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8 Best Human Resource Practices You Need To Implement In 2024

  • what are hr practices
  • 12 min read
  • June 6, 2024
Human Resource Practices

Human Resource Practices

Adopting the best HR practices and policies helps HR departments enhance business performance! 

Human resources (HR) have evolved significantly over the past decade and continue to change rapidly.

This blog explores the top human resource practices that improve business growth. These HRM practices help HR teams focus on strategic HR management.

Without clear missions, personnel, or practice guidelines, a company can’t achieve its goals.

If you’re curious about human resources and the best practices in HR, you might have questions like:

  • What is human resource management?

  • What are the various tasks and responsibilities of HR?

If so, don’t miss this blog on the 8 HR best practices for 2024. However, the best practices in human resource management are not one-size-fits-all and must be tailored to each organization’s unique needs.

What is a Human Resource?

What are HR practices

Let’s start with the basics of human resource practices in India

HR practices are a team of professionals who manage some important operations of organizations. Such as managing recruitment, workforce, and compensation, ensuring the business runs smoothly. 

As individuals, HR professionals use their skills and knowledge to help the business succeed.

HR departments or professionals handle everything related to employees, including budgeting, hiring, employee satisfaction, benefits, fostering company culture, and training new hires.

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Human Resource Management Practices Definition

Human Resource Management Practices

HR practices meaning is- internal guidelines that make the people-related process more efficient.

These strategic human resource practices add significant value to the business and its goals.

These human resource management practices in India help streamline operations, allowing the HR department to perform at its best and contribute to the overall success.

8 Best HR Strategies/ Practices Need To Implement In Your Business

Best HR Practices

1. Maintain A Healthy And Happy Workplace

Employees need to be treated well and safe. Workplace safety has always been crucial, and HR needs to focus on this important and best-practice human resource strategy.

Here are some key measures for HR teams to create a safe workplace:

  • Implement safety programs.

  • Regularly sanitize desks and computers.

  • Encourage employees to take regular breaks.

  • Ensure hygiene and arrange the workplace to make everyone feel the best.

  • Provide personal protective equipment that is safe, and comfortable.

To address important concerns, HR managers can develop programs that support overall employee health and well-being.

2. Proceed With Fair Compensation

Every worker or employee works for the pay! right? So, they want fair compensation but obviously.

Not only the right appraisal but, bonuses, and rewards help employees feel recognized and appreciated. This is one of the important types of human resource practices.

For this, you need to measure the performance of them. Top-performing employees deserve great rewards. Your compensation plan should take into account the employee’s skills, their contribution to your business, and market competition.

By offering good pay packages that are better than those of your competitors, you can retain talent as well. This supports employee empowerment in HRM.

3. 360 Degree Feedback Management

360 feedback is a process where employees receive confidential feedback from their direct reports, managers, and peers.

Everyone in an organization should receive honest feedback about their performance, and so they can improve as well.

Maintain the system or process that allows feedback from all team members, including the manager or staff. This ensures everyone gets constructive criticism and advice.

This system provided by HRMS software company helps HR or managers gather unbiased feedback and get a complete view of potential candidates.

4. Appraisal As Per Performance Feedback

One of the best ways regarding scope of human resource management policies and practices is to ensure a company reaches its profitability goals. It is keeping employees productive.

Building and supporting these effective teams is a key responsibility of human resource practices.

To support teamwork, various methods can be used. It is measuring team performance, rewarding team achievements, and using communication software.

5. Make Employee Skilful And Trained

Skills and training are important.

A company should ensure the evaluation of human resource practices, that align with its goals and that performance reports are transparent and accessible to employees.

It’s best to track employees’ work and train wisely as per that.

Training should be broken down into small modules and presented through animations for easier understanding.

This approach allows employees to quickly understand absorb information and apply it immediately to their work.

6. Incorporate Technology Into business

HRMS software is the ultimate way to incorporate technology into business. 

This thing helps manage, optimize, and automate HR tasks with the best HR practices in India. These HRMS tools in India– automated systems help with strategic human resource management. This can easily integrate with existing apps and can be customized to fit an organization’s needs, goals, and budget.

Implementing HRMS Payroll Software in India is a vital practice because it reduces time spent on low-impact administrative tasks. 

Benefits of having Core HRMS software solutions at the organization:

  • Almost no human errors.

  • Enhanced data analytics and predictions.

  • Improved data organization.

  • Compliances with regulations.

7. Manage Employee Retention

To achieve employee engagement, you need open communication or session!

Employees today are not interested in work that doesn’t offer career growth. Everyone loves to learn more and work as per that. They seek opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge.

You need to organize programs and seminars to help them bridge the skills gap caused by evolving technologies like the HRMS online portal. Fully engaged employees are always more productive and mostly stay where they feel valued.

Therefore, engaging employees through empowerment benefits the business and is a proven human resource practices worldwide.

8. Make Open Culture ( Communication With Each Other)

Just like everyone else, employees need to solve their doubts. So it’s important to have transparent business best practices hr

Knowledge sharing is an internal process that allows employees to exchange information and skills with each other by using the HRMS ESS Portal. This practice enhances employees’ sense of belonging, reduces training costs, and supports tickets.

Create internal guidelines to simplify the knowledge-sharing process for employees. You can also get the announcement kind of channel or communication chat or social wall to share your thoughts.

Results Of The Best Human Resource Practices

Best Human Resource Practices

There are several benefits and we mentioned some of them here:

1. Employee Development

Employees are an asset to any organization. Companies with the best HR practices in India prefer to keep employees happy and encourage them to succeed.

Moreover, for employee development, you can arrange training and skill sessions. Effective organizations focus on this by providing opportunities for employees to learn, improve, and use their knowledge to support the organization’s growth.

2. Building a Flexible Workplace

Good HR practices adapt to changing workplace scenarios as per the latest trends in HR. Effective human resource practices address these diverse needs by offering workplace flexibility. 

This HR strategy examples includes designing flexible work environments, schedules, assignments, team compositions, and communication formats to retain employees.

3. Promoting Positive Behavior

The main priority of HR and the organization should be keeping employees happy. Agree? 

Engaged and happy employees are more productive and help the organization to grow more. Positive behavior is crucial for reaching these goals, so HR needs to maintain a healthy work culture.

Human resources life cycle learning can help by introducing the latest themes and trends in HR, allowing you to choose effective ways.

Final Thought About Human Resource Practices

The HR best practices outlined above cover everything. Considering that from hiring and training employees to fostering an open and safe company environment. Implementing good human resource practices is essential for effective human resource management. 

By following these guidelines, you can boost employee satisfaction and productivity, or you can directly add the top HRMS to your organization. We will help reduce employee turnover and increase retention, benefiting your organization in the long run.


What Are Human Resources Practices?

Human Resources practices encompass a broad range of HR strategies and HR activities. It is designed to manage and develop an organization's employees. These HR best practices are crucial for attracting and motivating employees, ensuring they contribute effectively to the organization's success.

What Are The 7 Human Resource Best Practices?

  • Selective Hiring

  • Training and Development

  • Performance Management

  • Compensation and Benefits

  • Employee Engagement

  • Career Development

  • Work-Life Balance

What Are The 6 Key HR Practices Of An HR Plan?

  • Recruitment and Selection

  • Onboarding

  • Training and Development

  • Performance Management

  • Compensation and Benefits

  • Employee Relations

What Are The Three HR Practices?

  • Recruitment and Selection

  • Training and Development

  • Performance Management

What Are The 4 Rules Of HR?

  • Fairness

  • Transparency

  • Compliance

  • Confidentiality


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