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HR Generalist: Critical Things You Would Love To Know

  • hr generalist skills
  • 10 min read
  • April 24, 2024

HR Generalist

HR and the tale of their vital job is famous worldwide, but there’s so much more to it! Some critical things that will amuse even HR professionals, and they will also love to read about. Especially for HRs there is a lot to talk about [even a book won’t summarise things about them]. For that reason, we are starting with HR Generalist!

There is a lot to share for an HR Generalist Job Description!

Like what are HR generalists? [as in what they are, and whom they report to?]

What role do they play, and what kind of HR Skills do they require?

All these latest trending queries about this job description will be answered here. So let’s start to understand all those details line by line. But first, have you heard this quote that just seems made for the HR Generalist?

team work

Reread the quote and think, who is responsible for the teamwork? Who is responsible for acquiring talent and intelligence in the team, and making them work together for the greater good of the organization? And whose responsibility is to nurture those talents, and make them champions for the organization?

There will be one answer popping in your mind- Human Resources Generalist!

What Is An HR Generalist?

An HR Generalist is the first HR you will find when you get hired. They are the generalists in performing numerous tasks including recruitment, administration, compensation, and many more. In short, these professionals perform all the crucial tasks that are required to be performed daily, for example,

  • Administrative work

  • Employee onboarding

  • Compensation and benefits for employees

  • Handles employee relations

  • Crafting policies and going through employment laws

  • Workforce management and so many more.

An HR generalist performs all the crucial HR tasks [listed above and more] and reports them to their respective seniors. You can observe one thing about HR generalist activities, and understand what they are doing. The job description of an HR generalist would allow them to undertake a broad range of work rather than just looking for some of the special tasks.

What Is The Role Of HR Generalist?

What is the primary role of an HR generalist? Many questions related to human resources generalists do express their desire to get knowledge of the HR generalist role. So for those we want to share that, as an HR generalist, your role would be quite far from being one-dimensional. As a human resources person, you would be doing a wide range of tasks such as,

  • Training and development of the employee

  • Getting employees onboard

  • Conducting performance management

  • Working round the clock to consistently improve employee relations

  • Crafting policies and dealing with Employment laws

  • Working on benefits and leave management

  • And other tasks that we have mentioned above

So now that you know ‘what is the work of HR generalist’ you can understand why they are called the backbone of the HR department. The range of work they do is really remarkable.

As the first point of contact for employees, the human resource generalist shows a remarkable ability to handle all the tasks till the employee exits. And for what it’s worth they also play a crucial role in fostering positive employee relations, addressing concerns, and ensuring compliance with employment laws and company policies.

HR Generalist Duties And Responsibilities

HR Generalist Duties And Responsibilities

‘HR generalists and their duties in human resources’
‘HR generalist roles and responsibilities’
‘Explain the scope of HR generalist for human resource management’
‘What does an HR generalist do?’

These kinds of queries you will find on the web when you go, and search there ‘HR generalist responsibilities.’ And from that, you can get an idea about how many people want to know about how an HR generalist functions, in the real world.

As keep diving deep into the duties the HR generalist will keep doing for the company and already are doing can be super difficult. For that reason, we are going to list every duty and explain it, so you can have a better idea.


Have you heard about the human resources doing the Core HR activities? Because if yes then they were definitely talking administrative work. HR generalists are responsible for handling numerous administrative work, including maintaining employee records, managing HR databases, and processing payroll.


Compliance is a vast term to this because it comprises so many crucial things that include: Government regulations, Tax reporting, HR policies, procedures, and what else. So all of this falls under the duties of an HR generalist, and their multi-dimension job description gets one more dimension.

Furthermore, while doing compliances they monitor compliance metrics, conduct audits, and take corrective actions if the correction is needed.

Recruiting And Onboarding

HR professionals are responsible for recruiting fresh talents worthy of the organization. After that, they get along with the employees throughout the onboarding process. So as an HR, you will need to connect with a new hire [through sourcing, and conducting interviews] and complete the onboarding process.


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Staff Retention

If we follow an employee life cycle, it is surrounded by lots of twists and turns, as they keep searching for a better option [and why shouldn’t they?]! But if many employees keep turning up to leave, that doesn’t present a good picture for the organization, right?

For that reason, the role of retaining those employees and keeping the employee turning rate to a minimum falls on the shoulders of an HR generalist. By going up to the mark, explaining performance appraisals, and solving their issues HR those employees back.

Employee Engagement

Staffing in an uncertain way won’t help you and for that reason, you should work with every employee. As an HR you should keep promoting employee engagement and continue to solve their problems as well as boost morale. And with such guidance HRs keep playing a key role in the organization.

Training And Development

From day one of a new hire the HR function begins and continues to grow further, because after the completion of onboarding, comes training and development. By training the employees, generalists keep improving employee skills and competencies. For that purpose, they develop training programs and employee learning activities.

Technological Duties

We live in a modern world where automation has been greatly utilized by organizations, for one simple reason: ease of workflow! For doing multiple HR works whether it is HR compliance, compensation, or else, assistance from HRMS software like Superworks is a dire need.

Because with that only you can easily do performance management, recruiting tools, workforce management, and talent acquisition with ease.

HR Generalist Skills And Qualification

What skills are needed for HR generalists? Quite a fine question that many searches before seeking an HR generalist opening. And this is completely correct, people should do that! Because that is how they can know about the skills and qualifications required to be an this role! So let’s understand what they are one by one!

  • One should handle crucial information, and keep it secret.

  • Should be people’s person having ability to connect well

  • Know state laws regarding employees and organizations

  • Ability to conduct an interview on their own

  • Should be able to develop and perform employee programs

  • Adaptable to every modern technology

  • Capability to analyze employee work, and measure their performance

  • Capable of utilizing HRM services

  • Capable of promoting company culture and boosting team morale

HR Generalist vs HR Manager

In human resources, It comes under the HR manager and reports to them. Because the HR generalist job description allows them to handle multiple tasks, hence they are the ones who carry core HR functions. While the HR managers are seniors who handle the management work of the department.

Summing Up

So, here we are letting all the crucial information about the job description of an HR generalist. So you don’t have to stay confused about that! But the more important thing is the knowledge of automation because if you are an HR, you should be capable of operating HRM software.

We know sometimes it can be tough, that is why let us solve that issue by introducing you to superworks – A highly easy-to-use, and efficient software! Try once, and get and get your daily HR functions done in clicks only!


Is An HR Generalist A Good Job?

HR generalist jobs are one of the finest jobs for you, if you are good at communications, and have qualities of being a good HR generalist, as we have mentioned above.

What Is The Difference Between HR Generalist And HR Professional?

The difference between these two different jobs of the same category can be explained through work dimensions. Because, unlike an HR Generalist, HR specialists work on a single-specific area, rather than operating with multiple expertise.

Is HR A High-Paying Job?

HR Generalist salary may blow your mind because as per the statistics provided by the researchers, HRs can earn up to 50 lakh per annum. Hence according to many people all over the globe, being an HR is a better option to pursue.

Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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