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Top 8 Best HR Management Software In India 2024

  • hr management software India
  • 10 min read
  • August 18, 2023


HR management! I think all HR managers agree with that- it concludes all employee lifecycle processes. Right?

From the hiring process to employee exit, you can consider various operations such as – employee onboarding, shift scheduling, payroll & compliance, and benefits administration, which becomes seamless if you adopt tools and technology!

Without such technological support, these functions become burdensome, and most HR waste their time by working manually.

Explore situations where –

  • Employees are seeking a good welcome & offer letter.

  • The leave application HR manager needs to manage employee data after onboarding.

  • Employees need to consider clear job roles and responsibilities.

  • HR needs to manage employee lifecycle & payroll.

  • Employees need clean cheat after employee exit.

In business, the key factor at play is the inherent automation capability of human resource management systems. This unique advantage is centered around the convenience it offers to workforce management. It functions within a central HR Payroll Software platform designed to simplify a wide range of manual, administrative, and day-to-day HR tasks, including effective document management.

As per Forbes,

80% of businesses use HR software for streamlining HR operations.

By streamlining HR workflows for both HR departments and managers, cloud-based software has become an essential component of every business.

The Human resource management HRM tools include-

  • Save lots of time for managing HR

  • Enhance efficiency and productivity

  • Elevate employee performance

  • Employee self-service portal

If you’re considering adopting Human Resources software like countless other companies, but are unsure about the best options, we’ve got you covered. Following the definition and features and benefits will give the best options that your HR managers need.

What is an HR Management Software?

HR Management Software

Human Resource Software or HR Management Software or Human Resources Management System (HRMS) or Human Resources Information System (HRIS), is an automated & technological solution that integrates various HR systems and procedures for the efficient management of daily responsibilities.

By utilizing appropriate HR software, you can conserve significant time and effort within your business operational procedures.

Benefits and Functions of Human Resource Management Software

Functions of Human Resource Management Software

Automation has brought forth a range of advantages for Human Resource Management, with a notable highlight being the significant reduction in time allocated to human resources activities.

Consequently, HR departments can allocate greater attention to overarching strategic duties with these benefits and features of the human resource management software.

Basic Features:

  • Employee onboarding

  • Employee lifecycle management

  • Leave management

  • Attendance management

  • Employee data-document management

  • Analytics & Reports

  • Reimbursement

  • Compensation and benefits

  • Help desk

and many more.


  • Enhanced efficiency in workflows

  • Elimination of mistakes

  • Comprehensive employee monitoring

  • Enhanced precision and depth in analytics

  • Improved documents arrangement

  • Hasslefree employee information management

  • Guaranteed adherence to federal regulations

  • Advancements in succession Human Resource Planning

Read more: How Software Human Resources Can Manage Employee Data & Save Your Time?


Want to reduce HR management time by over 50% ? – Get Superworks!

Superworks- State-of-the-art HR software offers an all-inclusive solution to streamline all HR processes, enhance employee engagement, and drive organizational success.

Experience the future of HR management with us to fit your organization’s unique needs.

A Key To A Happier Workplace: The Best 10 Human Resource Management Software

1. Superworks


Introducing Super HRMS by Superworks – a specially designed human resource management software solution tailored to seamlessly streamline, and elevate employee management processes by Human resource management officers.

You can consider the best features of the Superworks, check below.

  • With its intuitive interface and all-in-one dashboard features, Super HRMS helps to simplify employee data, make easy leave approvals, and generates comprehensive employee analytics & reports effortlessly.

  • The Clock In/Clock Out feature of Super HRMS presents a tracking real-time for HR administrators and managers to oversee employee working hours, attendance, and break times, and gain insights into the reasons behind breaks. This real-time tracking capability from Superworks enhances and optimizes time management across the organization.

  • Navigating through the dashboard swift resolutions have been revolutionized with the introduction of Super HRMS.

  • A standout feature of Super HRMS is its employee onboarding tool Tasks, allowing HR professionals to seamlessly delegate tasks to new employees.

  • The innovative Helpdesk feature empowers employees to quickly access solutions, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and a seamless workflow.

2. Qandle


Qandle – an advanced HR software solution that redefines the way your organization manages employee information and assets.

Qandle- Human resource management software offers a centralized and secure database that seamlessly handles employee profiles, assets, and associated records.

Qandle helps to create, search, and retrieve employee details with a user-friendly interface. The HR platform has a central tracking system, equipped with smart dashboards and actionable analytics, which empowers HR professionals to make informed decisions.

As a well-known name in automation, Qandle provides customizable HR software that aligns seamlessly with your company’s needs. This means you won’t need to worry about your employees having to adapt to the software – Qandle fits effortlessly into your existing framework.

3. Zoho


As the work landscape evolves swiftly, it’s imperative for your HR strategies to keep pace with particular HR software. Zoho People presents a cloud-based HR solution meticulously designed to foster employee growth, and seamlessly embrace transformations for efficient HR management.

Now you can eliminate monotonous spreadsheets and inflexible systems for HR task management. Step into a realm of smarter, enhanced efficiency with Zoho People equipped with features explicitly fashioned to liberate you from administrative burdens.

  • Intelligent HR work

  • Prominent employee data management

  • Impressive employee lifecycle management

  • In-depth analysis

4. DarwinBox


DarwinBox provides the adaptable HRMS suite that makes your enterprise ready for future growth. Now, you can embrace the new realities of HR and total business with greater efficiency and speed. Here are major 3 benefits of having DarwinBox.

  • Scalable – If you want to scale your business you can adopt DarwinBox with your open arms. You can easily streamline the HR process anytime anywhere.

  • Customizable – As per your business need you can get the modified version of the same.

  • Unified – “All in one, one in all”. You can have all the features and functionalities in one

5. BambooHR


BambooHR is one to upgrade HR management for your business. BambooHR is used to streamline HR tasks and save time and energy to concentrate on vital aspects. It is mostly used to nurture your workforce, enhance employee satisfaction, and propel business growth.

BambooHR facilitates each phase of the employee journey, utilizing its user-friendly functionalities and adaptable connections, all linked to a singular, protected data repository.

6. Freshworks


If you want to revamp your HR approach, you can easily do with the Freshworks by Freshteam. Now you can centralize your HR operations, including recruitment, orientation, time-off management, employee records, and HR processes with this HR software.

Your CEO or founder will witness business success by effortlessly getting all the reviews with the software. These are all achieved with minimal clicks. Entrust routine recruitment tasks like follow-ups, screening, and notifications to Autopilot’s intelligent customizable workflows. This allows you to prioritize essential tasks.

7. SumHR


Now you don’t have to spend much time on the paperwork of HR operations. SumHR has the capability to minimize tasks of Human Resource Management. You can efficiently oversee a singular corporation or numerous enterprises utilizing HRMS, spanning across the globe, all through intuitive, cloud-based HR software. Streamline your HR tasks for multiple businesses through a smart dashboard.

The fundamental HRMS software is proficient not only in safeguarding employee details and documents but also in furnishing insightful MIS reports and HR analytics.

8. Pocket HRMS


Pocket HRMS empowers Modern HR to embrace transforming into a dependable support system for their workforce. With automated technologies, the PocketHRMS software digitizes HR processes, increases effectiveness, and refines administrative tasks.

It concerns employee well-being and makes changes with the cloud, automation, and AI technologies. For the purpose of digitizing HR management, this software helps to give the utmost experience to HR managers.

No only HR, it has several features that empower employees as well such as – the ESS portal! Check more features of the HRMS as well.

Making the Right Choice!

We have mentioned the best HR software in India, you can choose as per the organization’s needs. However, to choose the top-notch services need basic guidance regarding HRMS Software. After understanding what is human resource management, you can get to know the advantages, and basic features of the Human resource management system and make the right choice!

Super HRMS by Superworks is one of the great HR process automation tools & has all kind of features that a human resource manager actually need. Check the above list and compare the features, costs, and needs of your business, and choose wisely!

Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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