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11 Tools For Recruitment That Will Give You a Competitive Edge

  • workforce management tool
  • 10 min read
  • April 11, 2023

Tools for Recruitment

– Have you faced problems regarding finding new talent?

– How do you attract top talent to your organization?

– How do you measure the success of your talent acquisition efforts?

– What steps do you take to ensure that your company’s recruitment process is fair and unbiased?

– How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in talent acquisition?

Many of these questions are relatable to HR or recruiters.

lots of questions

Employees are one of the most critical assets in any company, and they can either make or break a business. Therefore, hiring strategies should be well-planned before implementation. However, recruiting the right talent for a company can be a challenging task so a right talent assessment tool. As a hiring manager, you need to have the right tools in your arsenal to identify, attract and retain the best candidates for your organization.

But do you know what actually recruitment tools are?  Why is it important to have the best recruitment tools for hiring? What role does tech recruiting tool plays, and are they truly the best solutions for recruitment?

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to 11 essential hiring tools that every recruiter should know. These tools will not only help you streamline your hiring process but also enable you to make better hiring decisions.

In today’s digital age, there are a plethora of recruitment tools available that can make your job easier and more efficient. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of recruitment tools!

What Are Tools For Recruitment?

Employers or hiring managers can use recruitment automated software tools to simplify the process of advertising job openings on job boards and filling vacant positions with various job descriptions. These tools aim to automate and streamline the job search for both candidates and employers, allowing companies to organize applications and communicate with interested candidates more effectively.

Tools For Recruitment

Recruiting or hiring tools have a variety of functions, including organizing and compiling applicant information, considering job descriptions, promoting job openings, tracking the application process, communicating with applicants, onboarding new employees, and recording recruiting statistics. At different stages of the recruitment process, different HR recruitment tools can help recruiters and hiring managers to streamline the process.

These tools allow HR or recruiters or hiring managers to automate manual tasks throughout the entire recruitment process to choose high-quality candidates.  Using these tools can save time and improve engagement with candidates, increasing the chances of hiring the perfect fit for the role. However, time-saving is not the only advantage of using recruitment tools!

Benefits Of The Recruitment Tools For Hiring Managers

Hiring new employees is a critical task for any organization. However, attracting active as well as passive candidates with the necessary skills and the right attitude can be challenging.

If we are talking about the benefits of the recruitment tool then we can say they are designed to eliminate extra efforts from hiring mundane tasks.  Recruitment tools have several benefits, which show how they are the best solutions for advanced recruiting.

Recruitment Tools Benefits

Let’s check, which are they and how they can help you for the recruiting new talents.

1. Save Efforts And Save Time

By automating mundane aspects of the recruiting process by using recruitment tools, talent acquisition managers can focus on company branding, communication, and building relationships with candidates. This activity saves lots of effort.

Recruitment tools save valuable time by completing tasks faster than humans. HR tools for recruitment can quickly screen resumes from the talent pool without taking extra hours and effort.

2. It Maintains Accuracy

Yes, they maintain accuracy in the whole hiring process and help to take smarter hiring decisions.  Machines and tools work more efficiently than humans, without any human error, thus enhancing productivity without mistakes.

3. It Increases Efficiency

Hiring tools increase the efficiency of the recruitment process due to their automatic features. Automation is the key here. The best recruitment automation tool to screen candidates can filter potential candidates’ resumes, ultimately improving the hiring process’s efficiency and response time.

4. It Reduces Cost Per Hire

If you can compare the cost per hire and software for recruitment cost, eventually the cost per hire may be high. Investing in recruitment tools can reduce the cost-per-hire, as it eliminates extra expenses such as having a talent pool with many resumes, thereby avoiding the need to conduct repeated phases.

Moreover, recruitment tools provide a secure database for candidate information that is protected on the cloud, ensuring the preservation of sensitive information and maintaining the talent pool for future use.


Apart from these benefits, recruitment tools can help to save time by streamlining administrative tasks, allowing recruiting professionals to spend less time on tedious data entry and screening tasks.

Using ATS Software with an intuitive interface demonstrates organizational skills and prioritization of employees, which can encourage more candidates to apply. Recruitment tools offer a secure database for candidate information, which can be backed up on the cloud. This safeguards sensitive information and maintains a talent pool for future use.

For Which Functions Tools For Recruiting Needed?

There are multiple functions, involved in recruitment. Varieties of tools are used for different kinds of functions of recruitment. Some of these tools are specifically designed to support certain parts of recruitment, while others can be used throughout the entire process.

Recruiting Tools Needed

All of them are intended to help you with the different stages of recruitment, which include:

1. Planning

The planning stage of recruitment involves whole planning regarding recruitment. It is used to identify the job vacancy, understand the role that needs to be filled, and determine how many applicants or hires are required.

2. Sourcing

Once you have a clear understanding of recruitment planning. After checking the ideal candidate profile, you can begin searching for prospective candidates. Sourcing candidates can be done by advertising the job vacancy or using headhunting techniques.

3. Analysis

In the analysis stage, you need to specify the ideal candidate qualities for the job profile, such as education, relevant experience, required technical skills, qualifications, etc.

4. Screening

After receiving a suitable number of applications, you must check the list and shortlist candidates after analysis of the candidate screening.

5. Selection

After the screening, you may get the first layer of filtered candidates. After that scheduling interviews help you to compare the candidates and select the one(s) who best match the job requirements.

6. Onboarding

Finally, after hiring, the onboarding function needs other tools for recruiting. You need to welcome your new hire(s) to the team and provide them with a comprehensive onboarding process by using onboarding software. This can include employee information, contracts, health and safety, colleague introductions, HR, job responsibilities, and more.

By utilizing the tools you can fulfill all these recruitment functions.

Explore The Different Types of Recruitment Tools

Recruiters have access to a wide range of recruitment tools that cater to specific areas of recruitment. These are the types of tools that every recruiter wanted to use.


Job portals

These are the online platforms where recruiters can find job seekers, who are actively looking for work. They can advertise their requirements and find suitable candidates.

Screening tools

These are the recruitment tools that automate the screening process by testing various attributes of the candidates such as job skills, aptitude, and personality.

Applicant tracking systems

These are the software tools that streamline the recruitment process and make it more efficient by integrating with different job boards, enabling job showcasing, facilitating hiring team collaboration, and improving the candidate experience.

LinkedIn recruiter

As a recruiter, you can easily find your candidates on LinkedIn and reach out to them via direct message or mutual connections. LinkedIn Recruiter is a valuable tool for recruiters with advanced search features, AI-based recommendations, candidate outreach, and sourcing tools.

Talent management systems

 These are the software tools that help recruiters maintain a record of new talents, track the daily activities of candidates, set reminders for that, and manage overall candidate data.

Video communication/ Interview

These are the recruitment tools that enable virtual communication between recruiters and potential candidates. This can help to schedule a virtual interview for the new candidates.

Employee onboarding tool

These software tool ensure the successful onboarding of new hires. It can help you to maintain the positive experience of the candidates.

Project Management CRM

Track the recruitment process is quite daunting. Recruiters often struggle to manage the hiring process involving multiple people and tasks using sticky notes, emails, and spreadsheets. This often results in losing track of the process, and recruiters can only achieve the bare minimum without intelligent project management tools.

Ideally, an Applicant Tracking Software like Super Recruit should cover this too.

Top 11 Recruitment Tools For Ease Of Hiring Process

Recruitment is crucial, and it’s time to prepare your toolkit. Below are the top 10 recruiting tools and software for 2022 to improve your recruitment .

#1 Super Recruit

As the name suggests, it’s Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) This is a very important as well as the most popular recruitment tool as it provides a blend of various tools. Super Recruit can help you to streamline the whole recruitment. It is cloud-based automated, ATS Software.

It is used to speed up the hiring process. Mostly used for revolutionizing the hiring process.

Super Recruit

Key Features:

– Create job descriptions

– Talent acquisition

– Job posting on different boards

– Resume screening & parsing

– Candidate filtering

– Pre-configured emails  & auto follow-ups

– Interview scheduling

– Collaboration with different assessment tools

– Report and analysis

– Smooth onboarding experience

– Real-time status regarding candidate recruitment

– Easy evaluation after the interview process

– Automated employee referral process

#2 Lever

It is a Top-Rated CRM Tool that focuses on diversity and metric-based recruiting. It provides a complete candidate relationship management platform, with deep analytics on candidate journeys and diversity.


Key Features:

– Candidate management

– Post job openings

– Interview scheduling

– Collaborative hiring

– Reporting and analytics

– Integrations

#3 Hyreo

It is a recruitment CRM with conversational AI and virtual hiring capabilities for enterprises and SMBs. It helps optimize recruitment efforts and provides a comprehensive view of the candidate journey, enabling long-term relationships with candidates.


Key Features:

– Candidate screening candidates using machine learning

– Automated interview scheduling

– Candidate communication and engagement tools

– Job posting and candidate sourcing

– Resume parsing and keyword search

– Interview feedback and candidate rating

– Collaboration and hiring workflow management

– Reporting and analytics for recruitment metrics and insights

#4 BreezyHR

An end-to-end automated software package that includes sourcing and managing candidates, scheduling emails and SMS messages, posting jobs, analyzing metrics, and skills assessments.


Key Features:

– Job posting and candidate sourcing

– Resume parsing and keyword search

– Candidate communication and engagement

– Collaborative hiring and workflow management

– Interview scheduling and video interviews

– Automated hiring workflows

– Reporting and analytics

#5 Greenhouse

This is a top-rated recruiting software that supports companies throughout the recruitment procedure from recruiting and inclusion to onboarding, CRM, and hosting events.


Key Features:

– Job Posting on different boards

– Candidate Sourcing

– Resume Parsing

– Candidate Communication

– Collaborative Hiring and Workflow Management

– Interview Scheduling and Video Interviews

– Customizable Hiring Workflows

– Reporting and Analytics

– Diversity and Inclusion Tools

– Onboarding Tools

#6 SmartRecruiters

It is a highly-rated Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment Marketing tool that helps recruiters source, market, convert, track, collaborate, evaluate, offer, and hire candidates.


Key Features:

– Automated Resume Screening

– Workflow Management

– Collaborative hiring

– Interview Scheduling

– Candidate Communication

– Customizable Hiring Workflows

– Employer Branding Tools

– API and Integrations

– Onboarding Tools

#7 LiveChat

A complete customer service platform that enables memorable chat experiences, qualifying leads, solving customer problems, and anticipating & resolving customer queries.


Key features:

– Real-time chat with website visitors

– Chatbot integration for 24/7 support

– File sharing and transfer during chats

– Canned responses for FAQs

– Chat transcripts and history

– Customer satisfaction surveys

– Multi-language support

– Integration with various CRMs

– Advanced analytics and reporting

– Customizable chat widget design options

– Mobile apps for chat agents

#8 AgoraPulse

 An all-inclusive social media management tool that enables companies to save time with publishing, reporting, monitoring, and team collaboration tools.


Key features:

– Social media scheduling and publishing

– Social media content calendar

– Social media monitoring and listening

– Social media analytics and reporting

– Social media inbox for message management across platforms

– Collaboration tools for social media teams

– CRM features for social media engagement

– Facebook apps and promotions

– Instagram comment management

– Hashtag and keyword monitoring

– User-generated content curation

#9 HackerRank

A leading technical interview platform to identify and hire developers from anywhere in the world. It serves as both a technical assessment and remote interview solution for hiring developers.


Key features:

– Coding challenges and assessments

– Role-based assessments for hiring

– Interview preparation tools and resources

– CodePair for remote technical interviews

– Library of pre-built questions and assessments

– AI-powered plagiarism detector

– Integration with Applicant Tracking Systems

– Customizable assessments and questions to align

– Analytics and reporting on candidate performance

 #10 EventBrite

 An online community of people searching for and hosting events. It serves as an excellent platform for companies to hold hiring events, job and career fairs.


Key features:

Customizable event pages for branding

– Mobile ticket scanning tools

– Automated email marketing

– Ticket sales and registration management

– Integrated payment processing

– Attendee management and reporting tools

– Social media integration and marketing tools

– Access control for events

– Multi-currency support

– Customizable event reports and analytics

– Third-party integrations with popular tools

#11 SparkHire

A top-rated video interview tool that enables live and pre-recorded video interviews, fostering collaboration and objectivity in the hiring process.


Key features:

– Video interviewing platform for the remote hiring

– One-way and live video interviews with customizable questions

– Automated interview scheduling and reminders

– Mobile app for video interviews on-the-go

– Collaboration tools for team-based hiring decisions

– Customizable branding and candidate experience

– Candidate rating and feedback system

– Interview performance analytics and reporting

– ATS Integrations for seamless recruiting workflows

– GDPR and CCPA compliance for data privacy and security


1. What Is Recruitment Software?

Recruiting tools effectively help HR and hiring managers get qualified candidates. Locating and acquiring qualified candidates. There are several categories of recruiting tools that assist with creating job postings, and listings, filtering and organizing applications administering evaluations and interviews, and expediting the onboarding process for potential hires. ATS is one of the main recruitment tools you can consider.

2. What Is ATS tool for recruitment?

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a recruitment tool that helps organizations manage their recruitment & hiring process by automating and streamlining the collection, sorting, and screening of job applications. The ATS tool makes it easier for recruiters to track and manage job applicants, job postings, and hiring-related tasks. It can also help employers stay compliant with hiring regulations by providing documentation and tracking features.

3. What is the most popular recruitment tool?

There are several popular recruitment tools used by companies, but one of the most popular is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). You can consider the Super ATS that helps automate the recruitment and hiring process, from receiving and organizing resumes to screening and tracking candidates throughout the hiring process. Many companies use ATS to streamline their recruitment & hiring processes and manage a high volume of resumes efficiently.

4. How much does employee recruitment software cost?

The cost of employee recruitment automated software can vary depending on the features and functionalities of the software, as well as the size and needs of the organization using it. Some recruitment software may be available for free, while others can cost thousands of dollars per year. There may also be additional costs for training, implementation, and support. It’s important for organizations to research and compare different recruitment software options to find one that fits their budget and requirements.

Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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