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16 Essential HR Documents Every Business Should Have

  • Superworks
  • 12 min read
  • December 13, 2023
HR Documents

HR Documents

Businesses have to depend on various departments for their success. The human resources department is one of the most vital divisions in an organization that employs people.

Getting to learn about the tools and HR documents that can be involved in this department can guide you in running this department efficiently.

The various HR documents and tools every business should have will be discussed in this article. Reliable HR document management benefits all employees, the new ones as well as those already onboard!

HR Documents and Organizational Success Go Hand-in-hand

HR Documents and Organizational Success

HR documentation is important for an effective HR department and the entire organization. These HR documents can serve as evidence of discussions and activities, support various actions, describe processes, and inform employees. Moreover, these help in effective organization.

It’s hard to keep documents in control without an automated system. Hence, leading organizations, opt to go for an HR document management system, a one-stop solution for document management.

Apart from reducing time, a document management system improves human resource management by 10 times!

Essential HR Documents for Human Resource Management

HR Documents for Human Resource Management

Let’s have a look at the 16 most essential HR documents for any organization, regardless of company type and size:

1. Job description

Job description is important to clarify the responsibilities of a vacancy. It provides initial responses to the candidates’ questions to start with. Such an HR document could include details of the major responsibilities of the position and pay, basic requirements, and so on. It assists in finding a new employee for an available position at your company. In conclusion, a good job description is an important element of recruitment.

2. Organization chart

As for the new employees, this HR document is most relevant. An organizational chart explains the company’s employee structure. It demonstrates how each job links to the other and the person who is in charge of overseeing the management of different people in a company.

They can be useful for old or new employees within the company. It serves as a reference material for individuals who might be interested in learning more about the structure of the organization.

3. Staffing plan

In other words, every HR department must develop its staffing plan. The process involves evaluating the existing competencies in an organization, identifying skill gaps, and then comparing them with the company goals.

It is instrumental in that it assists HR professionals in knowing the type of employees they might require and prioritizing recruitment efforts on such needs. Moreover, it may help you understand if it is good to bring in a new employee during the growth of any stage of your business.

4. Employee handbook

The organization usually issues an employee handbook to all employees. A new employee will always refer to the company’s employee handbook as a point of reference regarding policies, expectations, and benefits. A typical employee handbook may also include attendance portal policies and a description of the company culture.

5. Compliance documents

The compliance HR documentation is the set of records and employee data on the laws and the legal regulations. Such information would include payroll, employee benefits or compensation, taxes, insurance, and many other items. This information can also be confidential in many instances. With HR document management software you can control who has access to it.

6. Performance metrics and documents

Performance measures lay the foundation for setting expectations for employees. These documents provide the basis for conducting performance appraisals. These documents can be used to supplement job descriptions and include an explanation of the evaluation process, discipline processes, and copies of managerial letters.

Similarly, an HR department could provide a template of a warning letter to be sent to an employee who had violated a policy. If you’re using HR document management software, you might also find ready-to-use templates for these HR documents.


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7. Time and attendance policy

This document is critical in creating the policy for the organization on time and attendance. It describes the working time and overtime for employees and the associated penalties for non-compliance. In addition, it might be why employees can record their presence in the organization and hours.

8. Exit documents

Likewise, the HR department will have to process for the workers who are exiting the organization. Such HR documents may include information on notice expectation, letter of recommendation, or exit interview.

9. Compensation and benefits overview

Data about the compensation and benefits provided by the firm is maintained by the HR department. Pay cycles, salary structure for different employees, official processes, and explanations of how pay cycles work. For instance, benefits may include what the company does for employees and when they are entitled.

10. Recruiting documents

Recruiting documents are used in Human Resource Planning and implementing the recruiting processes in the HR department. These would include offer letter templates, interviewing materials, reference-checking guides, and employee hiring policies.

This way, it will also help in developing an organizational system that will display the candidate progressing through the process in a way that would be clear. With this software, you can easily record and update these documents.

11. Company values

HR documentation for company values may include the company’s history, mission, values, and vision. The above information helps employees familiarize themselves with the company and understand the kind of behavior that is expected from them to ensure that their actions align with the general company’s spirit and mission.

12. Expense tracking

Some firms allow employees to submit their expenses to the company so that the company can reimburse them. The HR department should also tell what expenses are covered and who is eligible for reimbursement. The document can also specify the mode of sending the expenses and the refund mode.

13. Dress code policy

Many organizations will set down a dress code. This HR document allows the company to project management a certain image to the public. Therefore, it’s good to specify the appropriate and inappropriate work attire. Mention the consequences of disobeying the overtime policy and the possible adjustments which may be provided to the employees.

14. Onboarding documents

Onboarding documents comprise all the paperwork and information that the HR department needs new employees to provide. This could be an employee onboarding checklist, a new hire checklist, an outline of a process to be taken, and copies of company policies for an employee to read.

15. Training and development

The HR department should keep its training and development documents ready. Such documents outline employee’s expectations to complete relevant training.

It’s good to have HR documents that explain if the organization reimburses the employees for additional training they take, such as through a tuition reimbursement program, etc.

16. Contracts

The HR Department may be involved in drafting as well as updating several different contracts. Furthermore, these agreements may cooperate with lawyers to guarantee that they are legal. The common contracts or templates they keep include new hire contracts, contracts for freelance workers, etc.

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How HRMS Can Help To Get All HR Documents?

Help To Get All HR Documents

HR Technology can help in this way, because most HR can’t collect all the HR documents easily. In this case, most of the HRMS software can help to collect an important HR document. So, if you are looking for reliable, best-in-industry HRMS Software? Look no further than Superworks! Our Super HRMS is equipped with everything you need. From managing employees to documents, we’ve got you covered! Why don’t you check out our advanced Super HRMS today?

In conclusion,

The usage of an HR document management system not only saves time but also streamlines HR management. It is impossible to have smooth HR managers without job descriptions, contracts, and other must-have HR documents. Moreover, investing in reliable HRMS software can improve HR document management and overall HR efficiency.


Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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