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Master These 7 Excellent HR Activities & Be The Best HR

  • Superworks
  • 12 min read
  • May 23, 2024
HR Activities

HR Activities

No, the HR Activities don’t get wrapped up after interviewing the candidates for the organization or even after organizing some events for the company culture. And no, their roles and responsibilities for the organization never suffice even after hearing the complaints of the employees and solving them subsequently! It’s way more than that!

So, next time, when you walk through your company, just have a look around! And whatever you see, from

  • The employees to their well-being,

  • Workflow, and the work culture of the office,

  • Resources and their proper utilization,

  • And most importantly ‘training and development of the staff,’

HRs are responsible for all that! So, now that you have self-realization of the roles and responsibilities of HR, let’s discuss the HR life cycle– as in the things they do, and how! And moving further with that we are going to help you to Major 7 HR activities for employees and their development. and their development. So, stay awake and look alive, because we are going to reveal something marvelous for all the HRs.

What Are HR Activities?

What Are HR Activities

The Department of resources are a function of human activities definitely one of the most crucial divisions for any organization. Because the functioning of the organization [any] heavily depends on this department. The series of general HR activities [means what they do] covers a massive range of duties in the workplace, but their core focus is a quite ‘people’ side of the business.

And if we begin to present the ‘list of hr activities,’ there are more than a couple of tasks, so get ready to be shocked [because you still may not have been prepared for the daily hr activities list]!

Almost no other professional in the workplace may have these many roles and responsibilities! But still, only a handful of people understand and appreciate the criticality of the HR admin activities for a company’s success.

However, if we take you into detail as per the different job profiles of the HR departments, there’s a catch! There is more than one choice for the HRs to outsourcing HR activities in the favor of company’s success- and that is HR Generalists & HR Professionals!

  • Firstly, let’s talk about HR generalist activities – to the point, all the wide range of skills, roles, and HR functions that we have discussed above these HR generalists are responsible for that!

  • HR specialists- And here, as the name suggests, the members of the HR department are specifically specialized for a single stream only. It can be recruitment, employee benefits, or else.

Moving further, we have seen a different confusion going on among the people regarding HR practices and HR activity for employees! So, let’s understand the differences between them, and put such confusion far and very far away!

HR Best Practices vs. HR Activities: What’s the Difference?

HR Best Practices vs. HR Activities

Before putting a fine line between both the terms, let’s clarify them both at first! Both are undoubtedly highly required for the organization to grow, and without even of them, the HR department cannot be at its full potential.

So, firstly, let’s begin with what these HR best practices stand for! Here the HRs take strategic actions to improve HR effectiveness and efficiency. Like they manage the overall executive business plan for the company. For a better understanding, let’s go through some examples:

  • Here for the organization, HR can be able to set goals and missions for the whole HR department.

  • Checking the implementation of programs, and their effects.

  • All the processes of planning, managing, and organizing things will fall in this section.

While on the other hand HR management activities [or just HR activities and functions] stand for the daily tasks and duties performed by HR professionals. All the regular yet highly crucial HR functions, where delay can never be an option, fall here.

What are the 7 Major HR Activities?

1. Invest in the Right Technology

Right Technology

Like any other investment, investing in the right technology is also highly crucial for modern HR departments. As an HR you need to utilize better this great technology named Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS). Use it well to streamline various HR processes, from recruitment to performance management.

This is one of the finest streams for the right people [for HRs] because the right technology like this one can easily automate all those repetitive tasks such as payroll processing, attendance tracking, and benefits administration, reducing the administrative burden on HR professionals.

To all the HRs, this is a way to be part of the top, where you want to keep your company! With the right technology like cloud-based HRMS, your data can be kept safe and secured and can be accessed from anywhere, supporting remote and hybrid work models. For the time being implement these great functions of HRMS software, to improve work efficiency and get seamless and user-friendly HR services for your employees.

2. Streamline Recruitment and Hiring

Recruitment and Hiring

An HR department is responsible for recruiting great talents for the organization. So why not start using highly efficient recruitment tools [like Superworks] that can significantly enhance the efficiency of these processes? That way, in a nutshell, you as a professional HR can save valuable time so that you can utilize in other core HR activities in company.

HR managers who invest in improving their recruitment process with highly efficient HR software like Superworks can easily attract better talent for the company. Because at the end of the day, some of the finest new hires will lead the organization toward the path of success, and the human resource department will be responsible for choosing them.

3. Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation

Who is doing great, and which employee requires more training on the front hand? For employee development and organizational growth, HR is responsible for putting the focus on such crucial things. Regular performance evaluation is the key to having a highly efficient workforce because they are a crucial asset for the organization.

And if you as an HR won’t conduct an evaluation based on performance, your employees would be less likely to get there in the zone of improvement! In an organization, HR development activities help to motivate employees so they can perform better.

The growing need for performance evaluation in any organization and after that providing constructive feedback is highly crucial. Healthy criticism, in regards to feedback from the HR team, always helps employees to get better. So make sure that your HR calendar of activities is updated with performance evaluation.

4. Handle Layoffs with Compassion

Handle Layoffs with Compassion

Handling layoffs with compassion is a critical aspect that is a crucial part of HR strategies, especially in today’s volatile economic environment. This is why even the difficult news of Layoffs should be handled with care, and being an HR team member, this difficult task falls under your care. Among all the Human Resources activities, this one can be difficult at an emotional level!

So don’t forget to show some empathy and understanding for maintaining a positive relationship with former employees and protecting the company’s reputation. Layoffs can be problematic, as the anxiety and uncertainty among the workforce can rise subsequently. So, as an HR do offer support through counselling services, and team-building activities to maintain morale and productivity.


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5. Build an Inclusive Company Culture

Build an Inclusive Company Culture

Building an inclusive company culture is not just a trend that people are following blindly, but a necessity for modern organizations. Hence, there should be employee engagement activities in HR list so all the employees feel valued & respected, regardless of their background.

There’s a well-known technique that as an HR professional, you should know, known as the Blind techniques for hiring [it is crucial to eliminate biases]. So use this technique in hiring, to eliminate biases and instill inclusiveness to enhance collaboration and innovation.

6. Continued Education

Continued Education

Keep a calendar for HR activities by your side, and set reminders for upskilling, because the business world is rapidly evolving, and as an HR and your organization should too! So Invest in

employee development through training programs, workshops, and online courses, so they can grow well, in the competitive world.
Take a better assessment of current skill gaps and plan tailored upskilling initiatives to ensure that employees are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills.
Encourage a culture of lifelong learning not only to boost employee morale but also to enhance the organization’s overall performance.
Be supportive of your employees who seek further education, as it will be beneficial for both, them and the company.

As per the studies, employees who feel that their development is valued in the company are more likely to be engaged and loyal. And over that, even companies can establish mentorship programs and provide access to industry certifications to support employee growth.

7. Better Employee Relations

Employee Relations

Better relations in any place can never put you in the corner, but when it comes to the organization. Do make strong relations [to all the HRs] as it is highly crucial for a positive and productive work environment. Open and transparent communication is definitely the foundation of good employee relations, so stick to that.

Better HR engagement activities build trust, and such regular feedback sessions and surveys can also provide valuable insights into employee satisfaction & areas for improvement. So, always address your employees’ concerns and issues, promptly and effectively because it is crucial to maintain harmony in a workplace.

Our Final Thoughts

Mastering these 7 HR activities is a must nowadays, but as we mentioned above, we are going to reveal something marvelous for HRs! Here it is! You as an individual HR, have to be perfect in your daily human resources activities for employees. But you don’t have to manage everything on your own, or through various different software in your company.

Because there is one ultimate HR Software for you- Superworks! This one can help you carry all the HR functions of every day that we have even mentioned in this blog with ease! So, you can put more focus on fostering a positive work environment, and contribute to the strategic success of your organization.

Stay adaptable and proactive in the HR field to be the best HR professional you can be. And get all the needed help for your HR work from Superworks!


How can HR technology improve efficiency?

As we have mentioned above details regarding HR technology, efficient HRMS tools like Superworks can end the problem of repetitive tasks. Furthermore, it will automate your tasks, enhance data accuracy, and provide valuable insights for decision-making, and all these will direct you toward improved efficiency and productivity.

What are the benefits of promoting an inclusive company culture?

In an inclusive company culture, you will get more employee engagement, more innovation, and better performance, and would subsequently be cost-effective for you.

What is HRM in simple words?

In simple words, it is a management tool that helps in managing and organizing all the HR works, so the organization can achieve its mission and goals. With this, the HRM does all the HR work like recruitment, training, retaining employees, compensating them, their attendance management, payroll, and many more.


Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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