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Limitations Of Attendance Sheet For Employees: Switch To Attendance Tracker

  • Superworks
  • 12 min read
  • May 3, 2024


Using attendance sheets accurately saves money and keeps everyone on the same page. However, there are some limitations of attendance sheet templates. They are not used for real-time tracking of course!

Attendance tracking isn’t just about adding “A” or “P” in sheets. Real-time attendance tracking helps with planning at work, making sure everyone gets paid correctly, and following labor laws.

Keeping track of who shows up and who doesn’t has been a thing for ages. Nowadays, you’ll see some kind of system such as attendance management software to record attendance everywhere, like at offices, hospitals, gyms, events, and training sessions.

A lot of businesses have ditched the attendance sheet for employees by switching to digital attendance manager software. This software makes it easier to manage employee time and productivity.

What Is an Attendance Sheet?


An attendance sheet is like a chart or sheet where you mark down who comes regularly, like employees. It’s important because it helps figure out how much to pay people, based on how often they’re there and if they’re late or absent.

Before, people used to write this stuff down on paper, but now HR managers mostly do it on computers. There are different ways to do it, like with Excel or Google Sheets that scan fingerprints. Lots of businesses in India still use Excel for this.

The new tech for tracking attendance is now available in the market such as software for attendance management, and other apps that are not too pricey.
So basically, an attendance sheet is a way to keep track of who’s showing up regularly, and it’s really important for paying people the right amount.

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Want to track employee attendance easily? – Check Superworks!

Superworks has multiple systems to track exact employee attendance such as punching systems, biometrics, face recognition and etc.

Measure employee attendance accurately by using Super HRMS software!

Purpose Of Attendance Tracker Or Attendance Sheet For Employees


Attendance sheets are papers that show who’s at work or any event. Their main job is to keep track of who’s there, but they can be used for different reasons too.

Here we mentioned the purpose of the attendance sheet for employees.

1. Maintain Employee Records

At work, attendance sheets show when people come in, it helps to see how well they work and if they come regularly, and note any extra hours they work. While online attendance management system can help to check the real timings of employees or students.

Bosses or HR managers might use this info to:

  • Check if people are on time.
  • Make sure people get paid right as per working hours.
  • See if being there a lot means working well.
  • Look at past info to plan schedules for the future.

2. Tracking Attendance

An attendance tracker is really important for everyone.

See if employees come enough during the year or month:

  • Encourage students to be responsible and disciplined.
  • Deal with attendance problems easily.
  • Keep records for everything.
  • Understand how attendance affects projects.

3. Marking Attendance At Events

  • If you’re planning an event like a conference or meeting.
  • You can use the info to decide how big a company event should be.
  • You can see how well your event went by checking how many people came.
  • You can figure out when most people come so you can plan future events better.

What is an Attendance Sheet Template?


An attendance sheet is like a checklist and attendance sheet format for employees where you mark down if someone showed up or not. It’s a way to keep an official record of who was there without having to start over each time or rely on handwritten notes.

Basically, you just write down the employee’s name and mark if they were present or not. The sheets can be really simple or more complicated, depending on what you need. The good ones let you easily see who’s been showing up over time.

Things Can Be Recorded In Monthly Attendance Sheet For Employees


  • Employee present time & log out time
  • Track sick leaves, paid leaves, vacation leaves, personal leaves
  • The employee’s break time
  • The presence and absence of an employee or a student
  • Marks of a student
  • Academic results of a student

Why To Keep Track of Employee Attendance?


Keeping an eye on when employees are working isn’t just for companies with offices.

Let’s see why tracking attendance matters:

  • Manage employee attendance with accuracy.
  • Spot any issues with attendance in your company.
  • Cut down on people not showing up for work.
  • Make planning vacations easier for everyone.
  • Boost employee happiness and how much work they get done by handling leave requests and approvals well.
  • Get on board with remote work.
  • Make sure everyone gets paid as per working hours.
  • See how productive your team is to plan better.
  • Decide who to hire based on how productive people are.

You can easily follow up on this:

  • When employees start and finish work each day.
  • How often do they come to work in a day, week, month, or year?
  • When they take personal days off.
  • How long their breaks are each day?
  • When they’re sick and take leave.
  • When they take vacation days.If some employees aren’t showing up to work without saying why.

Limitations of Tracking Attendance Using Employee Attendance Sheets


Using Excel to keep track of attendance has its good sides—it’s easy, cheap, and you can get to it easily.

But it’s not perfect. Here’s why:

-It Doesn’t Track Real Time

You can’t see who’s at work right now or update things as they happen because Excel doesn’t work online, you just add a day of the present.

-It Lacks Advanced Features

Excel is simple, but it doesn’t do fancy stuff like tracking employee productivity or helping with payroll.

-It’s Not Great for Automating Things

You have to put in all the info yourself, which can be a hassle, especially if you have a big team.

-It’s Hard To Control Who Changes

If lots of people can edit the sheet, mistakes can happen, and it’s tough to catch them all.

-It Can Lead To Payroll Mistakes

Mistakes in attendance records can mess up pay, and that’s a headache for everyone.

-It Doesn’t Give You Info About Productivity

You can’t easily see who’s working well and who’s not, which can make scheduling tricky.

-It’s Not Always Reliable

If someone can’t access the spreadsheet, things can get messy fast, especially if they’re working remotely. Using a proper attendance online tracker is better in the long run.

-There Is Limited Scalability

As your team grows, managing attendance in Excel becomes increasingly cumbersome. Adding new employees means updating the spreadsheet regularly, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

-It Has More Security Risks

Excel files can be vulnerable to unauthorized access and data breaches, especially if they are shared through email or stored on unsecured devices. This puts sensitive employee information at risk, such as personal details and attendance records.

-It Has Lack of Customization

Excel templates for attendance tracking may not cater to the specific needs of your organization. Customizing the spreadsheet to fit your requirements can be complex and may require advanced Excel skills, which not all users possess.

-Difficulty in Tracking Leaves

Excel lacks built-in features for managing leave requests and tracking vacation days effectively. This can lead to confusion and inconsistencies in tracking employees’ time off.

-Compliance Challenges

Excel may not meet regulatory requirements for attendance tracking and reporting in certain industries. Failing to comply with legal standards can result in penalties and legal consequences for your organization.

-Integration Limitations

Excel does not easily integrate with other business systems and workforce management software, making it challenging to streamline workflows and share data across different departments.

-Limited Reporting Capabilities

While an attendance sheet allows you to create basic reports and charts, it may not offer advanced reporting capabilities required for in-depth analysis of attendance data. This limits your ability to gain valuable insights into employee attendance patterns and trends, hindering strategic decision-making and workforce planning efforts.

Employee Attendance Tracking At Next Level With Superworks


Accurate attendance records are really important for the company. Having precise attendance records is a big deal for running things smoothly and making decisions. Attendance records can help figure out how well employees are doing. To encourage employees to come to the office, the company might give rewards. But they need good attendance records to make sure they’re fair. Rewards could be things like extra points or saying how well a student is doing in front of everyone. By keeping track of attendance, can make sure payroll works well!

Superworks offers more than just an attendance sheet for employees, and HR. It provides tools like HRMS software, attendance tracker for employees, leave management software, project management tools, payroll software, and many more things. Let’s connect!

Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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