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8 Reasons to Choose HRMS Software for Successful Remote Working

  • HRMS Software
  • 10 min read
  • June 6, 2023

HRMS Software

Before starting to write the reasons to choose HRMS software for remote working, we will talk about what is remote working and why people prefer it.

86% of companies say they will continue to remote after the pandemic!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating effects on businesses of all sizes. It was like a NIGHTMARE for everyone. As a result, businesses were facing lots of challenges. Thank God, there is a “Work From Home” or “Remote” or “Hybrid” work option in the IT business world.

In this case, normal work is fine, but managing all the remote working people is not easy at all! CEO, founders, HR Management, and project manager all struggle a lot when it comes to getting proper productivity from remote working employees.

What Are The Remote Employee Work Tracking Challenges?

Remote Employee

Remote working can bring several challenges for businesses when it comes to tracking employee work & productivity. Here are some of the common problems we defined:

  • Lack of Direct Supervision

With employees working remotely, managers may find it difficult to directly supervise and monitor their work. It becomes challenging to ensure that employees are staying on task and maintaining the desired productivity levels.

  • Difficulty in Measuring Output

In remote work setups, it can be challenging to measure an employee’s output accurately. Unlike in an office environment, where managers can observe the amount and quality of work being done, remote work makes it harder to assess productivity objectively.

  • Communication and Collaboration Issues

Effective communication is crucial for remote teams. However, without face-to-face interactions, employees may face challenges in seeking clarifications, exchanging ideas, or resolving issues promptly. This can affect productivity and create delays.

  • Technology and Connectivity Issues

Remote work relies on HR Technology and of course internet connection. However, technical glitches like slow internet speeds, can disrupt employees’ workflow and lead to decreased productivity.

  • Distractions and Time management

Working remotely exposes employees to various distractions that can hamper employee productivity. It may be challenging for some employees to maintain a disciplined work routine and manage their time effectively without the structure of an office environment.

  • Employee Well-being and Motivation

Remote work can sometimes make employees feel isolated from their team, leading to decreased motivation and productivity. The lack of social interactions can impact employees’ emotional well-being.

  • Setting Clear Goals and Expectations

Remote work requires clear expectations and goals to ensure that employees understand what is expected of them. In the absence of clear guidelines, employees may face uncertainty about their responsibilities, leading to confusion and reduced productivity.

  • Ensuring Work-life Balance

Remote work can blur the boundaries between personal and professional life. Employees may find it challenging to disconnect from work, leading to burnout and decreased productivity.

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How These Challenges Can Be Solved?

To address the above challenges, businesses can implement various strategies such as using project management tools, establishing regular check-ins and communication channels, setting clear goals and expectations, etc. However, we suggest investing in HR management software.

Yes, HRMS software plays a crucial role in facilitating successful remote work.

A human resource management system enables employers to efficiently manage various day-to-day tasks associated with overseeing a remote workforce. With the choose HRMS software, employers can easily track employee attendance, work hours, task completion, and overall performance. This ensures that employees meet their goals while also taking necessary breaks and receiving adequate care and rest.


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8 Significant Reasons Choose HRMS Software Makes Remote Working Successful

HR tasks Automation

1. Administrative and HR tasks Automation

Core and Admin tasks are very important whether it is Work From Office or Remote Working. In that case, HRMS systems play a vital role in automating various administrative tasks such as leave management, payroll processing, performance management, and attendance management.

The choose HRMS software systems take care of all manual processes. It saves considerable time and effort for both employers and employees. This automation not only increases efficiency but also contributes to cost savings.

2. Workflow Streamlining

Working from home presents unique challenges in terms of maintaining a structured workflow. Easy-to-use HRMS software provides valuable tools to streamline and organize remote employees’ tasks.

With features like working hour tracking, attendance management, task distribution, progress tracking, and centralized dashboards, the human resources management software ensures that remote workers

  • Stay focused,

  • Meet deadlines, and

  • Collaborate effectively with team members.

This streamlining of workflows helps optimize productivity and time management.

3. Absence Levels Recording

Managing and reporting employee absences can be challenging in a remote work setting. Whether they are working or not, you need to check everything, you need to consider a good human resource management system.

HR management software simplifies this Process by offering self-service options for employees to request time off and providing a centralized system for managers to approve and track absences.

Additionally, HR management software enables organizations to record and analyze absence patterns, helping them identify areas where additional resources may be required and implement strategies to reduce absenteeism.

4. Attendance And Time Tracking

Choose HRMS software helps to monitor and track remote employees’ attendance and work hours. These HRMS systems ensure that

  • Employees accurately log their work hours,

  • Track breaks

  • Add them to the employee database, And

  • Notify employers of any discrepancies.

Geo-fencing and another attendance tracking definitely help in this issue.

This feature helps maintain transparency and accountability in remote work arrangements and facilitates accurate payroll management.

5. Communication And Productivity Improvement

As we checked the above challenges, Effective communication is crucial for remote teams. As they are not physically connected they need proper communication. HR software facilitates seamless communication between employers, HR managers, and remote workers.

The human resource management software provides well-defined and advanced tools that enable employers to assign tasks, review progress, provide feedback quickly, and more. With centralized communication channels and document-sharing features, it simplifies collaboration, enhances productivity, and fosters a sense of teamwork.

6. Employee Engagement Enhancement

Remote work can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation and reduced engagement. The best HR software helps address these challenges by enabling employers to monitor and improve employee engagement levels.

By providing tools for collaboration like an applicant tracking system, employee self-service portal, regular check-ins, and recognition of achievements, the human resources software helps maintain a positive and inclusive work environment. This, in turn, increases efficiency and job satisfaction among remote employees.

7. Employee Performance Monitoring

Human resources software offers features to monitor and evaluate the performance of remote workers. Employers can set up performance evaluation questionnaires, track key metrics, and provide timely feedback with performance management.

This human resource management system helps ensure that remote employees are meeting their targets and maintaining productivity levels. Recognizing top performers and rewarding them accordingly also motivates the remote workforce.

8. Feedback From Employees

To ensure continuous improvement and address challenges specific to remote work, HR management software enables organizations to gather feedback from remote employees through surveys and feedback mechanisms. This valuable input helps employers understand the concerns, satisfaction levels, needs of their remote workforce, and more.

By using the human resources management system, organizations can make informed decisions and tailor their policies and practices to better support remote workers.

By leveraging the capabilities of the best HRMS software, organizations can effectively support their remote workforce.

Ultimate Benefits of The HRMS Software for Any Kind of Business Models

Efficient Management of Remote Teams

  • Efficient Management of Remote Teams

HR management software significantly contributes to the efficient management of remote teams. The best HR software enables employers to assign tasks, track progress, and facilitate virtual team meetings and collaboration spaces.

By utilizing automated systems, remote teams can reduce costs associated with travel and other expenses, ultimately increasing profitability.

  • Improving Employee Retention

The best HRMS software helps employers ensure compliance with local and international laws related to labor, taxation, in overall payroll management. This helps avoid legal and financial penalties.

Also, when you give the right appraisal after checking performance management, giving them a proper system to track everything and choose HRMS software valuable for improving employee retention.

Additionally, this employee database-supported HRMS system helps the creation of a better work environment for remote workers, leading to increased employee engagement, motivation, and improved retention rates.

  • Employee Engagement and Wellbeing

With dispersed teams, it becomes challenging to gauge the overall mood and well-being of the workforce. HR software provides built-in surveying or employee engagement tools to understand how employees are doing.

Surveys, whether short or long, can be conducted anonymously for confidentiality. The data obtained can be linked with other metrics such as absence levels and performance management, helping identify strategic initiatives to focus on.

  • Preserving Workplace Culture Digitally

HR software solidifies the HR role in remote working by helping HR managers oversee employees regardless of their location. It facilitates the transfer of workplace culture into the virtual space. The software allows for the setup of calendars, events, and activities that were traditionally done in the office, ensuring remote workers are aware and involved. It also simplifies communication and implementation of workplace policies and expectations, preserving and reinforcing the company’s culture.

HR software is a valuable tool that enhances the efficiency, effectiveness, and overall success of remote working across various business models. By streamlining processes, automating tasks, and facilitating communication and collaboration, HR software ensures that employees and managers can stay on top of their responsibilities and work towards common goals, making remote work a rewarding experience for all parties involved.

HR Software Enables Remote Teams to Work From Anywhere

Work From Anywhere

  • With cloud-based technology for human resource management, users can connect to organizations at any time and from any location, ensuring a smooth transition from office-based to home-based work. This eliminates any downtime and allows teams to hit the ground running when shifting to remote work.

  • One of the major concerns when transitioning to remote work is how to effectively manage HR Management Tools or HR processes remotely. However, payroll and HR software provide the necessary flexibility to digitize these processes. It empowers HR professionals to carry out tasks such as hiring, onboarding, payroll management, and organizing virtual social events.

  • The human resource management software equips them with the tools to remotely hire new employees with the applicant tracking system, conduct onboarding orientations, and schedule virtual social gatherings.

  • Additionally, HR software allows for the secure storage of files and data, making it easily accessible for remote employees and enabling them to continue their tasks outside the office, especially with the aid of cloud-based software.

Opt Super HRMS for Easy Human Resource Management

The best HR software tools like Super HRMS can greatly facilitate successful remote work. The right software helps to streamline your HR processes, automate tasks, and provide real-time insights for managers to effectively monitor and track the performance of their remote workforce.

By utilizing the best HRMS, organizations in India can manage large remote teams efficiently and ensure that everyone is aligned toward common goals.

While remote work offers numerous benefits, it also presents challenges for employees, including feelings of disconnection from the company, which can impact their performance. Therefore, it is crucial to provide sufficient support to enable them to work effectively and efficiently from their homes.

Leveraging HR software is one way to support remote workers, given its capacity to address their needs and provide the necessary tools for seamless remote work.

Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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