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10 Common HR Challenges And Solutions For Dynamic & Positive Workplace

  • Workforce management
  • 10 min read
  • April 25, 2024

HR Challenges And Solutions

Many HRs have faced tough challenges, and as the business scales, it becomes more complicated! So, to make their lives better and easier, we have mentioned some common HR challenges and solutions in this article.

There are many goals of HR professionals, such as

  • Keep employee happy

  • Hire the best employee for a company

  • Manage workforce

  • Upgrade employee experience

  • Do salary on time

  • Give appropriate appraisal

and many more.

Let’s discuss all the Human resource management problems and solutions in detail and make their lives easy with solutions and technology as well.

What Are HR Challenges?

HR Challenges

HR challenges mean most of the problems HR managers face working in the company. These challenges can come from inside or outside the company, like managing employee issues, changes in laws, new technology, companies getting bigger or smaller, managing talented people, and differences in culture.

To deal with these challenges, HR needs to get the particular solutions, plan ahead, take action before problems get big, and come up with new ideas. These HR solutions help the company find, keep, train, and maintain culture, while still reaching its goals.

10 Key HR Challenges And Solutions For Your Business

Key HR Challenges And Solutions

In companies, HR challenges can be different in many ways. They can range from easy to tricky. It all depends on what the problem is and where the company is based, however some are common in every office.

Think of the HR challenges and solutions, we are here to give you a total guide. Sometimes, you might need to get help from outside, depending on what resources your company has.

1. Hiring Right Talent

Whether it’s small, medium, or large, it’s tough to attract top talent just like with pay. This is a big problem for companies that don’t have enough assets to recruit the best people aggressively. These are the global HR challenges of HR professionals in hiring new talent.

Key Challenges:

  • Not getting the proper talent for the particular position.

  • Spending a lot of time, money, and energy without any platform, is hard to find.

  • Facing tough competition from bigger companies for skilled employees.

  • Trying to hire great people while handling other HR duties.

  • Investing resources in finding top candidates, only to have them leave early or get hired by another company.

  • Maintain the rejected candidate pool for future purposes.


  • Consider different platforms to find the right candidate.

  • Think creatively about who and how you hire.

  • Improve your company’s brand value, and promote some activities to stand out.

  • Recruit directly from colleges to find new talent.

  • Use networks and social media to reach out to candidates for free.

  • Use the Applicant Tracking System or other recruitment tools for the hiring.

HR managers have to be smart when competing for top talent.

2. Maintain Work Culture

Work culture should be positive and it should be maintained. When people feel positive, they work harder and are more committed, leading to a better-performing team.

Key Challenges:

  • Make everyone feel positive.

  • Solve the employee dispute if happens.

  • Maintain employee productivity.

  • Make employee focus on their goal.


  • To make some fun events a normal part of your workplace.

  • Eventually, start activities by changing the culture.

  • Set clear standards and policies, and for that, you can use workforce management software.

  • Measure productivity, so employees know what’s expected of them.

  • Keep everyone motivated by setting weekly goals and tasks, so they stay focused and consistent in their work.

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3. Prioritize Employee Health

Mental health and resilience will be very important. However, not only mental health but physical health is also important. As work and personal life mix more, HR leaders will focus more on how employees feel and cope.

Key Challenges:

  • An employee feels sick and takes leave for that.

  • Productivity will be down because of low assets.

  • Make all the people feel good and take care of their mental health.


  • Create health campaigns.

  • Provide health insurance to all employees.

  • Organize events like Yoga, and exercise to make employees physically healthy.

  • Maintain hygiene in the office to ensure good physical health.

4. Handle Admin Core Task

There are several boring administrative tasks for employees to manage. This is one of the daunting HR challenges in 2024. Human resource managers mostly feel stuck while doing core admin tasks.

Key Challenges:

  • Manage employee data in one place.

  • Collect employees’ documents and add required data to them.

  • Maintain all the employee information in the entire employeeship period.

  • Track the employee attendance and working hours.

  • Track employee leaves for the payroll calculation.


  • HR can make a big difference by using HR software solutions technology to handle boring tasks.

  • When HR uses automation, they can spend more time helping and teaching employees with employee training software.

  • HR digital transformation helps keep HR free to work on other important activities.

  • The best HR tools and software can help to do other important core tasks such as time tracking and managing leaves.

HR experts need to bring their unique human perspective and understanding of people to the table.

5. Timely Do Payroll

Payroll is a very important part of any employee as well as a company, after all, everyone is doing a job for salary. These are the challenges faced by HR managers while doing salary.

Key Challenges:

  • To track time with proper counting for payroll.

  • Calculate exact pay as per the timing with basic pay and deductions.

  • Understand all the terms regarding payroll and do taxation for the same.

  • Pay employees on time without any errors.


  • Track employees’ time properly with the HRMS software.

  • Understand all the payroll terms while checking the glossary for the same.

  • Consider employees’ leaves with utmost HR effectiveness.

  • Pay employees on payday by adopting HR payroll software – automated technology.

6. Create More Productive Workforce

Every owner, manager, or HR wants more productivity in the organization, right? It’s been hard for many to stay productive in these strange times.

Key Challenges:

  • Make all the employees’ experience a better one.

  • Maintain employee engagement.

  • Make sure about employee learning and development.


  • Using human resource management software to keep track of how employees are doing can help them manage their time better and do better work.

  • Track their time, leaves, and projects to enhance productivity!

7. Compliance With Law

A big HR problem for companies is following all the compliance laws where they operate. This is especially hard for small HR teams if no one knows much about local labor laws.

Key Challenges:

  • Making sure all the company’s operations and hiring follow local labor laws.

  • Keeping track of all the employment laws in every place the company works.

  • Not having enough time to understand all the laws.

  • Not following laws can cause big problems for a small company.


  • Understand local employment laws.

  • Give HR time and support to learn about the laws.

  • Ask a legal expert if you have questions.

  • Check your processes to make sure everything is legal.

  • Adopt payroll software to address challenges in HR planning.

8. Employee Compensation And Benefits

Compensation and benefits are a big deal for every HR team. They’re super important to employees and affect how well they do their jobs.

Key Challenges:

  • Give perks and bonuses that make people want to work for you.

  • Figuring out how to pay people so they want to work for you.

  • Making sure your pay and benefits are good takes a lot of time and money.


  • Check what other companies pay for employee benefits.

  • Focus on what makes your company special to attract people.

  • Get creative with how you pay people, even if you can’t offer as much money.

9. Measure Employee Performance

Making sure everyone is working well is a job for both managers and HR. Managers are in charge of their teams’ work, but for giving appraisal, performance should be measured.

Key Challenges:

  • Finding out what’s going wrong and fixing their work.

  • Keeping an eye on how employees are doing to make sure the company is running smoothly.

  • Working with different parts of the company to figure out why some teams aren’t doing well and how to help others.

  • Reporting HR problems with HR statistics so they can make big decisions.

  • Watching over how well everyone works means looking at important signs, and talking honestly with managers and employees.


  • Use HRMS software like Superworks that helps track how well people work and how happy they are.

  • Learn from teams that are doing well and suggest those ideas to solve HR strategic challenges.

  • Keep talking with managers to fix problems before they get worse.

10. Handle Employee Retention For HR Challenges

Hiring employees is just the start. Keeping them for the long haul brings new problems for HR.

Key Challenges:

  • Balancing the cost of hiring new people with the risk of people leaving too soon.

  • Spending lots of time and effort on keeping employees.

  • Dealing with things like other companies hiring your employees, not enough chances to grow, lack of interest in work, and not enough pay or benefits.

  • Keeping an eye on why people are leaving and trying to fix it.


  • Keep asking employees how they feel through surveys and meetings.

  • Find a good mix of company culture, and pay, that makes people want to stay.

  • Make sure your pay is as good as other companies’ payroll.

  • Watch how many people leave and why, and change things if needed.

For most HR managers, keeping employees is their top job. Making sure everyone is happy and working well is super important for the company’s success, but it’s not easy.

Wrapping Up,

No matter what, every HR department has to face both employee and management perspectives. Handling too many tasks needs extra effort, and that’s why human resources challenging processes need appropriate solutions. Superworks understands every HR problem and gives the best solution regarding that with technology. Let’s connect for more.

Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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