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What Is An HRIS Management Software? Learn The Top Functions & Advantages

  • Workforce Management Software
  • 12 min read
  • March 5, 2024


HR managers do have many responsibilities and they have to manage more operations regarding admin tasks as well as organization and employee-related tasks!

Many feel like they’re always on call and struggling to keep up with changes in the job market. On top of that, many HR professionals say they don’t have the tools they need to do their jobs well. In this case, HRIS management software is becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

  • This system helps HR professionals with tasks like managing payroll and employee training.

  • This system organizes important information about employees, like hiring, onboarding, payroll, performance, and training, all in one place.

Get every information in this article such as, what is an HRIS, what are its functions, what are the benefits and how to get the right one.

What is an HRIS?


HRIS management software helps HR departments work more efficiently. HRIS combines HR tasks with automation & computer technology, which saves time for HR staff because they can quickly access and manage employee information.

This HRIS can also help employees work better by providing an employee self-service portal, keeping track of their time, and organizing their records neatly. It covers many aspects of HR work, making the experience of working better for everyone.

HRIS systems, sometimes called HRMS software, is an important human resource management tool for managing HR tasks.

What is HRIS Management Software?


An HRIS, which stands for Human Resources Information System, is one of the HR management software that HR professionals use to handle whole business processes regarding employee information.

HRIS keeps all the important data in one place, by reducing the need for lots of files and paperwork. This HR system helps HR teams work better by organizing and managing employee information efficiently. HRIS management software includes features like managing benefits, employee data, payroll, tracking attendance, generating reports, and allowing employees to access their own information.

What Are The Functions Of The Best HRIS System?


Most of the automated HR tools have some basic kind of functions or we can say features. Here we mentioned some of the important features, let’s check out.

1. Core HR /Admin Tasks


Core HR means the basic stuff HR does with info about employees, such as employee information and many more like:

  • Basic employee details

  • Their previous experience

  • What is their role in this company

  • Salary regarding information

This info is kept in workforce management software. Having it all in one place saves time for HR people. Employees can also update some of their own info and do things like book time off.

2. Employee Data Management


Managing employee data means collecting, sorting, and keeping track of all the information about employees. It’s a really important part of any business system and a big reason why lots of companies use the best HRMS in India.

Using this system helps companies cut down on paperwork and keeps all the info about employees organized and easy to find. Nowadays, companies are letting employees and their bosses handle some of their own info by using the ESS portal.

Using an HR system like Superworks can save HR people a lot of time – up to 2 hours for each document.


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3. Talent Sourcing And Recruitment


With good software for HR, recruiters can create profiles as it includes -an applicant tracking system. HR can use this kind of recruitment tool to write job ads, post vacancies on job sites, and manage resumes before passing them on. Many of these tasks can be done automatically using smart technology automation, making everything faster and more accurate.

Automated recruitment tools in an HR system speed up hiring. Most HR software comes with easy-to-use templates and systems for keeping track of applicants.

Managing talent is really important in today’s workplaces. Complete HR software should help with finding new talent, keeping employees happy and staying, helping them learn and grow, planning their careers, and making sure there are people ready to take over important roles if needed. Good HR software will also help you plan ahead so you don’t end up short of the skills you need.

For HR software to be complete, it needs to help with bringing new employees on board and when they leave. This includes things like paperwork, getting them set up with software, making sure they meet legal requirements, introducing them to their new team, and helping them get started with training.

4. Employee Benefits & Administration


The HRIS management software makes employees check their benefits and makes it easier for them to sign up for them when they’re allowed to. This part of the system also helps employees find out about different benefits, like medical insurance, life insurance, disability coverage, and what benefits their family members can get.

Another part of the HR system is managing employee benefits. Benefits are important parts of what employees get paid, and the HR system helps keep track of them.

Having this information available to employees saves time for the HR team. Instead of having to answer lots of questions and look up information for each employee, they can focus on more important jobs.

The HR system makes it easier to manage benefits by doing things like signing employees up automatically and keeping track of who’s allowed to get what benefits. It’s a central place where all the information about benefits is kept, and employees can easily see what they have and change it if they need to.

5. Time And Attendance Management


The HRIS – attendance management software collects information about when employees start and finish work, which is especially important for those who work shifts and need to clock in and out.

Earlier, still in some companies today, employees would write down their work hours on paper, and their boss would enter it into a system by hand. This is very very daunting and time-wasting work.

HR software makes it simple and accurate to track time and how much leave employees have taken. It also saves time for both employees and bosses – just by clicking a button on the clock, the system records hours worked.

Nowadays, in more modern workplaces, employees often use their biometric attendance, fingerprints, or a card that connects to the company’s HR system to check in and out. This is a very secure one, as it records when people arrive and leave, making it easy to spot any problems with lateness.

Employees can request time off themselves, which saves time by reducing the need for emails, phone calls, or in-person requests.

6. Employee Training & Development


As businesses change, all employees need to get better at their jobs. An HRIS management software has a learning and development part that helps find where employees need to improve and sets up training for them.

It also helps keep track of how much training costs. The HRIS management software training part helps the HR team keep tabs on employees’ qualifications and skills. It also makes it easy to send out new rules and ways of doing things. Plus, it can work with a Learning Management System (LMS) to put all the training and records in one place that’s easy to find.

This combined system lets employees see what training is available, keep track of what they’ve done, and pick courses they want to take.

7. Employee Performance Management


Performance management is very important to measure employee productivity. For the tasks like setting goals, figuring out what training someone needs, letting employees rate themselves, and doing surveys can all be done using HR software.

While it’s good to have meetings where you talk about how well someone is doing at work, some parts of performance reviews can be done by the employee alone. This can help them think honestly about how they’re doing and might make more people take part. These features save time and make things easier for you.

8. Payroll Calculations


The payroll feature in HRIS management software helps organizations pay their employees automatically by using the necessary data. Information about new employees and their contracts is put into this part of the system, sometimes along with when they’ve been working.

9. Payroll Processing


Then, at the end of the month, the payroll system figures out who needs to be paid and how much.

The HRIS system also keeps track of when people work and when they take time off. Employees can put in their own leave requests, which their boss then approves. This saves time for HR managers to focus on other important things in your business.

10. Data analytics

One big benefit of having an HRIS software system is that it helps gather and study information that can help make smart decisions based on facts.

With all the business tasks in one system, you can see everything about your employees and how well they’re doing at work. The HRIS system gives you charts, graphs, and summaries tailored to your company’s info, and you should be able to change it to fit your needs.

Top Benefits Of A Human Resource Information Systems


There are many more benefits you can get if you have installed HRIS software in your organization. Many people ( HR, employees, CEOs, managers, and many more) get the benefits of using HRIS software.

From small to big organizations especially benefit from using HRIS software. Big enterprises usually use more advanced versions to handle different HR tasks. Smaller businesses might be better off with simpler versions.

Let’s talk about some of the main benefits:

– Following Rules

Some data about employees needs to be stored to follow policies & rules. The HRIS system maintains the data of employees and then whenever anyone needs it can be directly retrieved from the system. Get the more info for identifying employees in case of problems, emergency contact details, tax ID info, and when certain certifications expire.

– Better Record Management

HRIS software keeps track of everything about employees, so it’s like having one reliable source for all personnel info.

– Time-Saving

Having all this info in one place helps keep everything accurate and saves time. Some companies still keep lots of employee data on paper, which can be slow to find and use.

– Own HR

Another advantage of HR software is that it lets employees and managers handle their own HR tasks, like updating info or asking for time off.

– Communication and Engagement

Good HRIS software might include ways for employees to talk to each other, even if they’re in different places or do different jobs.

– Happy Work Culture

When HRIS software is easy to use and gives quick access to HR info, it makes employees happier. This can improve the overall employee experience.

Moreover, complete HR software should also help with things like managing payroll, making sure everyone gets paid right and on time, and handling things like taxes and overtime pay using clear rules and formulas.

Automating payroll with HRMS software has lots of benefits and is a key part of a good HR system.

How To Choose A Human Resource Information System?

An HRIS can help make all your HR tasks easier by putting them in one place. But before you choose one, you need to figure out exactly what you need and who will use it.

Here are some things to think about:

What problem are you trying to solve? Is there a business process management? Think about what challenges you’re facing, so you can pick an HRIS that has the right features. You’ll need to know how many people will be using the HRIS systems and what kind of access they’ll need. This will help you decide how many licenses you’ll need.

Think about what you want the HRIS systems to help you achieve, like making things faster or cutting down on paperwork. How will it fit into your organization?

Remember, every company is different. Just because a certain HRIS is popular you don’t have to consider without thinking. Consider Superworks- HRMS software ( The best HRIS system/ Workforce management software) can help you to do all kind of HR operations easily and make your business smoother.

Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.


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