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Maximizing Referral Programs: A Formal Guide for Employee Referral Policy

  • employee referral scheme policy
  • 8 min read
  • October 9, 2023

Employee Referral Policy

Whenever you talk about an employee referral program you must make the employee referral policy for that.
Now, before diving into the employee referral bonus policy, let’s understand the employee referral program. superworks is here to provide valuable insights for policy-making.

An employee referral program is like a set up by companies to encourage their current employees and hire new employees for job openings in the company.

When employees do this, it benefits the company, candidates, and lastly employees who make referrals. If this is not in the form of money employee may get in the form of a reward or bonus after a person gets hired.

Download Employee Referral Policy

Note: You can download directly from here and edit as per your need.

Whenever any HR or company can’t find the right talent then they mostly introduce this program. One more thing, employees know which kind of candidate can be fitted for the particular position. That’s why to refer a candidate is – a WIN-WIN situation. That’s why most companies believe that employees’ recommendations are the best way to find good job candidates.

This HR policy blog talks about how employee referral programs can be really helpful for a company’s hiring process. Overall, it shows that these programs can be an innovative and cost-effective way to find good employees.

What is an Employee Referral Policy?

What is an Employee Referral Policy

Employee Referral Policy is the most reliable document while recruiting any candidate with the referral of an existing employee. There are some rules and regulations in the policy that every employee should follow for recommendation of desired candidate.

It is one of the structured programs for hiring the best talent in the company.

Major Benefits of The Employee Referral Policy Or Program

 Benefits of The Employee Referral Policy Or Program

There are many benefits, but we mentioned some of them here.

1. Faster and Cheaper Hiring

Yes, to avoid the lengthy process of filling out job forms to hire candidates, this process is very useful. Referrals can make this process faster and fill job positions quickly, reducing hiring expenses & saving time. An employee referral expedites the hiring process by immediately bringing in recommended candidates.

2. Better Employee Hires

Existing employees know the company culture and needs of an employee well. So they can suggest the perfect fit for the job. They understand the company’s culture and work environment, ensuring that the recommended candidates are a great match for the positions. This results in a higher quality of hiring, and employee engagement with the best match of their roles, ultimately benefiting the organization.

3. Higher Employee Retention

Hiring the right people and giving referrals can also make employees stay in the office. When you hire someone who is a good fit for the company, they tend to stay longer, reducing the need to constantly find and train new employees. This not only saves money but also creates good relationships.

4. Successful Hiring

When you hire good candidates by referrals, Referred candidates are more likely to be selected and stay in their roles. Also, data shows that candidates referred by employees have a higher chance of being hired for the long term. This not only improves the workforce productivity but also reduces costs.

5. Enhanced Company Reputation

When not only HR but also employees recommend someone, it enhances the company’s reputation among all. Job seekers often trust the opinions of employees more than HR and other people of employees. So, of course, it increases the reputation of the company.

What Should Be Included In Employee Referral Bonus Program Policy?

 Employee Referral Bonus Program Policy

You can customize the employee referral policy as per your need, however, here we mention some of the required points you need to add.

1. Eligibility Criteria: Every company has different criteria so define it in policy.

2. Details of Referral Bonus: The policy should talk about the referral bonus as employees get it.

3. Rules For Candidates: There can be rules defined in the referral policy for the referred candidate.

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How to Make Employee Referral Scheme Policy Successful?

Employee Referral Scheme Policy Successful

Here is the guide on how you can make the policy successful.

1. Always Start Policy In a Formal Way

Instead of being casual, the employee referral policy template should be made in a formal tone. This can be easy for both employer as well as employee.

2. Add Referral Benefits

If you add benefits to the referral program then every employee would love to do this to avail benefits. When they know the benefits, they’re more likely to bring skilled and capable people to the company.

3. Set Required Rules

Everything should be proper and that’s why a set of rules are necessary. Once you decide to hire through referrals, add rules. These rules might include how long a referred candidate needs to work to get benefits for both, how much bonus the employee will get etc.

4. Make It Easy

If this is policy then many people don’t understand this easily, and that’s why referral programs don’t work well because employees are confused & don’t know about job openings in the company. It’s crucial to keep your employees informed about available jobs. So make it simple and easy.

What You Can Do With Employee Referral Program Policy Template?

What You Can Do With Employee Referral Program Policy Template

This can be used for the basic hiring at the company, so for that make a plan for recommending job candidates & set rules for sending in recommendations. It explains how rewards will work.

  • It can be used for the recommendation.

  • It is mostly used to empower existing employees.

  • It helps to get the right talent in the company.

Employee Referral Program Policy Example

Employee Referral Program Policy Example

Employee Referral Policy Sample

Employee Referral Policy Sample

Pro Tip For All

The rules of the employee should be fair and to understand this most companies prefer to make policies. That’s why making an HR policy is necessary. You can download it directly however if you invest in HRMS software then it will be much easier to make the policy and share it with everyone.

For more benefits contact our expert to know more and boost employee & HR productivity!

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Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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