks has enabled a hierarchy for access in HRMS & payroll. Get the advanced feature to assign different people to different levels of requests to streamline the process.

Superworks – Look no further for Kredily alternative

Impressive UI/UX for ease of use

More accurate payroll calculations

No fear of statutory compliance

No chance of payroll errors

Eliminate data loss events

HR & payroll integration

Effortless performance & asset management

Look no further Kredily alternative

Kredily Alternative FAQs

What is a perfect alternative to Kredily?

There is always a better option, and that applies to Kredily too! Because having more suitable features, and services for your business is a right you should preserve to maintain fluency in your workflow! 

So never settle for the ordinary and keep asking for more amazing features! Right above we have compared the main features that HR & Payroll software should have with compulsion! And that will surely help you to choose better!

Kredily or Superworks, which one has a better Payroll future?

Payroll has been undoubtedly one of the most crucial elements for the HR department! And for that, they can’t compromise even a little, and they shouldn’t! 

For initiating Payroll, you all should have to go through employee’s timesheets, worksheets, and even performance! Just so we can avail them the best they deserve! In order to do that you would get great help if you have highly efficient features like Arrear calculation, advance pay management, and performance management!

All these plus points provide a higher place for the Kredily alternative, Superwroks! Placing them on the path of a better payroll future!

What software is used for HRMS?

Superworks, here has been playing a key role in keeping the companies one step ahead compared to their peers! With the help of highly efficient HRMS software that includes the best HR & Payroll software, they are easing the workflow of your company and making it more efficient! And with this high efficiency, Superworks has been helping numerous businesses to grow!

What is the best productive option for your Employees?

The productivity of your employees is highly dependent on the fluency and smoothness of your work environment! So make it better, smoother, and easier to deal with, by implementing a greater HR & Payroll software option!

How to find the best Kredily Alternative?

Do your online research, go through reviews of the experts, and have a detailed comparison of features and pricing or just swipe up, over the page, and see the difference by yourself! Don’t choose famous with a name, rather choose the best one with better workability!

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Superworks: The right choice as Kredily alternative!

  • Robust
  • Comprehensive
  • Scalable
  • Secure
Right choice as Kredily alternative