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Best Practices For Writing A Misbehaviour Warning Letter With Readymade Templates

  • Workforce Management Software
  • 12 min read
  • February 26, 2024


Whenever there is any misconduct in the company, there is a requirement for warning letters. When you write a formal warning to an employee, you’re telling them that their misbehavior at work isn’t okay. This behavior goes against the rules set by the company, which are usually listed in the code of conduct. These warnings let employees know they’ve broken the rules, and if they keep doing it, there will be more serious consequences, and they need to draft a misbehaviour warning letter.

There are different kinds of warning letter, these warning letters are given in situations for misbehavior, being late to work, not showing up, leaving the job without permission, refusing to work, harassment, or being rude. In the warning letter to employee, the employee’s bad behavior is described, along with when it happened. It also explains what will happen if the same issue continues such as poor performance then HR should take action to draft- a Misbehaviour  Warning Letter for employee for poor performance.

The point of giving a behavioural warning letter isn’t to make employees feel bad but to help them understand why following the rules is important. It’s about keeping the workplace in order and making sure everyone knows how their actions affect the company.

Sometimes, people break the rules at work. When this happens, it’s important to deal with it right away. And that’s why HR letter is important.

To Read More: Structuring Behaviour Warning Letter: A Guide for Clear Communication

What is a Misbehaviour Warning Letter?


A warning letter is a serious letter given by HR or bosses at work when employees do something wrong. However, a misbehaviour warning letter is a particular letter to pass to the employees for misbehaviour. It’s a way for bosses to tell employees they messed up by misbehaving and explain why it’s not okay.

This letter is meant to help employees understand what they did wrong and how it affects the company. It can be given for things like breaking the rules by lying, doing a bad job, and other stuff that the company doesn’t like.

Download Misbehaviour Warning Letter

Note: You can download directly from here and edit as per your need.

Where Can You Use A Misbehaviour Warning Letter?


As an HR manager, when you might need to write a misbehaviour warning letter depends on what you expect from your employees, the rules of the job, and what the company believes in.

If someone is behaving wrong but it’s not so bad that they should be fired right away, you might have to write them a warning letter for their behaviour.

If you’re not sure if something is serious enough for a warning letter, you can talk to the human resources department. Sometimes, you can talk to the person first to see if they’ll stop doing the bad thing without needing a letter.

Reasons To Write Warning Letter To Employee

  • Employee doesn’t follow the rules about drugs and alcohol.

  • Employee isn’t doing their job right. Performing poor in their work.

  • Employee breaks the rules about safety at work.

  • Employee is often late for work.

  • Employee threatens other workers, clients, or customers.

  • Employee steals something from a coworker, the company, or the business.

  • Employee doesn’t show up to work without telling their boss.

  • Employee lies to their boss about their education or qualifications.


Want to control misbehaviour at the workplace? – Get the guide.

Superworks provides different kinds of HR letters, HR emails, HR policies, and many more things that can help you maintain the culture.

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Things to Consider While Writing a Warning Letter To Employee For Misbehaviour


1. Outline the Consequences

Before writing any warning letter to an employee you need to clearly outline the potential consequences of the employee’s misbehavior. Explain the impact it may have on their employment status, including the possibility of disciplinary action such as written warnings, suspension, or termination. Emphasize the importance of adhering to company policies and behavioralexpectations to maintain a positive work environment.

2. Document the Misbehavior Warning Letter

After outlining the consequences, you need to ensure that the warning letter is comprehensive and includes details of the specific instances of misbehavior. The letter or document includes dates, times, and descriptions of the behavior observed.

Keep a copy of the letter in the employee’s personal data for future reference and documentation purposes. This helps maintain clarity and transparency in addressing the issue.

3. Set a Timeline for Improvement

After giving a warning, establish a clear timeline within which the employee is expected to demonstrate improved behavior.

This timeline should be reasonable and achievable, allowing the employee adequate time to address and rectify their behavior. Clearly communicate the expectations and consequences of failing to meet the specified timeline.

4. Provide Guidance and Resources

Offer guidance and support to the employee to help them understand and address their misbehavior. This may involve providing access to training programs, workshops, or counseling services aimed at improving behavior and interpersonal skills.

Encourage open communication and offer to discuss any concerns or challenges the employee may face in changing their behavior.

Expanding on these points ensures that the employee understands the seriousness of their misbehavior, the steps they need to take to improve, and the support available to help them succeed.

Warning Letter for Misbehaviour from Company/ HR/ Manager/ Supervisor


When writing a misbehaviour warning letter to employees, there are important things to think about:

Language and Tone

Even if this is a warning letter, use a serious but respectful tone. Don’t scare or upset employees; the goal is to help them change their behavior.

Structure: Follow a Clear format

Every letter should have a proper structure:

  • Start with the date.

  • Write the company’s name and the name of the person writing the letter.

  • Include a subject.

  • Write the employee’s name.

  • Explain what they did wrong.

  • Say why it’s against company rules.

  • Explain what consequences might happen.

  • End of letter.


Keep the content of letter to employee for misbehaviour short and focused. Don’t repeat things unnecessarily. Stick to the facts without getting rude. Include the date to make it official.


Check for writing mistakes before giving the letter to the employees. Make sure it goes to the right person with the correct details.


Once you’ve given the letter, make sure the employees know they got it. You can ask them to sign it or send an email confirming they received it.

What Should You Include In An Employee Warning Letter For Unprofessional Behavior?


A Misbehaviour warning letter should be short and easy to understand. It should list each mistake the employee made and:

  • Say if they were warned about it before, or not then give them a chance.

  • Explain what they need to do to fix their behavior.

  • Tell them what will happen if they don’t change.

  • Say how long the warning will stay on their record.

  • Explain how they can ask for the warning to be reviewed if they think it’s unfair.

Tips For Writing Warning Letter For Behaviour Issues


Here are some easy steps for writing a warning letter to an employee:

  • Tell them exactly what they did wrong because there are multiple things included in misbehaving.

  • Let them know when it happened, with proof.

  • Explain what could happen if they keep doing it.

  • Remind them of what they’re supposed to do as an employee, and change their attitude.

  • Say which rule or policy they broke.

  • Suggest ways they can fix the problem.

  • Give them the misbehaviour warning letter as soon as possible after the problem.

  • Talk to them when you give them the letter.

  • Make sure the letter is easy to understand and doesn’t make things confusing.

Warning Letter Format For Misbehaviour


Wrapping Up,

Making the warning letter is not a big task but considering issues and addressing them in the right way is necessary. Handling everything at the workplace is HR’s responsibility, and they need to draft particular HR letters, HR emails, and many more things.

However, Superworks provides readymade letter templates to everyone for free. You can just download the HR Toolkit and use them for your issue. Moreover, you can install the HRMS software, to maintain the culture of the office. That can handle all required operations and make the process smooth.


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