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An Exclusive Step-By-Step Guide Over Exit Management For 2024

  • Superworks
  • 12 min read
  • April 17, 2024

Exit Management

Till the end of the time when the world will face a definitive end, switching of employees from one to another company will go on! So the departing employee will continue to follow ‘the employee exit’ procedure to join another organization. And there those employees will begin a new process of onboarding. But many keep getting confused about the Exit Management System and fail to grasp it.

Hence today, we are going to talk about Exit Management in detail! So the departing employee and many others can understand the employee exit process in greater length. So fasten your seat belts because we are taking you through an informative ride, that will go through-

  • Offboarding process

  • A full and final settlement

  • Employee exit management

  • Resignation retirement or termination

  • Exit policy in HRM and many more.

But you may have been thinking about ‘why the sudden change of mood?’ The reason behind that is quite straightforward. As an organization, we understand how much time any company has to invest in an onboarding and offboarding process. The HR department must put effort into both processes because an effortless exit management process can bring unnecessary legal and security threats. Which is why, you all just need to know what it is, and how it is done.

What Is Exit Management Or Employee Offboarding?

Exit Management Or Employee Offboarding

The thing is that many of us are completely aware of the process of onboarding. You know when someone from the HR department takes you [the new joinee] and introduces you to all of the key staff as per your job description. The introduction goes like, ‘This person is your team leader, his name’s David, and he will help you with the briefing!’

But apart from this, many are still unaware of the exit management process. The entire exit process revolves around when an employee resigns and now has been following the departing process. While leaving the organization, there’s a process that needs to be followed, just like when an employee joins the organization.

When an employee leaves your organization and moves forward respectively, they become promoters! After exit interview and all the professional processes, they carry forward all the goodwill with them. Whenever they go they will keep presenting that image of your organization that you have shown them during their departure. So, to present yourselves better in front of the world you should know the complete process of the employee exit management.

The Complete Process Of Exit Management

Here not one but multiple crucial steps are there to complete a smooth exit process in HR world, for each employee. Hence, it is important to know for both the departing employee and the HR department.

As promised, down here we are sharing an exclusive step-by-step process of exit management. So, let’s go through these actionable items for the offboarding checklist once!

1. Address The Resignation

Address The Resignation

The journey of an employee of the company begins while addressing the resignation letter of an employee. Such situations are sensitive for management and should be handled with caution. Through this, the HR management carries heavy burn to be cautious, and the initial step only will set the tone for the further departure process.

Here, in the offboarding process, the promptness of the management will take the wheel. And they will be responsible for keeping both sides [the employee and the company] beneficial. As the HR manager, the decision would be yours whether to push further for retaining the employee or move forward with the process.

2. Automating Offboarding

Automating Offboarding

You can comfortably name the offboarding process ‘a tedious one,’ because it is! This employee offboarding process unlike many others brings a pile of paperwork with it. And that huge paperwork is the reason behind tired HR Managers, after doing lots of labor work and dealing with potential complexities.

These are the reasons why there is an immediate need to automate the employee exit management process. So the transition for the departing employee can be smooth and streamlined.

  • To ensure the crucial tasks of the company are getting done efficiently.

  • To ensure a regular never-breaking consistency has been established for task completions.

  • To ensure either nullify or minimize the potential errors from the system.

  • To avoid the potential complexities of the exit process of departing employees.

  • To ensure a positive relationship among both [company & employee], or departing on a good note.


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3. Preparing A Checklist

Preparing A Checklist

Ok so the automation of the offboarding process has been done, what next? By the book, the next step would be to make an exit checklist [department-wise]. This exit checklist would consist of official login passwords, and assets [whether digital or physical]. And to the departing employee- you should return all such properties of the company to it.

As we all know confidentiality is an integral part of the company, and it’s [not to mention] unbreakable. So it is the responsibility of the departing employee to understand the importance of that! And hand all the needed assets back to the company before bidding the permanent farewell.

4. Smooth Transition Of Knowledge

Smooth Transition Of Knowledge

While doing the exit formalities of an employee one should ensure that knowledge transfer does take place smoothly. To maintain the operational continuity of the company, what is crucial, do you know the answer?

It is to complete a smooth knowledge transfer from departing employees to their upcoming successors. This step must be executed to enhance the employer brand and for improvement of the company. Because only after this only the valuable insights and expertise be retained within the organization.

5. Securing Departures: Deactivating Official Access & Recovering Equipment

Recovering Equipment

What are the security measures that we should take during an employment exit? One of the vital steps is to deactivate the official access of the existing employee to company systems and facilities promptly. So the recovered company-owned equipment can be reallocated to new employees.

But all of this process should be done easily, with caution, so there can’t be any negative image placed on the employee. Because it may spoil the relations, cut off the word-of-mouth promotions, and even risk the company data. So handle it with care.

6. Communicate Departure & Finalizing Paperwork With Other Departments

Communicate Departure

The manager of the employee who’s leaving [exit employee] should inform other departments as well, regarding the exit. So the overall seamless transitions for the organization can be ensured. This step would consist of finalizing paperwork, updating internal records, and coordinating with respective departments. All these so a smooth departure process can be maintained well.

7. Conduct Exit Interview

Conduct Exit Interview

You have probably heard about the ‘exit policy for employees‘ or ‘the employee exit policy,’ the exit interviews may top even there too! Because whenever you hear the question ‘What Is An Exit Interview?‘ Just answer ‘It is an integral part of exit management!’

These interviews give HR managers access to collect feedback about the experience with the company from the departing employee. It definitely is a valuable tool for gaining insights into organizational strengths and areas for improvement. And this would ultimately contribute to ongoing efforts to enhance the employee experience.

8. Full And Final Settlement

Full And Final Settlement

Ensuring crucial things such as full and final settlement is a crucial job of HR managers. This process involves calculating and disbursing pending dues, benefits, or reimbursements owed to the departing employee. And after this, both parties can bid a happy farewell to each other leaving no financial obligations behind.

Ensuring full and final settlement involves calculating and disbursing any pending dues, benefits, or reimbursements owed to the departing employee. This step ensures that both parties fulfill their financial obligations.

Why Choose Superworks As Your Exit Management System?

While navigating the complexities of exit management in 2024, you may have been stumbling dead ends. For that reason, you must be pretty confused while choosing a seamless and efficient solution. The best human resource management software is definitely Superworks! Many have tagged it as the best HR software & HRMS software in India!

It is made for the organization of every scale and has emerged as the ultimate software for HR team. Specifically to streamline every aspect of exit management, from automating workflows to providing insightful analytics to improve persistently. This ultimate software has been solving problems for both the sides [the company and the employee]

Secret Tip For Employee Management!

Shhh! You have to read carefully from top to bottom, because our fellow reader, we have listed all the needfuls right here. All the things that you should know as an employee and as an HR manager. Because we have seen so many organizations making horrible mistakes while conducting Exit Management. But we don’t want you to make such blunders!

So know your rights and duties as an employer and employee, and always be on the beneficial side. Keep choosing the best option and that too without damaging your image! To know more about Superworks’ service regarding the offboarding process, connect with the US!

Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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