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An Ultimate Guide Of Easy-To-Use Joining Letter Format For Employee

  • simple joining letter format
  • 8 min read
  • September 18, 2023

Joining Letter Format

Most people are confused about the new hire welcome letter, appointment letter, and joining letter! Here we will clarify the concept of a joining letter.

The purpose of this joining letter is to make the new employee feel respected and welcomed as well. Each letter should be customized for the person getting it. New hires are always nervous about the first day or first weeks, and to make them comfortable is necessary and in that case, only the good joining letter works.

Most of the HR or managers are not able to write a joining letter easily, so they may seek a ready-to-use joining letter format for employees. Because it should be written nicely and professionally. Why? because it is a very big decision for employees to join a new company and the first step from the company side should be proper! Also, to define the rules of the company you need a joining letter!

Download Joining Letter

Note: You can download directly from here and edit as per your need.

What is A Joining Letter?

Joining Letter

A joining letter is a letter you give to the person who got the new job. Sometimes, it also acknowledges that you have the job now, what will you do?

Here are some important things to remember regarding the joining letter for job:

  • Keep the job joining letter for new employee formal.

  • Don’t make the job joining letter format lengthy. Keep clear and short.

  • Don’t write a joining letter that might confuse the employee.

  • All information in the employee job joining letter format should be correct and mistake-free. Check twice if you need to.

  • Don’t use fancy and casual language, just use a simple format.

  • Proofread before you send the letter to the employee.

  • Get the help from experts like Superworks if needed.

  • Add formal and appropriate signature.

What to include in the Joining Letter Format?

What to include in the Joining Letter Format

You can directly get the joining letter sample, and check whether they provide a joining letter format in Word or not, so you can customize the HR document and include whatever you want to include.

The joining letter for internship has different information however joining letter for the job has different information. In the letter, you should tell the person getting the job about the company, what is the work over here, and what we can expect from the job.

There is a difference between an appointment letter and a joining letter. An appointment or offer letter is sent by the company to the person they want to hire. On the other hand, a joining letter is sent by the person who’s getting the job.

A joining letter is an official document that explains the job title, what the person has to do, how much they’ll get paid, and other important stuff.

A Simple Joining Letter Format Should Include This:

  • A Welcome Or Consent Letter

  • Job Details

  • Job Profile

  • Benefits

How To Write a Joining Letter?

How To Write a Joining Letter

There are multiple things you can add in the letter, but the basic ones you need to add in the joining letter while onboarding employees. But start as you want to write a joining letter. Keep these things in mind.

  • Keep the letter short and clear for the precise message delivery to the employee.

  • Start the letter with the formal word “Respected” or “Dear”.

  • You need to start the letter with the subject “Joining the ABC company for the role of XYZ”.

  • Take the confirmation from the employee that they will take it, mention the start date, and show you care about them.

Add these things to your joining letter:

  • The Date: Write down the day you’re writing the letter. This helps the employee know when you said yes.

  • The Company’s Name: Say the name of the company from what you’re writing.

  • The Company’s Address: Put the address of the company in your joining letter.

  • Who You’re Writing To: Add the name of the person in the letter.

  • What The Letter Is About: Make sure the joining letter is about saying the position and all.

  • The Main Concept: In the main part of the letter, add the value of the letter in the main part. Say when they can start and talk about anything if they need to.

  • Your Contact Details: Add the contact details with the address.

  • Say Thanks Again: Thank them, one more time, before concluding.

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Helpful Tips For Perfect Joining Letter Format For Job

Tips For Perfect Joining Letter Format

When you’re about to write a company joining letter to the employee, there are several important steps to follow:

1. Follow The Rules

Pay attention to any specific instructions given by the employer for writing your joining letter.

2. Understand The Offer

Before you start writing, you need to understand the offer carefully and then give it to the employee. Make sure they can understand all the terms and conditions mentioned in the letter.

3. Address Employee Properly

In the joining letter, HR or CEO needs to address the person you’re writing to with their full name, job title, and the company’s address. Begin your letter with a polite greeting as well.

4. Provide Accurate Information

Include your correct contact details in the joining letter, like your name, role, and job positions. Make sure everything you provide is accurate and up-to-date.

5. Express The Acceptance

Start your letter with a subject line that clearly says they need to join the office from this day. It’s also a good idea to say thank you for accepting the role you offered.

6. Proof Read

Before sending the letter, you need to read it carefully to catch any small mistakes. It may be possible that you made a simple mistake and forgot about that. You can even read the letter out loud to make sure it is right. Otherwise, you can directly go to our HR toolkit page and download the readymade letter to avoid mistakes.

7. Clear And Precise

Write a joining letter in a way that’s easy for employees to understand. Avoid using complicated words that make employees confuse. However, do watch out for other grammar mistakes.

8. Send On Time

Make sure to send a joining letter before they come and after the offer letter. You can also send a quick call or email to confirm they received your letter.

9. Communication Carefully

If there’s something in the offer you want to discuss with the employee, simultaneously call or email them to confirm or explain them. For that, you need to mention it politely in your reply mail. But only negotiate if it’s really important to you.

So, when you give a job offer, and employees accept the job offer, take your time to write a thoughtful and polite joining letter. If you don’t want to draft the same, you can get it free from our HR toolkit.

Format of Appointment Letter / Joining Letter

Format of Appointment Letter - Joining Letter

A Comprehensive Joining Letter Sample

A Comprehensive Joining Letter Sample

Concluding Everything In One,

As an HR, You are handling too many things simultaneously but don’t you think, the extra efforts are not needed? You can save your major efforts and major time by doing smart work. You can download whatever you want such as HR letters, HR forms, HR policies, Job descriptions, and many more from our Free HR toolkit. Moreover, you can streamline the HR work by getting HRMS software from us. It can help you to do all HR operations easily.

Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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