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A Step-by-Step Guide to Formal Documentation of Bonafide Certificate Letter

  • letter format for bonafide certificate
  • 7 min
  • July 14, 2023

Bonafide Certificate Letter

Bonafide meaning – a loyal! The word is in Latin language and it means- “In Good Faith”.

A certificate that is an identification document, and acts as proof of loyalty evidence is a Bonafide certificate.

Whether it is a school or it is a corporate office, a Bonafide certificate letter is necessary when you off-boarding from somewhere and onboarding at somewhere. A certificate that verifies your loyalty that contains information on how was employee’s behavior in the company is described.

What is Bonafide Certificate for Employee?

As stated in the beginning- Bonafide means – in good faith. In this case, a Bonafide certificate works. It holds great significance in different areas and for different purposes. This certificate is not for only corporate purposes, it can be used for passport applications, public transportation, educational loans, visa application, and to join another company.

Download Bonafide Certificate Letter

Note:You can download directly from here and edit as per your need.

Why Bonafide Employee Certificate Application Letter Is Important?

A bonafide certificate letter may be required by employees at any time in their careers. Most companies issue bonafide certificates in about 10 to 15 days. However, for the proper letter format for bonafide certificate, you need to do research.

Bonafide Certificate Uses For Organization:

There are several kinds of uses of the bonafide certificate, in most cases, this certificate is used in the corporate world. It has extensive uses in carrying out necessary functions.

  • A bonafide certificate is mostly used while changing schools, changing companies, applying for a loan, applying for travel documents, and so on.

  • The bonafide certificate is also something that works for the betterment of any employee’s career.

  • A Bonafide certificate is required in visa forms when granting a separate work visa to an employee or student as well.

  • In the process of a passport or driving license application, a bonafide certificate is needed.

  • For any kind of student application, a genuine or bonafide certificate is needed for the scholarship process.

  • Traffic authorities mostly take bonafide certificate as an additional identification proof for the driver’s license.

  • Sometimes for corporate events, seminars, and conferences employees have to submit a bonafide certificate.

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Purpose Of Formal letter for Bonafide Certificate

When the question comes to mind regarding the purpose of a bonafide certificate and why it exists in the first place! We can think about why we keep mentioning them as ‘genuine’ or ‘loyal!’ Because, in terms of documentation, it does represent those two terms on your behalf!

Hence, you are gonna need it almost every time you present yourself as a professional person and every other time you are gonna face administrative work! so before you rush to apply a request letter for a bonafide certificate, let us provide you with some examples,

  • When you apply for an educational loan from a school or bank

  • When you want to avail travel benefits

  • When you want to open a bank account overseas

  • When you want to enroll yourself in a public library overseas

  • Regarding project work, when you want to ask permission to visit an industry

  • When you want to attend some workshops or seminars in other institutions

So maybe now you would have a pretty decent idea regarding the purpose of this bonafide certificate! Hence, moving further let’s understand why this Bonafide Certificate is so Important!

Why is a Bonafide Certificate Important?

Before you rush to submit an application letter for bonafide certificate, you should at least have an idea of why is it so important, and why you would need it over so many places! Because this one letter signifies your genuineness towards the administration!

  • Like you are a respectable citizen of the country,

  • The mentioned purpose of the letter is clear, and

  • And in whichever place and for whatever reason you’re applying it, you are pretty sure to move forward over with them!

This surety and firm decision is all they would ask for before you are gonna,

  • change the job or school

  • Request for a loan

  • Apply for a visa or a passport or

  • Travel-related matters!

In all of the above matters you will hear a voice soon that will ask for ‘your bonafide certificate request letter please!’

People who should have a bonafide in their possession!

  • Students- for applying for scholarships, workshops, and higher education!

  • Educational Institutes- for record-keeping, and issuing documents!

  • Employers- to validate provided information, and background check!

  • Bank & Financial Organizations- to confirm provided details!

  • Immigration authorities & Government agencies!

How to Get a Bonafide Certificate?

In terms of good faith, before you search for ‘bonafide certificate application format’ to have a look over it, you should search ‘How to Get a Bonafide Certificate?’ because that would be a much more relevant question, you should ask!

You can get a Bonafide Certificate by applying for it through the administrative office of the organization! Get an application form from there, and fill it out as asked, then submit it to the same!

Never get confused because many such institutions may offer an online form instead of a physical one! At such a time, you just have to fill it that way and click submit in order to obtain your Bonafide Certificate!

Types of Bonafide Certificates

Whenever it comes to any government-related process, a bonafide application certificate is submitted as one of the required official employee HR documents. Bonafide is proof of identity, status, and qualification as well. Government officers, employers, and educational institutions mostly check and authenticate for background information.

These are types of bonafide certificates you should know:

1. Permanent Bonafide Certificate

As per the name suggest, this kind of bonafide certificate is used for a longer period or on a permanent basis. Considering that, this is used for student programs, visa process, and long-term resident permits.

2. Temporary Bonafide Certificate

Whenever you typically issue a certificate for any short-term process it is called a temporary bonafide certificate. This is used for the specific part-time studies, unpaid training programs, job changes and etc. Its validity is limited to the specified duration stated in the document and does not guarantee permanent residency rights in any country.

3. Bonafide Certificate for Employees

Whenever employees change jobs, employers may request bonafide certificates letter from job applicants to verify their qualifications, employment history, or past work experience as detailed in their resume or CV. It may also include information such as nationality, date of birth, and contact details.

4. Bonafide Certificate for School or College Students

Students may be required to present their bonafide certificate when applying for internship or university admission to substantiate their educational achievements or academic qualifications.


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How Bonafide Certificates Are Used for Employees?

For various purposes, employees may find a bonafide certificate application letter necessary to obtain a Bonafide Certificate, such as when applying for a loan or obtaining visa documents.

Bonafide Certificates are official documents issued by employers to verify an employee’s employment within their organization, including details about their position.

To acquire a Bonafide Certificate, employees must submit a written application to their employer, clearly stating the specific reason for needing the certificate and providing any necessary supporting evidence.

After thorough verification and approval from the relevant departments, the employer will prepare the document. Once processed and approved, the employer will deliver the certificate to the applicant, either physically or via email.

When requesting a bonafide certificate, employees may also be required to submit valid identification proof, a passport-sized photograph, and other relevant documents. It is important to carefully fill out these forms to ensure accuracy and prompt processing of the request.

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What You Should Include in Bonafide Certificate Letter?

Every type of bonafide certificate letter format is different, whether it is for students or for employees. If we are talking about students then their background, identity, and all things are included, however, if we are talking about employees’ bonafide certificates then it should include:

  • Date of the bonafide letter

  • Employee joining date

  • Work experience

  • Letter issuing date

  • Proof statement of individual working with particular organization

  • Signature of head

Bonafide Certificate Format

Bonafide Certificate Format

Bonafide Certificate Download

Bonafide Certificate Download


A Bonafide Certificate (formal letter for bonafide certificate) is a document that is actually needed for authentication. A bonafide letter gives a proper statement about your employment as well as your educational background.

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The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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