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Why HR Automation is a Necessity Now? [5 Real-Life Examples]

  • HRMS Software
  • 10 min read
  • September 1, 2023
HR Automation

HR Automation

In the contemporary world of business, the integration of technology and automation has revolutionized various industries, and Human Resources Management is no exception. This blog delves into the imperative adoption of HR automation, underlining its significance in the present landscape.

We explore several tangible benefits of HR automation, learn five real-life examples, and much more.

So, let’s start exploring!

What is HR Automation?

Human Resources Automation (HR Automation) represents a pivotal shift in modern workforce management.

By harnessing cutting-edge software, it reshapes the HR landscape by digitizing and automating repetitive and manual HR team processes such as employee onboarding, payroll, and benefits administration.

For the uninitiated, HR automation frees up HR professionals from mundane paperwork, enabling them to channel their expertise into strategic endeavors that propel the company forward.

Needless to say, switching to Agile HRMS software needs some learning. Even though it might take some effort to switch from old ways to HR Automation, the good things it brings for everyone in the company are totally worth it. It’s like investing a bit of time and money for bigger rewards in the future.

How HR Automation Tools Help Businesses Be More Efficient?

Here are five compelling ways automated tools help businesses:

  • Streamlined & Effective Workflows:

HR Automation Tools

Using HR Tools helps HR teams avoid doing the same boring tasks over and over again, like making schedules, connecting systems, and talking to employees. This saves a lot of time that can be used for more important things.

For example, HR folks can help employees with their questions faster, making everything quicker. So, instead of spending too much time on boring stuff, they can do more things that really help the company do well.

  • Efficient Collaboration:

Efficient Collaboration

Workflows usually need help from different people and teams. Slow communication or problems in passing tasks can waste time and make people upset.

Thankfully, HR automation makes it simple for workers to send things to the correct person for feedback, approval, or updates, no matter the department.

Everyone can also see better, more than just knowing the status of things. This smoother teamwork speeds up tasks, helping everyone get things done quicker and keeping the workplace happier.

  • Lower Processing Costs:

Lower Processing Costs

Switching from paper-based work to HR automation can actually save you money. With less need for printing and storing documents, you spend less on paper and storage space.

Everything is kept electronically, so you can find stuff quickly without sifting through files. This means spending less on things like paper and cabinets, and more on things that help your business grow. It’s like a money-saving button for your HR tasks!

  • Smooth Compliance Handling:

Smooth Compliance Handling

Meeting rules for how data is collected and managed is crucial to follow the law. The issue is that these rules are getting stricter and harder to understand.

Mistakes, even small ones, can mean big fines and harm your company’s reputation, losing your business reputation and goodwill.

But, using HR automation helps you follow the rules. It keeps data safe and makes it easier to do what’s needed for the law. This way, you’re safer from trouble and keep your company’s name shining bright.

  • Minimized Errors for Better Accuracy:

Minimized Errors

With HR automation, you rely less on people doing things by hand, which can lead to mistakes. This means fewer chances of errors happening at work.

Also, data from different places come together in one spot, so things are more accurate and everyone knows what’s going on.

You don’t have to type the same thing again and again, which also cuts mistakes. It’s like having a super careful eye on all the work, making sure everything’s right and good to go.


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Will HR Automation Replace the HR Department?

HR Department

Absolutely not. HR automation is not about replacing HR departments; it’s about enhancing their effectiveness.

The primary goal of HR automation is to empower HR professionals to work smarter and achieve more meaningful outcomes. How does it achieve this? By freeing up valuable time through automation, HR staff can concentrate on building genuine connections and meaningful relationships.

Automation handles routine tasks, liberating HR from repetitive administrative chores. This doesn’t eliminate the need for human interaction; instead, it elevates the role of HR by allowing them to focus on strategic thinking, problem-solving, and employee engagement.

While HR Technology streamlines certain processes, the core of HR – understanding, empathy, and human connection – remains irreplaceable and central to the department’s function.

HR Processes That Need Automation

Here’s a list of HR processes that can benefit from automation:

  • Employee Onboarding Process

  • Payroll Management

  • Employee Training

  • Time and Attendance Tracking

  • Leave and Vacation Requests

  • Performance Appraisals

  • Employee Benefits Administration

  • Compliance Tracking

  • Employee Data Management

  • Employee Self-Service

  • Offboarding and Exit Processes

We have just mentioned the names of the processes here, we will explain some of them briefly in the next section.

5 Real-Life Examples of HR Automation

By now you will also agree that HR process automation can reap ample benefits to the entire organization.

Let’s dig deeper and take a look at five crucial processes of every business, be it small or big, and understand how automation transform these processes with some real-life example.

  • Recruitment


Recruitment is a vital process for businesses to find the right people for the right jobs. It involves collecting applications, conducting assessments, and selecting candidates.

Without automation, this can be slow and error-prone, with paperwork getting lost and communication hitches.

However, HR automation simplifies this. Now, consider the case of Osceola County’s Sheriff’s Office. They switched from a paper-based recruitment process to online automation. This move led to a surge in applications, from 446 to 1,305 in a year.

The digital system ensured accurate and complete forms, allowing candidates to upload photos. This not only boosted the number of applicants but also improved the quality of hires.

The automation streamlined background checks, sent updates to candidates, and even saved $2,000 in office supplies. This case underscores how HR automation can transform and enhance the recruitment process.

  • Employee Onboarding Process

Employee Onboarding

HR automation greatly simplifies employee onboarding by streamlining processes and enhancing the experience. Employee onboarding tool involves numerous tasks, from paperwork to training, and automation makes it smoother.

Consider the case of KPMG, which lacked a proper pre-boarding process, leading to delays for new hires. To tackle this, they implemented an integrated onboarding software solution.

Now, the process starts right after the contract signing. New employees receive essential information through the app before their first day, eliminating the waiting period.

Thanks to this HR automation, KPMG witnessed remarkable improvements. Employee feedback after two years of using the app showed a high satisfaction rate, with 4.45 out of 5 for the hiring experience and 4.12 for the first week. This case exemplifies how HR automation improves efficiency, engagement, and overall onboarding experience.

  • Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking

HR automation revolutionizes employee performance tracking, making it efficient and impactful. Traditional methods like paper-based reviews are cumbersome and lack insight.

Take the case of the Metropolitan Utilities District (M.U.D.). They transformed their outdated performance review system. Previously, a basic Word document was circulated, often with minimal changes. Only 70% of employees received reviews, with some waiting a decade. This hindered progress and work quality.

With HR automation, M.U.D. achieved a significant turnaround. For the first time in their 102-year history, every employee received a performance review.

Automation facilitates seamless communication between employees and HR manager,, enhancing goal-setting and review processes.

Moreover, M.U.D. gained substantial benefits. The automated system saved approximately two weeks of administrative time.

Beyond time savings, the company experienced broader positive impacts. This case exemplifies how HR automation improves tracking, communication, and overall performance management.

  • Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

HR automation simplifies the management of employee benefits and expense claims, enhancing transparency and satisfaction. Administering benefits becomes complex as organizations grow.

A case in point is Grolsch, a beer company, which tackled this challenge by adopting an automated HR system named “My Benefits.”

This system provides employees with an accessible overview of their benefits, updating automatically with any changes they make. Consequently, employees gain clearer insights into their available benefits.

The transition yielded remarkable results. Employee satisfaction, measured through a survey, soared from a mediocre 6.8 (out of 10) with the old paper-driven system to an impressive 8.2 with the My Benefits automation. This case exemplifies how HR automation streamlines ben.>

  • Payroll Management

Payroll Management

HR automation also streamlines payroll management by reducing errors, saving time, and enhancing transparency. Manual payroll processes can lead to mistakes, causing frustration and financial disruptions.

Consider the case of FuelCell Energy in Connecticut. HR director Sandi Mauro faced a major issue when a spreadsheet error resulted in the wrong pay for all 600 employees. To mitigate such risks, the company adopted HR automation software. This move produced remarkable outcomes.

Previously, compensation planning took a month and was prone to errors. With the new automated system, the process was shortened to just a week, with no errors. Employees gained a clearer understanding of their pay calculations.

FuelCell Energy’s experience illustrates the power of HR automation in mitigating errors and boosting efficiency in payroll management. It serves as a prime example of how automation can revolutionize payroll operations for the better.

Parting Thoughts

In today’s world, using HR automation isn’t just a choice – it’s really important.

The real-life examples we discussed show that it helps HR teams avoid boring tasks and be more accurate. This means HR can spend more time making the workplace better for everyone and using their skills.

In essence, using HR automation is a must right now to have a happier and more efficient workplace. So, take a step ahead and get Superworks’ FREE demo now!


Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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