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An Outstanding Solution To Manage Workforce: Core HRMS Software

  • Superworks
  • 12 min read
  • May 28, 2024


Human resource management is important for every organization & Core HRMS is one of the essential functions of an HR department. 

HR professionals manage all core elements of HRM, including creating onboarding programs, handling recruitment, managing data, and overseeing employee exits.

While these core HR functions are essential for business success, they can be very demanding. Therefore, it’s important to focus on systems that reduce the workload of HR managers and enhance the efficiency of HR functions.

This blog will explain what is core HRMS, what core HR software does, and how to improve HR management.

What is Core HRMS?

What is Core HRMS?

Core HR refers to the basic Human Resources tasks that are common in most organizations. These include things like employee self-service, managing benefits and payroll, tracking time and attendance, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

However, what is considered “core” can differ from one organization to another based on their specific HR needs. For instance, manufacturing companies might include staff productivity as a core HR function because their business depends on efficiency.

In simple terms, the Core function of HRM means the essential functions of the HR department and the basic data collected from employees. It also refers to the software used to manage these fundamental HR tasks.

The core HR functions can be understood in 3 ways by human resource managers:

  • The admin tasks of the human resource department.

  • The basic data collected from employees.

  • The core HR software that supports important tasks and data management.


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Elements of Core HRMS Solution – Human Resource Management

Core HRMS Solution

Human resource professionals have 5 key functions, though this list can grow depending on the industry or specific needs.

Recruitment and Talent Management:

One of the main HR functions is finding and hiring the right employees. This involves sourcing candidates, screening them, and managing the hiring process. HR is also responsible for maintaining the employee database and work policies. This is the core element of HR!

Employee Lifecycle Management:

HR manages an employee’s whole lifecycle from onboarding to offboarding. Managing employees’ lifecycles is necessary for any company, from managing data, documents, training, and performance to exit.

Training and Development:

HR needs to provide training programs to help employees improve their skills. This can include classes, workshops, seminars, and conferences.

Performance Management:

Core HR helps set goals and objectives for employees, measures their performance, and provides feedback. This includes conducting performance reviews and supporting employee career development.

Compliance Management:

This element of core HR ensures the organization follows all relevant laws and regulations, such as those related to equal employment opportunities, workers’ compensation, and occupational safety and health.

What are the Functions of Core HRMS Software?

the Functions of Core HRMS Software

The core functions of HR management software can differ depending on the industry and the specific software used. Core HR software keeps essential employee information in a central database, which includes important details like team member profiles and other key employee data.

  • It includes employee information in HRMS on cloud.

  • It includes training and support documentation.

  • It has details such as employee details.

Additional Features to Consider For Core HRMS!

  • Employee Management: Choose HRMS software to streamline and automate the entire core HR workflow process.

  • Attendance Management: Simplify managing employee attendance with fully automated human resource management software, keeping everything organized and on schedule.

  • Leave Management: Manage all types of leaves (casual, sick, maternity, etc.) easily with Superworks– Leave management.

  • Document Management: Improve productivity and compliance by managing employee files and employee information with a perfect HRMS system.

  • Feeds: Stay engaged with employees by tracking lifecycle events, creating message configurations, posting greetings, and discussing topics in forums.

  • Multiple Workspaces: Create and manage multiple workspaces, add departments and positions, and stay connected from any location.

  • Help Desk Ticketing: Keep track of employee requests and issues to ensure they are resolved quickly, improving employee satisfaction.

Importance To Implement Core HR Software

Importance To Implement Core HR Software

Here are some reasons why using Core HR software is important for businesses:

– Cost Reduction

Automating core HR processes saves money on hiring and training new HR staff and reduces the need for paper records and manuals. It is almost error-free, and that saves you from extra cost.

– Higher Productivity

Automating core HR processes saves time and effort, allowing businesses to focus on more productive tasks.

– Better Employee Engagement

An employee self-service portal in core HRMS makes the management system more organized. Lets employees, view and update their HR data anytime, increasing transparency and communication with the employer, which improves engagement and retention.

– Compliance with Regulations

The core HRMS software helps businesses stay compliant with changing HR regulations by automating and tracking employee attendance, onboarding, performance evaluations, and record-keeping.

– Improved Decision-Making

Core HRMS helps management track employee data and performance, generate reports, and gain insights into the workforce. This information aids in making strategic decisions about succession planning, talent management, and career development.


What Is Core HR Processes?

The core HR process is the fundamental function of human resource management. It includes

  • Employee data management,

  • Payroll,

  • Time and attendance tracking,

  • Benefits administration,

  • Compliance with labor laws.

These processes ensure that essential HR operations run smoothly and efficiently, providing a foundation for more advanced HR activities like talent management and employee development.

What Are The Benefits Of Implementing A Core HR System?

Implementing a core HR system offers several benefits, such as cost-effectiveness, increased productivity through automation, better employee engagement with self-service options, and many more. It provides improved decision-making from comprehensive data analysis, and cost savings by reducing manual tasks and paper records. It helps to enhance compliance with regulatory requirements by automating and tracking essential HR processes.

What Are Some Of The Challenges Of Implementing A Core HRMS?

Challenges of implementing a core HRMS include:

  • The initial cost of software and training,
  • Data migration issues from old systems,
  • Resistance to change from employees,
  • Ensuring data security and privacy,
  • and the need for ongoing maintenance and updates.
Successfully addressing these challenges requires careful planning, clear communication, and dedicated resources.

What Are The 5 Core Areas Of Human Resource Management?

The five core areas of human resource management are:

  • Recruitment and Talent Management
  • Training and Development
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Performance Management
  • Compliance Management

What Are The Benefits Of An HR System?

An HR system provides numerous benefits, including proper HR processes through automation, improved accuracy, enhanced compliance, better employee engagement, and many more. These benefits lead to increased efficiency and effectiveness in managing HR functions.


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