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Why must companies upgrade their traditional attendance to real-time attendance?

  • real time attendence
  • 10 min read
  • August 22, 2023

real-time attendance

School or Business or Company, attendance is compulsory!

Businesses prefer discipline as they have to measure employee time, productivity, and business success. However, managing attendance manually or counting hours by hours is daunting, it takes too much time and expense.

traditional attendance to real-time attendance

What if working hours are not measured correctly? Do you know the consequences?

  • Wrong counting of employee presence

  • Low productivity

  • Too many working mishaps

  • Wrong salary calculation


1 wrong entry or counting makes everything wrong regarding the employee work productivity.

In this case, the importance of transparent realtime biometric attendance monitoring is understandable by offices. Only a real time attendance machine integrated with software provides valuable insights into how employees allocate their work hours. It helps to handle the diverse attendance records of employees in rotational shifts, various time zones, and geographic locations while considering flexible schedules, grace periods,on-duty authorizations, and distinct leave regulations, which presents challenges for the HR department.

The utilization of real time attendance system software becomes essential to enhance precision in attendance records and visualize the attendance data for each staff member for utmost productivity.

Let’s check how this attendance machine can be beneficial for any business. However, first of all, you need to understand what is realtime biometrics, automated attendance, and how it is different from traditional attendance.

What is Real-Time Attendance?

Attendance Management

A attendance is a process to watch the time of working students or staff members.

Realtime biometric attendance is mostly preferred to keep a record of who is in the office and who is not.

For measuring real time attendance, businesses are using biometric machine, web-based attendance login systems, SaaS & cloud-based attendance software, and many other technology-enabled software. This system uses technology that can recognize face, fingerprint, and punching card for the realtime biometric attendance.

What is a Real-Time Attendance Management System?

biometric attendance system

The real time biometric attendance system is like a web portal or software where employees can clock in and clock out to record their working hours. It helps schools and other places keep track of who’s there each day. This online system works on the Internet and can save all the information safely for further processing.

The real time attendance software is integrated with the biometric machine, to record the attendance. It even lets you sign in from your location or another of your office from a biometric machine or computer. Everyone just needs to press a button, scan fingerprint, face, or swipe card to show they’re present.

If you follow up with the attendance management software then, you can set the policy for the attendance regulation for your company.

What Is The Purpose Of Real-Time Attendance System?

attendance Graph

The primary goal of a realtime attendance system is to effectively manage the attendance of the employee, moreover, it records attendance in the company. It ensures accurate tracking of employee attendance, minimizing errors and saving time compared to manual methods.

Whether it’s through web-based software, biometric devices, or online software, the aim is to streamline attendance monitoring and correction processes.

The Purposes of the Real-Time Attendance System Are:

Keep track of student and staff attendance.

  • Record presence and absence.

  • Track working hours as clock-in and clock-out times.

  • Calculate employee pay based on days and hours worked.

  • Store attendance in attendance software.

  • Provide access control to attendance status for administrators, HR managers, and founders.

  • Store and recover attendance data efficiently.

  • Generate detailed reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

  • Minimize paperwork and reduce errors.

  • Manage ongoing activities in real time.

  • Prevent proxy attendance and data manipulation.

  • Utilize real time attendance app to map employees’ locations.

  • Enhance administrative management processes.


Want to manage employee real time attendance? – Superworks has it all!

Explore the Benefits of Real-Time Attendance Management Software and Elevate Your Efficiency and Accuracy Now!

Now, no more hassles to consider the clock-in and clock-out time of employees, just adopt a biometric attendance system to make real-time attendance successful!

An automated attendance system that uses biometrics serves the purpose of identifying individuals and recording their attendance.

By capturing multiple images of a person and storing them in a database, this system utilizes biometrics technology to differentiate between different people based on their unique facial features.

Why Companies Choose to Invest in Attendance Management Software?

Having different kinds of methods makes realtime biometric attendance system more important for your business. Attendance systems with realtime biometric machine provide features and functionalities to every business to get the best services.

Let’s check how it can help your business for more success!

1. You Can Easily Simplify Your Workflow

attendance tracking

Traditional methods of attendance tracking, such as paperwork, spreadsheets and manual record-keeping, are being replaced by automated  attendance systems such as fingerprint, face recognition & card.

These realtime company systems provide graphical views of attendance records, allowing HR managers to easily watch and analyze employee attendance.

With automated software, employees can also request time-off or leave directly, simplifying the approval process.

2. You Can Schedule Your Employee Shifts Effortlessly

Employee Shifts Effortlessly

There are multiple companies that have multiple shifts. As if there are last-minute changes to work schedules can disrupt daily operations.

Real attendance management systems help by promptly informing employees of any schedule modifications and predefined policies.

Rather than relying on emails or phone calls, the software ensures immediate updates, reducing the risk of missed messages and resulting chaos.

3. You Can Track Employee Performance Without Hassles

Employee Performance

To measure employee productivity needs first of all update of employee working hours.

Daily attendance serves as a crucial indicator of employee engagement and performance.

A decline in productivity can often be attributed to attendance issues. Late come in, not come in without informing delay the work of dependence.

Attendance software tracks clock-in/out times and workplace presence, offering HR managers a clear overview of each employee’s attendance and aiding in performance assessments.

4. It Helps To Prevent Fake Attendance

Fake Attendance

Many organizations have “Buddy punching” or fake attendance issue.

Traditional attendance tracking methods can be susceptible to manipulation.

Employees might ask colleagues to punch in or clock in from the device for them or share login credentials. A realtime attendance system with a biometric machine eliminates the possibility of fake attendance. Fingerprints or face recognition ensure accurate tracking.

5. You Can Get Clear Visibility Of Hybrid Work Arrangements

Hybrid Work Arrangements

Still, many companies prefer Work From Home as well as Work From Office methods as a hybrid model.

The post-pandemic workplace landscape has introduced hybrid work arrangements, posing challenges for attendance tracking.

Attendance management systems incorporate GPS functionality, providing accurate updates on employee locations during work hours as well. This feature ensures that employees are working from appropriate locations.

Moreover if you want to measure their productivity you can incorporate Project Management Software with Attendance Management Software to measure the progress of employees.

6. It Helps Make The Payroll Process More Efficient

Payroll Process

Accurate attendance records are necessary for precise payroll calculations.

With encompassing factors such as overtime, attendance, leaves, vacations, and more. Attendance management software streamlines this process by making employee records easily accessible, facilitating accurate payroll generation, and reducing errors.

7. It Makes Business Regulatory With Policy Compliance

Policy Compliance

Every business has its own policy and regulations. Attendance systems enable everyone to ensure payroll and compliance by tracking vacation, leave, time off, and overtime pay according to guidelines.

This automated approach reduces the risk of regulatory issues & labor allegations, allowing companies to maintain a transparent and accountable work environment.

Still, Thinking? – Conclude From Here!

Investing in realtime biometric attendance management software has become essential for businesses of all sizes. Considering these systems simplify workflow management, improve scheduling, monitor employee performance, enhance visibility in hybrid work setups, prevent attendance, streamline payroll processing, and ensure policy compliance and reporting.

By embracing this technology, companies can effectively manage their workforce and boost overall Efficiency. So don’t think much, and invest in the right technology and the right company like Superworks.

Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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