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Leave encashment is an important aspect of employee compensation, allowing employees to convert their unused leave into monetary benefits. This blog aims to simplify the leave encashment process, focusing on its calculation by Leave Encashment Calculator, its benefits, and compliance aspects.

What is Leave Encashment and its Eligibility?

Leave encashment is the process by which employees receive payment for their unused leave days. This is typically offered at the end of the financial year, during employment tenure, or upon resignation or retirement. Eligibility for leave encashment depends on the company’s policies, but generally, it applies to employees who have accrued unused leave days.

What Benefits Does Leave Encashment Offer?

Leave encashment provides financial compensation for employees’ unused leave, ensuring that employees do not lose their earned leave benefits. This can be a significant financial benefit, especially at the time of retirement or when leaving the company.

How Much Do Employees and Employers Contribute?

Leave encashment is typically funded by the employer. Employees do not contribute directly to their leave encashment funds, but the accrual of leave benefits is part of their overall compensation package.

How is Leave Encashment Calculated?

Many employees ask about ‘how leave encashment is calculated?’The calculation of leave encashment involves determining the employee’s daily wage and multiplying it by the number of unused leave days. The daily wage is usually calculated based on the employee’s basic salary and dearness allowance.

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Example of Leave Encashment Calculation Formula:

Let’s assume an employee’s monthly basic salary is ₹30,000, and they have 20 days of unused leave. The daily wage would be calculated as follows:

Daily Wage: ₹30,000 / 30 = ₹1,000.

Leave Encashment Amount: ₹1,000 * 20 = ₹20,000.

Thus, for 20 days of unused leave, the leave encashment amount would be ₹20,000.

Compliance and Registration:

Employers must ensure proper documentation and timely processing of leave encashment as per company policy and labor laws. Maintaining accurate records and adhering to statutory requirements is crucial for compliance.

Can Employees Opt Out of Leave Encashment?

Leave encashment policies vary by company. While employees may prefer to use their leave days, the option for encashment is typically offered at the discretion of the employer, based on company policies.

FAQs for Leave Encashment Calculator

1. What is a leave encashment calculator?

A leave encashment calculator is a tool that helps employees and employers calculate the monetary value of unused leave days based on the employee’s daily wage and the number of accrued leave days.

2. How is the daily wage calculated for leave encashment?

The daily wage for leave encashment is typically calculated by dividing the employee’s monthly basic salary by the number of working days in a month, usually 30.

3. Is leave encashment taxable?

Yes, leave encashment is taxable as per the Income Tax Act. However, tax exemptions are available for leave encashment received at the time of retirement or resignation under certain conditions.

4. Can all types of leave be encashed?

Not all types of leave can be encashed. Typically, earned leave or annual leave can be encashed, while sick leave and casual leave may not be eligible for encashment.

5. When can employees encash their leave?

Employees can encash their leave as per the company’s policy, which may allow encashment at the end of the financial year, during employment, or upon resignation or retirement.


Leave encashment is more than just a financial perk; it’s a vital component of an employee’s benefits package. For more detailed guidance, visiting the official company HR policies or consulting specific resources like Superworks payroll is advisable. And to calculate those encashed leaves, use the leave encashment exemption calculator!

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