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HR Forms

What if you get a convenient way to collect the employee information? or directly get the government forms? Most of the HR and employees will be stress-free, right? These HR forms collection provides a comprehensive set of templates for various HR processes and documentation needs.

Download HR forms directly as per your need.

Incorporate every employee’s requirements.

Add specific concerned details and navigate (when it's necessary).

Simplify your administrative tasks and ensure compliance by accessing HR forms.

Standardized templates that can be easily customized to suit your requirements.

Unlock HR efficiency with a single click!

Download the HR form directly from here

  • Job application form
  • Employee absenteeism report
  • Written warning form
  • Disciplinary warning notice form
  • Critical Incidents Log Form
  • Discipline documentation notice
  • Employee warning notice form
  • Sample COVID-19 screening form for employers
  • Working from home during covid-19 risk assessment form
  • Covid-19 employee self-certification form
  • Employee self-certification form for covid-19 symptoms
  • Emergency leave employee request form
  • Covid-19 employee temporary remote work request form
  • Paid covid-19 leave request form
  • Covid-19 employee health screening form
  • Covid-19 return to work form
  • Covid-19 return to work risk assessment
  • Employee self-certification form
  • Employee registration form
  • Gratuity form
  • Employment application form
  • Background verification form
  • Asset handover form
  • Induction feedback form
  • Form 16
  • Form 05 – employees provident fund scheme
  • Gratuity nomination form
  • 90 days evaluation form
  • Annual appraisal form
  • Training feedback form
  • MBO appraisal form
  • Performance evaluation form
  • Probationary appraisal form
  • Self-appraisal form
  • Training evaluation form and feedback
  • Employee clearance form
  • Exit feedback form
  • Employee reference check form
  • Employee referral program form
  • Employee referral program form
  • Exit form
  • Application for leave form
  • Application for leave form
  • LTA claim form
  • New hire orientation feedback form
  • Probationary progress evaluation form
  • Direct deposit forms (attached voided check)
  • Direct deposit forms (without voided check)
  • Employee termination form (07 HR)
  • Disciplinary procedure form (07 HR)
  • Time-off request form
  • Vacation request form

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What other things can I download from HR toolkit?

You can download HR letters such as behavioural warning letter, HR emails- such as missed deadline email, HR policies- such as Types of leave policy and various job descriptions .

Can I customize the downloaded HR forms as per needs?

Absolutely! Our HR forms are designed to be customizable, allowing you to adapt them to your specific requirements. Only government forms do you need to fill and submit as it is.

How many HR forms are available for download?

Our HR forms library offers a wide range of options, you can find more than 50 forms ready for download.

Are the HR forms compatible with different file formats?

Yes, the HR forms are provided in commonly used file formats such as HR form PDF, & Word for easy accessibility and compatibility.

Which kind of HR forms are there?

There are multiple types of HR forms, you can get recruitment forms, request forms, compliance forms, and government forms on this page.

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We have every type of HR form that helps you to be stress-free!

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A required HR form that helps you to fasten your process.

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