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Understand The Purpose Of Human Resource Management Better

  • trends in human resource management
  • 12 min read
  • April 26, 2024


Everything that exists in our lives, exists because of a definite purpose that it has to serve. Because in this world nothing exists without purpose. Even when you have a look at the world of modern tech, you can easily perceive the purpose of Human Resource Management too! Because it has! Especially for the HR managers and upper management in order to have the best business strategy for themselves!

Because the dynamics of the world have shifted in favor of technology and will stay there for an endless time. And for operating a workforce with numerous employees you will have to get your hands over great HRMS software!

So here today, we will improve our knowledge about Human Resource Management, and the purpose behind its existence! After reading this you will have a great understanding of why the role of human resource management professionals is crucial for these crucial tasks!

  • To achieve organizational goals

  • Improve job satisfaction

  • for better workforce planning

  • Talent management

  • Strategic planning

  • Employee management

  • Employee engagement

  • Employee retention

  • Employee relations

  • HR processes

  • Employee performance

PS: in the end, we are going unveil a great HRMS for YOU! So keep reading to understand the purpose of Human Resource Management for business growth!

What Is Human Resource Management?

If you go by the word meaning then you can easily understand it as some kind of management for HR professionals, but it carries more value than that! Simply put, this management is singlehandedly responsible for carrying out all the crucial tasks from recruiting to managing an organization’s employees.

The resource management [HR department] carries all the burden of creating, implementing, and overseeing all the policies devised for employee relations, for the organization’s competitive advantage.

To further break it down to an understandable point, company employees are considered the ‘human capital.’ And with other business assets, this capital also requires the utmost care! Hence, to take care of their needs, the HR department is crucial!

What Is The Purpose Of Human Resource Management?


At the beginning of the blog, do you remember we discussed things like existence and its purpose? Here, you will get to know the purpose of human resource management, because it extends far beyond mere administrative tasks. It plays a crucial, irremovable part in,

  • helping achieve organizational goals,

  • To maintain a positive work culture,

  • To ensure employee recognition,

  • To complete functional objectives,

  • To optimize workforce empowerment

  • To foster employee satisfaction and so many more.

HR department with crucial assistance from HRM tools recruits talents, nurtures them, and cultivates a happy & productive workforce for them. Because that is how an organization can walk over the path of betterment.

A well-trained, skillful, and highly competent staff is undoubtedly a crucial need for any organization. Because at the end of the day, the company’s growth is directly dependent on employee development. If employees are not efficient, then no amount of organizational objectives can be achieved efficiently.

The Importance Of Human Resource Management


Many people fail to grasp the depth of human resource management HRM, and continue to think of it as a hiring & firing job! But it’s not, rather they can easily be named as the management pillar of the company! Because their role is to keep almost all the organizational objectives and functions in check and keep them fully operational!

HR professionals manage these functional objectives of the company and keep shifting them over the path of betterment. That is why human resource management in India is trending all over the web, as it also carries the burden of improving the company culture.

After witnessing the crucial needs of human resources management, payroll management, and else, many companies are embracing this change. Hence, they want to align with these changes to bring profit packages on board!

For that reason, let us move forward and understand the Objectives and Functions of Human Resource Management.

Objectives And Functions Of Human Resource Management


One thing you can say about human resources is that it works in favor of employee benefits and is the backbone of organizational success. So without wasting even a single second, let’s delve into the key objectives and functions that make HRM indispensable:

Hiring process And Employee Retention

Keeping top talents onboard is as crucial as the sun in the day, and the same thing works for employee retention also. Hence, HR strategies have to work in that way for new employees, and the old! So keep your company culture that way, and keep motivating employees. Because that is what will ensure long-term commitment and productivity.

Employee Development

No matter whether you see the HR objectives or HRM objectives, they both are made for employee growth and skill enhancement. HRM professionals facilitate training programs, professional development opportunities, and performance evaluations in order to develop a competent workforce.

Employee Engagement For Job Satisfaction

Engaged employees are extensively important for a workplace to thrive. Because it lessens the dependency on HR departments and helps to boost teamwork. Better engagement also means to ensure a positive workspace on both terms whether it’s about personal objectives or societal objectives.

Workforce Planning And Optimization

Apart from workforce productivity, planning, and optimizing is also quite important. Because it takes a high place in the factors affecting business performance. Trends in human resource management are proving more than ever! As they conduct workforce analyses, and devise staffing strategies to ensure the right people are in the right roles at the right time.

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Human Resource Management Benefits


‘The environment of human resource management always brings benefits.’ HRM is responsible for improving employee health, employee motivation, ongoing training sessions, always helping save HR efforts and so many more. So, one thing that brings so many benefits would be too difficult to explain, if we begin explaining them point by point.

However, let us do our best to list almost all of them, in the most comprised way that can be quite easy to comprehend!

Better Focus On Organizational Goals

Even the experienced staff of HR management will find themselves lost in day-to-day activities. And the human resources department would probably face a tough time focusing on the Organizational goals. Hence, human resource management tools are the bridge, on which our HR managers can keep employees motivated, and can complete all the crucial HR functions in moments.

Foster Employee Engagement

One of the finest features of human resource management is to Evaluate employee performance and shape them accordingly. Because just going through the Employee contracts may not be enough to know your employees. For that, you have to talk to them, solve their issues, and foster employee engagement. And with these human resources benefits, you can do that.

More Productive Workspace

One principle of human resource management that is highly useful for a productive workspace is to maintain good Labor relations. With better HRM strategies, the HR team can do wonders, because now they can easily track working hours. Through this, people in HR positions get access to employee data, and with the help of that, they can manage the work of employees.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

In order to deliver exceptional customer experiences, the HRM ensures a positive work environment and empowers employees. Because the results can only be better when the employees are more motivated and satisfied with their work.

When employees receive the credit they deserve, financial compensation [which is crucial], their work goes above and beyond. So make sure you do that as it works as a boost to personnel management and ensures loyalty to the company.

Better Prepared to Manage Issues

HRM helps organizations with the necessary tools and processes to effectively address and manage various workplace issues. Furthermore, by implementing crucial measures like Human resource planning, training programs, and data management HRM will ensure you an operational and more resilient workforce.

Exceptional Corporate Culture

By going through the nature and strategic human resource management, even people who haven’t attended an HR certification institute can see how HRM plays a key role in nurturing a corporate culture. It will work in the consideration of Employment laws, and promote diversity and inclusion.

Furthermore, by implementing recognition programs, HRM will work in favor of employee motivation, and engagement, so the employees can be proud to be part of the organization’s success.

Skills And Responsibilities Of HR Manager


The skills and responsibilities of an HR team are quite necessary because there are lots of crucial streams on which they will require such skills. When you look over HR data you will notice that there are various aspects where an HR manager should hold the command and keep carrying such skills as,

  • Employee recruitment

  • Training and development

  • Employee engagement and recognition

  • Job role assignment

  • Career development

  • Labor law compliance

  • Performance management

  • Compensation and benefits

  • Onboarding and retention

  • Talent and workforce management

  • Succession planning

  • Team building

Superworks- Best HR Software

When it comes to providing the best HRMS software in India, especially the best software for HR, Superworks comes forth as the finest service provider in the game! This software will handle numerous tasks on its own like employee onboarding, talent acquisition, and legal requirements, and will help you carry out payroll free of legal issues.

All this amazingness, just so you work efficiently and get time to build the qualities of a good human resource manager. So come forth and try this amazing HR software, and help your HR team focus on the core business functions only.

Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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