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Better Understanding For HR To Employee Ratio [2024]

  • Workforce management
  • 10 min read
  • March 14, 2024

HR To Employee Ratio

Have a look around, because this may be the next big problem that numerous companies have to face. Because this HR to Employee ratio is the big thing we need to look up to! How big your HR team is? The next big question is how many people are there to conduct crucial activities for your company!

But if you have reached here and are reading this now, there is a good possibility that you are interested in understanding such things at best! So, no matter what kind of HR staff you are a rather well-placed one or a newbie this guide is just made for you.

Here we are going to discuss the cruciality, HR to employee ratio, its formula, and even the employee turnover ratio formula. So, get your coffee now guys, there is so much to know today.

What Is The HR-To-Employee Ratio?

What Is The HR-To-Employee Ratio?

Organizations commonly use this HR-to-employee ratio to have an understanding of the numbers. Number of HR staff and the number of employees, so they can better understand the HR staff-to-employee ratio! This ratio of HR to Employee plays a crucial role in the smooth management of the facility.

Because in simple terms, the numbers of HR & employees should be well-balanced for efficient management. The adequacy of the Human Resources (HR) team, relative to the number of employees should be well balanced. Because even a slight displacement in the size of HR staffing can cause a massive fallout in workforce management. So, you need to keep things together, in your business from an HR to employee!

HR To Employee Ratio: How Many HR People Will You Need?

HR To Employee Ratio

When you need to sustain and grow at a comfortable pace, then it is indeed a crucial point to consider! So, you can’t just stay confused about managing ideal HR-to-employee ratios. Because that ratio can vary depending on multiple factors such as industry, company size, geographic location, and the complexity of HR tasks.

What Is A Good HR-To-Employee Ratio?

Or what is the ideal HR-to-employee ratio? both the questions have the same answer, down here. According to the general rule of thumb is often cited as the organization should have 1 HR professional for every 100 employees. So as per this rule, if the company has a strength of 500, then there should be 5 HRs, so the ratio for that would be 1:100!

And that is how only specific HR responsibilities + company needs can be accomplished with the least possible errors.

How To Calculate The HR-To-Employee Ratio?

After understanding the good HR-to-Employee ratio, let’s understand how it is being calculated. It is calculated by dividing the number of employees by the number of HR staff members. HR to employee ratio should only be calculated after we have conducted accurate and multiple surveys and done employee studies pretty well.

Here we would need employee turnover ratio calculation and the HR to employee ratio calculator formula at hand for the calculation. Here in this Calculation, the HR-to-employee ratio will be involved in the process of dividing the total number of employees by the number of HR staff members. To ease the confusion let us present the formula:

Calculate The HR-To-Employee Ratio

This means, just like with simple math we can have the calculation in moments like we did here. So just like that, the number of HR should be 1 for every 100 employees! And that is how we can kill the possibility of an error to its very end!

Why is the HR to Employee Ratio Important?

HR to Employee Ratio Important

First of all, think like a manager, who has a responsibility to run the company over various specific departments. Then only you can understand that there are not one but multiple departments that can be affected to the core due to the lack of HR functions. For that reason, these ratios are crucially important to have deep insights into the organization, and on the workflow system.

Before you begin to search ‘What is the HR management salary? let us give you the needed reasons:

1. Recruitment

Think for a minute that who recruits the people [full-time, part-time, and even for freelancing] for the organization on the front, an HR! Who continue to ensure the smooth onboarding, and eve training to the employee-HR. Without the Human resources departments, where would the scale of recruitment would be? Down only.

2. Training And Development

HR and employee relations begin way before the period of appraisal and even the management troubles. That period is when the employees begin to take training from the HR professionals with the full spirit of a newbie! So now you can think about it, how many HRs will be required in an institution to ensure that there should be no stones left unturned for the training of the employees?

3. Labor Relations

Maintaining the relations among the employees is also a crucial task for an HR, and to manage that there should be enough HRs, right? Have a look over things a company would be safe from at a time when the average HR numbers are enough!

  • Relations among the Employees would be maintained when there is a good HR ratio at the table.

  • There will be no dispute among the employees just because an efficient HR is there to look out for.

  • There will be sufficient resources to respond as per the HR to Employee ratio, and to manage, and sustain a healthy relationship in between.

4. Security And Health

To ensure that the workplace is safe and sound for all the employees, an HR always runs like hell! To achieve that security, the HRs continue to implement safety programs. Furthermore, they also monitor compliance and keep on responding to employee concerns. However, this can be extremely difficult [or in some cases, not even possible], when you are your staff ratio for HRs is subsequently low.

And for that, the organization should have an adequate staff of HR, so the health measures and security concerns can be well organized.

5. Compensation And Benefits

Fair on the path from HR to Employee should be the goal for administering compensation and the benefits program. But to accomplish that a stable staff ratio should be there. Where adequate HR personnel is there to allocate, analyze, make recommendations, and lastly implement the changes.


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What Is Human Resource Management? And When Did This HRM Start?

What Is Human Resource Management?

You have probably heard the name ‘HRM Software’ at some point in time. But for your information, let us tell you that it is a strategic management of the organization, solely responsible for smoothening the workflow. It became a great deal soon after the beginning of the 20th century because of its high usefulness.

The intentions behind its usage are quite clear, because of its business-profiting nature. This system has taken the companies by storm, helping them with their costs, better planning, and managing their teams more effectively.

Factors Affecting HR to Employee Ratio

Factors Affecting HR to Employee Ratio

The size of the company

The larger the size of the company is, the higher the staff ratio for the HR to Employees will be required. So, as per the ratio, larger companies as a facility will need higher numbers of HRs than the smaller ones.


The strength of your HR team is highly dependent on the industry you are working in. The sectors such as finance and healthcare have more complex structures and regulations. So they would require a higher HR to employee ratio than the less regulated industries.


The budget also has a stronger influence on the HR to Employee ratio because organizations with bigger budgets can always have more HRs compared to organizations with lesser budgets.


The advancement of Technology in Human Resources Management has also heavily influenced this ratio of HR to Employee. Like when you see it, automation and AI usage can subsequently lower manual labor, increasing the burden of HR to handle more tasks with fewer staff.

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Finishing With Crucial HR Tip

So, from the start to the very end of this blog, one point is clear and that is how crucial is the level of HR support in the organization. A better HR to Employee ratio is highly valuable for workforce management, over-staffing levels, budget allocation, and many more.

And guys here, the ultimate goal to attain the ideal HR to Employee Ratio is to effectively support the organization. So it can work well [the best as possible], to shine, to sustain, to succeed.

Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.


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