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7 Best Things About Attendance System Face Recognition To Boost Productivity

  • face recognition biometric attendance system
  • 10 min read
  • August 29, 2023

attendance system face recognition

Everyone who is reading this blog must be aware from Covid-19 situation, right?

At that time, for attendance tracking many big companies installed face recognition biometric attendance systems , and they got massive advantages from that. You can also do this, instead of using their fingerprints like before, some are using their faces to do this.

Journey of attendance system:

  • Manual attendance system- Offline mode

  • Device- Clock in – Clock out – Software

  • Clock cards -ID cards- Record attendance automatically

  • Fingerprint scanning to identify people- Biometric punching machine

  • Face detection- Recognition attendance system

After this many attendance systems are used to record the attendance of the right person, and technology that detects the person’s employee’s facial features come in role. Yes, In the last couple of years, machines that use face recognition, where the machine recognizes your face, have become really popular for companies of different sizes and types.

But why is it best? Let’s check this blog as many companies are still asking whether it’s a good idea to switch to face-recognition attendance systems or not. The answer is a definite yes, and there are the best things that prove why these new attendance systems are better than the old ones.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Face Recognition Attendance System?

face recognition system

What if the main purpose is solved by not even touching the system? – Facial recognition attendance system does the same with even more accuracy. Biometric machines that track attendance have improved a lot, making things easier and faster.

  • The facial recognition feature is a smart idea to keep people safe by avoiding physical contact.

  • Face recognition systems are used to make recording attendance really easy.

  • This facial recognition attendance system uses pictures to create a unique pattern for each person’s face, that helps for accurate attendance of employees.

  • Face recognition technology is considered one of the safest and most effective ways to do track attendance online.

Face recognition software is being used in different industries, like police work, airports, banks, government offices, and cybercrime as it is the most accurate technology to recognize faces.

Advanced Features of Face Recognition Software

feature of face recognition system

1. An Automatic System That Tracks Time

No more time-consuming hacks for attendance tracking! This system makes keeping track of time such as hours worked also there’s no need for someone to watch it all the time. This can eliminate costly mistakes to recognize the wrong person, or buddy punching.

2. A Special System That Captures Face Easily

Every face has a unique pattern, and this system records attendance data by people’s faces. It makes it faster if employees are at work or not. This is how the machine that uses face recognition for attendance works and prevents proxy attendance as well.

3. This Attendance System Face Recognition Has Access Control

The system connected with the software that recognizes faces can keep track of time and provide access control to a higher authority. You won’t have to worry about people cheating with time or pretending to be someone else with this system, it can be easily recognized with the software.

4. This System Can Be Integrated With Payroll Software

The right attendance system should be successfully integrated with the payroll software because ultimately payroll is counted as per the attendance of users. A face attendance system or attendance system face recognition helps in capturing attendance in less than a second and transferring the data to another module.

5. User Can Mark Attendance From Specific Locations

With face recognition, people can come in and go out of work from defined specific locations. Geo-fencing and Geo-tagging attendance is now possible with facial attendance tracking.


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Which Are The 7 Best Things Of Face Recognition Attendance Software For Productivity?

face recognition software for productivity

Let’s start by talking about how face recognition biometric software help you to increase the productivity of employee!

How does the face recognition attendance system work?

You can set the special system outside the office, from there actually employees enter the office. The system takes image of the worker’s face and compares them with the pictures in the special place.

If the system finds a match, it knows the worker is there. If not, it says it can’t recognize the face. This is how the face recognition system works.

The best thing about these face recognition systems is, they can tell who’s who even if an individual’s face changes.

For example, if a worker in the picture had long hair and then trimmed it off, the system can still recognize them.

There are many best things you can get from the attendance management system of facial recognition technology, check below to know more.

1. Contactless Attendance Solution For Hygiene Maintenance

In the world of previous Covid, being clean and safe is really important. Regardless of touching everything consider the system that keeps track of when people are at work, using their faces. It is actually a good idea. It’s a way to keep track of things without touching them, which is cleaner. People don’t need to touch anything to show they’re at work. This helps stop germs from spreading and makes the workforce healthier.

Contactless Attendance Solution

Instead of the old ways, where people had to touch things, fingerprints, cards, etc, this face recognition attendance system just looks at people’s faces. This makes work safer and healthier. It also helps workers feel better.

2. Seamless Integration With Other Systems

A facial recognition attendance system can be integrated with other systems such as- HRMS software, payroll software, etc. As employees’ attendance & payroll actually matters, This system should be adjusted and fitted into other software your company already uses.

seamless attendance system integration

You can change and ask to facial recognition or software provider, either is customized and can be integrated with each other. Ask them how the system works and when it works to match your needs. If a company has different places where they work, they can use a special facial recognition attendance system that uses GPS to see where workers are and track their time there.

3. No Time Wasted For Your Workforce

Saving time is the most important thing for employee productivity. When employees spend less time doing something, they can do more work, which is good.

easy attendance management system

Imagine people coming to work in the morning. They waste time to do messages to the project manager and doing morning rituals. Usually, as an HR or PM, you need to check who’s there, right? This takes up a lot of time. Thankfully, you can avoid this issue with face recognition attendance systems, and save lots of time.

4. More Workplace Security

There is a chance of minimal error whatever the attendance system is there. Only biometric and in that case, face recognition is one of the most accurate attendance systems. Additionally, we can say it is the most secure system as the data is saved in a cloud-based system. Only authenticated people can check the data so it is the most secure one.

secured attendance management system

Facial recognition technology can stop people who shouldn’t be there from coming in, even if you try to stop them. This facial recognition attendance system is used to make sure workers are who they say they are and to decide if they can come in or not. This is really important when you have valuable things or private information. That’s why this system can be used in Lockers and Private sectors for accurate data detection.

5. Enhanced Productivity

Biometric Technology ultimately increases productivity as it lessens the employee, managers, and HR executives’ efforts and saves more and more time. Since users don’t have to touch the device when using facial recognition tools, they can just relax and do the necessary work.

Keeping your team in good shape will help create a great work environment that boosts the efficiency of the employee to do more work.

productive attendance management system

You can see how well work is going by looking at the reports as you have enough time to check them all.

6. Team Presence With Increased Efficiency

Hybrid, Remote, or WFH needs accurate attendance to check how much employee works. You can immediately assign team members to specific places for facial recognition. This facial recognition can be done with mobile phones and it helps to prevent buddy clocking.

increase efficiency with attendance system

This system identifies the image identity of the employee as the employee clicks the live picture from the remote location before starting the office, it matches the database. Now, these systems identify the employee from the whole bunch of employees.

7. Money Saving with Cost Cutting

The facial recognition software on mobile helps monitor the time and attendance of field employees, as it is integrated with the HRMS Software as well. As a result, you don’t need to add high costing extra technology. There are no maintenance costs incurred.

save money with attendance management system

Using face recognition for attendance is a smart choice because it saves money as well. Also, it’s better than other methods that use special facial features. Plus, you save more money and time because the information it gives is accurate right away. The face recognition system works on its own, so people don’t have to do the work themselves.

Bottom Line

Using new technologies like face recognition attendance systems is making life better for business owners, CEOs, HR managers, and project managers as well. This attendance management system helps employees easily check in for work and also saves companies a lot of money. Actually, it’s better than using things like cards, fingerprint as well.

Other systems need a lot of maintenance and updates, but this one doesn’t. Superworks can help to install it and integrate the face recognition attendance system with the Super HRMS- attendance management system. Face recognition biometric attendance machine with the HRMS software is a good way to keep track of who’s really at work and it’s part of how things are getting better and faster in the world.

Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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