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5 Things You Need To Know About Salary Certificate Letter- A Guide

  • sample of salary certificate letter
  • 9 min read
  • September 27, 2023

salary certificate letter

Everyone loves salary! This is the best day for every employee when they get the message- “Salary is credited”!

That’s why a salary certificate letter is one of the most vital papers that every employee wants in their career.

Who knows, you have XXXX rs salary? what is the proof? So, most of the time, this salary certificate is important because it can be used in various. This is not the only use of this paper, Salary certificate format India letter is used for various reasons such as visa, new job, renting a home, and many more.

The simple salary certificate format should have first all employees’ names, then salary slips. Moreover, you can add job title, and how long they’ve worked at the company. In that case, the slip includes earnings, deductions, and the final amount they receive each month.

Before we dive into how to make a salary certificate, let’s make sure we understand what it is.

A salary certificate is a proper document that shows how much money you make from the organization. A salary certificate is a detailed report about the pay.

Sometimes, if an employee directly doesn’t receive the certificate, for that they need to ask HR or their manager for it. Now, let’s check what is salary certification letter and how to make it. Superworks has been working in the HR industry for many years, and we have made a complete guide for you.

Download Salary Certificate Letter

Note: You can download directly from here and edit as per your need.

What Is a Salary Certificate Letter?

What Is a Salary Certificate Letter

As we already know what is a salary certificate letter, but do you know sometimes employees ask for this certificate by giving a salary certificate request letter to an organization?

After that, organizations usually give two copies, one to the employee and one to themselves. It’s important because it helps prove how much money someone makes, and is a document that can be used as evidence if there are arguments about pay or benefits, and that is written in the “Salary Certificate Letter”.

  • This letter should be formal.

  • This letter should have simple terms.

  • Add every small detail regarding payroll in the letter.

  • Add the purpose of the request letter for the salary certificate.

This paper is important for both the employee and the person who gets it because it shows how much money the employee makes and helps decide if they can get loans or deal with legal stuff.

Things To Remember While Writing A Salary Certificate Letter

Things To Remember Writing A Salary Certificate Letter

When you’re writing a sample salary certificate letter, it’s a bit different because it’s a certificate. But you still need to use a formal letter format.

Here are some things to remember for the salary certificate:

  • Always put the date on the top, it’s important because it shows when the certificate was made.

  • You just have to add the name of the employee, and don’t need to include the recipient’s address.

  • Use a formal greeting and write in starting first, starting with “Dear [Recipient’s Name].”

  • In the main part of the letter, include the job title, employee name, company name, and how long they’ve been working there.

  • Say whether the employee asked for the letter or not.

  • You can also mention good things and some other points about the employee’s personality.

  • Give all the details about how much money the employee makes.

  • Finally, sign off by writing your name and title.

Salary Slip Vs Salary Certificate

Salary Slip Vs Salary Certificate

Salary slips can be directly downloaded from the employee self service portal, as salary certificates cannot be downloaded directly, you need to request for that.

Various Uses of a Salary Certificate For Your Organization

Uses of a Salary Certificate

Here are some things a salary letter can be used for:

  • To know about money or salary they are earning.

  • To do banking stuff.

  • To show that they are getting paid fairly as per the government rules.

  • To pay taxes as per the salary measurement.

  • To get the loan according to the amount of the salary.

  • To give a copy of paycheck while employees are not at work.

  • Ask for credit when needed.

  • To check if they get more money or bonuses when needed.

The salary certificate has a lot of information, like your name, where you live, where you work, when you started, and what your job is. So, it can be used in many required areas.

People use the salary certificate letter to update their salary information with salary structure, calculate how much they will get paid, and pay employees in advance. Most of the HRMS software usually provide the slip but for the certificate letter, you must contact the HR manager.


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How to Write a Salary Certificate Letter?- Tips And Guidelines

How to Write a Salary Certificate Letter?

There are 2 types of letters, 1 HR letter is from the employee side, it is- a request letter for a salary certificate, and from the employer side, it is- a salary certificate letter.

For the employee’s side, in the salary certificate request letter, you need to write like:

  • Always start with a polite tone, and use the formal language.

  • Keep the request short and clear.

  • Start with addressing it to the HR or finance manager who handles this stuff.

  • Say why you need the salary certificate, like for a visa, bank loan, or credit card.

  • Tell them your job details, work info, and department.

  • Mention the agency or bank name.

  • Thank them for helping, and show gratitude company.

  • Check for mistakes in your letter before sending it.

From the employer’s side, in the salary certificate letter, you need to write like:

  • Include the employee’s ID, job title, and department.

  • Keep every point short and to the point.

  • Put the right date on it before starting.

  • Keep the letter very professional.

  • Don’t add personal stuff just add all the professional details about the employee.

Break down the salary certificate HR document like this:

  • Calculate the total money they make before taking out other things.

  • Add- How much money does the employee get actually?

  • Show what gets taken out, like loans, taxes, or other things.

  • Add it all up and say how much is left.

In simple words, if you need a paper to prove your salary, you can easily consider the request letter for salary certificate and actual letter.

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Essential Components Should Be Added in Salary Certificate Letter Format

Essential Components of Salary Certificate Letter Format

Every company might have a slightly different salary certificate letter sample, so this list is just to give you an idea of what it could include.

Here are the important things you might find on a salary certificate letter format word:

  • Add your name.

  • Add your employee ID.

  • Add job title or description.

  • Add the department of your work.

  • Add details about your salary.

  • Add the date when you started working at the company.

  • Add where you live.

  • A signature from someone in charge to make it official.

Letter Format For Salary Certificate

Letter Format For Salary Certificate

Sample Of Salary Certificate Letter

Sample Of Salary Certificate Letter

Wrap It Up,

Getting a salary certificate letter is becoming easy because it’s done on the computer or you can easily get the salary certificate format download option. Superworks has all kinds of letter templates such as a salary increment letter template, warning letter template, and many more. You can get them all with just one click on the HR toolkit and it’s done quickly.

If you want to know more about HR operations, streamlining processes, or any kind of HR letters, or policy forms you can directly connect with our experts.

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