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An Insider’s Guide to Writing a Work Experience Letter With Predefined Templates

  • work experience letter
  • 10 min read
  • September 12, 2023

Experience Letter

Every kind of experience matters! But for proof, you actually need an experience letter.

When a person wants a new job, they need certain papers, and an experience letter is a document to use for further process of hiring to showcase a relevant experience.

From the employee’s perspective, an experience letter is an important document to show their work and honesty towards the company.

So, if you want to change your job or find a better one, you’ll need to have an this letter. It’s very important for your future jobs. Some people also call it an experience certificate.

A good work experience letter should have important information like when you worked there, your job titles, what projects you finished, and any awards you got. It should also say why you’d be good for the new job you want. Your work experience letter should match the kind of job you’re applying for. That’s why the letter should be perfectly drafted. And to provide the experience letter to the employee is the responsibility of the organization or HR. In that case, to save maximum effort work experience letter, format, and sample is the most helpful method to adopt.

Let’s see, how you can easily draft the work experience letter or get it free from Superworks.

What is Experience Letter?


A special note that mentions employees’ skills and experience in the same company is known as an work experience certificate format. It is also known as an employment reference letter (employment certificate). This letter helps future organizations why you would be good for their job, and how you contribute to their job.

An experience letter is much more important as it shows more than a resume. There are many companies that prefer experience letters however some only want your resume. If you are not sure what your next company wants, you can ask the employer directly to get from the organization.

If you are an HR manager and don’t know how to write a perfect experience letter, you can use the readymade experience letter samples from the HR toolkit.

Download Experience Letter

Note: You can download directly from here and edit as per your need.

The Key Difference Between An Experience Letter And A Relieving Letter?

So, this is to certify that an experience letter is much more different than a full and final settlement letter, & a relieving letter. Check the table to get a clear idea about how it is different.

Experience Letter Relieving Letter
  • The employees might write by themselves and get approval from the employer.

  • It has a date of joining and the date of ending of the employment.

  • It includes performance, skills, and attitude.

  • The experience letter is used for many purposes as it shows employment history.

  • This letter is always written by the employer only.

  • It only has the last day of employment.

  • It only includes the reason behind relieving or resignation.

  • It is a formal letter used as an acceptance of the resignation.

What are the details required in an Experience Letter?

Here are the details that are highly required for you to include in your experience letter [experience certificate].

  • Your job role: that consists of your company, the role, and years of experience.

  • Date when you joined: because it’s a crucial component for the same that presents your skills and the time you had to nourish them.

  • Date when you left: to conclude the duration, at is it important.

  • Date when the letter has been issued: include the date in your letter.

For better understanding, you can look over the work experience letter template, right above!

Who Writes a work Experience Letter?

The letter of work experience is probably written by the employer, or the management of the company you were part of!

Why is a experience certificate letter important?

Whenever you switch your job you will find yourself searching for ‘job experience certificate format’ or ‘experience letter sample format!’ Because that is how important that letter is! This work experience letter is proof of where you were at that mentioned time what you were doing with your life, and how well you are doing your job as per your employer!

Importance Of Work Experience Letter While Changing Job

importance of experience letter

One side is to make employees stay and the second is to certify that with a good experience letter. This is the responsibility of the organization as you have contributed to the company through your employment time. In return, this letter by the company helps you to stand out from the crowd and makes you appear more appealing to the prospective employer.

A work experience letter holds immense significance for both employees and employers. This work experience letter should have important information because it is a way to show the experience to new employers that are not even posted online. Here we mentioned why it is most important for you!

  • Better Job Opportunities

Imagine having a special letter that tells your future companies how good you were at your job. So this letter can open doors to new and better job opportunities. It’s like a golden ticket to the employee.

  • Proving Your Work History

The only thing that can prove your work history is the experience letter. Sometimes, people might not believe what you say about your work and at that time it works like magic. This letter acts as proof. It checks and says, “Yep, an employee really did that job.” It makes sure your resume is true.

  • Making Work Friends

This is an additional benefit as the experience letter acts as a cool badge where you can show your experience certificate to your work friends. It helps you make more friends and grow your professional network.

  • Showcasing Your Skills

With your work history, think you can show your skills and experience as well. You can point to it and say, it is a work experience along with these skills. It makes you portray yourself as awesome to future employers.

What Are The Key Elements to Include in Your Experience Letter Format?

The experience letter looks like an internship completion letter as a cover letter. It is important that’s why you have to make sure it’s well-written and doesn’t have any mistakes in spelling or grammar. And it’s important to make it fit the job you are applying for.

When you write the experience certificate, start by saying who you are and how you know the person you’re writing about. Then, talk about what it was like to work with them and what good things they did that benefitted to company.

Here’s a list of things you should include in the experience letter sample:

  • The date of joining and date of last day of employment

  • A friendly statement in starting of the letter

  • The employee’s name

  • Their job title and position

  • Details about what they worked & did on the job

  • Anything extra skills if they have, and got rewards for the same

  • A good message for their future

  • The signature of someone important at the company

  • The company’s stamp and signature (if possible)

How to Draft an Impressive Experience Letter for Employees?

How to Draft an Impressive Experience Letter

Employers must be truthful when writing a letter about an employee’s work experience.

Here are the steps to follow when creating an experience letter for your employee:

1. Start Clearly

You need to start with very clear thoughts as you can easily mention who you are and where you work. You can introduce the employee by name and job position. Mention that this letter is about their work experience.

2. Use Formal Tone

To write any letter you need to use a formal tone, don’t use slang language for the same. Also, you can’t use the casual talk. Keep it respectful and supportive.

3. Get the Right Information

To mention an employee’s work history you need information and for that, you need to collect all the important details about the person, like their employee name, job title, when they worked, what they achieved, and how to contact them.

4. Talk About Skills and Qualities

Skills are everything and to show them is another way to make an impression. Show their strengths and positive traits for their future jobs. You can consider skills like- leadership, communication, attitude, problem-solving, working approach, etc.

5. End Positively

You need to finish the letter as you started in a nice way. You need to thank the person for their hard work and good job. Wish them luck for their future work.

6. Check for Mistakes

Look at the letter carefully, if you find any mistake regarding grammar or spelling correct it before you draft it finally. Check that all the information is correct, like names, dates, and contact info.

7. Use Company Letterhead

Print the letter on the official company paper with the letterhead to make it look professional. The sign of higher authority is also needed, if it’s sent by email, you can use a digital signature at the end.


Want professionally crafted HR letters? – Get HR letters access for free!

Check the downloadable HR letter templates that make most of the work easy and help you save maximum effort and time. Customize the HR letter as per your requirements and use it directly. Streamline your HR processes and ensure clear communication with these ready-to-use templates. Save your maximum time by avoiding the letter-making work.

Explore our collection of free HR letter templates available for download!

An Appropriate Job Experience Letter Format

superworks experience letter format

An Appropriate Job Experience Letter Format

experience letter sample

Get The Predefined Experience Letters In A Few Clicks

Whether to download required HR documents to streamline HR process, our company as a leading HR Software provider can help you in every way. Draft the appropriate HR letters, emails, job descriptions, HR policy, and many more things without wasting time.

Now don’t look here and there to get the predefined templates, check the sample experience letter and get it with a few clicks only. Moreover, our experts are ready to guide you if you need guidance for any kind of terms related to HR.


What is an Employee Experience Certificate?

An employee experience certificate is considered a work experience letter, an official document provided by an employer to confirm an employee's work history, skills, job roles, and contributions.

Why is an Employee Experience Certificate Important?

An Employee Experience Letter is crucial because it serves as proof of an employee's work history and performance. It is often required for future jobs, career advancement, and other professional purposes.

How Do I Request an Employee Experience Certificate?

You can request the employer or HR manager for the certificate or you can write on your own and give it to HR for approval or sign.

What Information Should Be Included in an Employee Experience Letter?

An experience letter format for employee should typically include details such as the name of the employee, job title, dates of employment, job responsibilities, achievements, and a statement confirming the employee's departure from the company.

Is It Common to Customize the Content of The Experience Letter?

While you have a specific matter to be included in the letter you can customize it as per your need. Customization is typically limited to additional comments or clarifications based on individual circumstances.

How do I write a letter of experience?

You just need to keep these 4 crucial steps in mind while you write 'your letter of experience!'

  • A fine introduction: where you should mention the name of the person!

  • Justify the reason why they should hire you!

  • Mention the reason behind your internship.

  • Sign off in an amazing way!

Can I write my own experience letter?

Actually, the experience letter is something only an employer can provide. You can get the idea of going through a sample of experience certificate! But yeah, you can do one thing, write one and then verify it from your employer! This way is much better, because then only you can tailor it as per your needs!

Is experience letter useful?

Cent percent, because if you look over Google, people are searching for 'how to make experience letter!' Because this letter is the proof of your experience, and will crucially help you secure your next job!

Can I show salary slip instead of experience letter?

It would majorly depend on that new company of yours, if they are ok with the payslip, that will do! But to understand your experience format, or to be more specific ‘work experience format’, nothing would work like an experience letter!

With us, unlock the secrets to crafting a compelling work experience letter with an insider's guide. Utilizing predefined templates tailored to frequency, you'll seamlessly navigate the process.

Begin with an introduction, incorporating key details such as job title and dates of employment. Highlight the employee's responsibilities and notable achievements, aligning with the most frequent keywords to ensure comprehensive coverage. Showcase their skills and qualities, underscoring their contributions during their tenure.

Our predefined templates streamline the writing process, providing a structured framework for clarity and professionalism. Whether verifying employment or bolstering a job application, our guide empowers you to create impactful work experience letters with ease.

Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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