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What Are The Best Way To Track Employee Attendance – Explore Top Solutions

  • software for hr
  • 10 min read
  • December 19, 2023


Attendance tracking is crucial whether it is in college, school, or in company.

The reason? – If people are absent a lot, it can hurt their morale and the company’s overall productivity.

As a teacher, or HR manager – you need to track the time and attendance of the employees to make it more punctual and consistent. Poor employee attendance can lead to lower productivity, less profit, and higher turnover. There are many creative ways organizations can use to improve attendance and create a dedicated and enthusiastic workforce.

Managing them well is crucial for the success of the company.

The key aspects of managing attendance are:

  • It’s management’s responsibility to keep track of your employees’ working hours while following labor laws.

  • Accurate attendance is also necessary for proper payroll, especially when it comes to overtime.

  • Effective attendance management is vital in today’s workplace to avoid legal issues and improve the organization’s efficiency.

Poor attendance management can negatively impact turnover and overall business efficiency. To maintain high productivity, it’s important to pay close attention to employees’ work hours.

What is Employee Attendance?

employee attendance

One important job of the HR department is to keep an eye on when employees come to work and when they leave. This can be known as employee attendance.

HR managers have to handle things like managing time and attendance and other important HR tasks. By doing this, the HR team makes sure that everyone follows the rules of the company.

Some companies keep track of attendance on paper while others use attendance management software do it.

For a small company with 8 to 10 employees, writing things down might work well. But in mid-sized or bigger companies with over 100 employees, keeping track of everyone’s time and time off by hand can be hard. You need to figure out the best solution to the attendance manage process.


Struggling with employee attendance tracking? – Be ready to modernize!

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What is an Employee Attendance Management System?


The attendance management system is a way to know when employees start and finish work, see who is in the office, keep track of their working hours, and plan their work.

To manage everyone’s attendance is not everyone’s cup of tea. Keeping accurate records of employee attendance is important for managing the workforce well. With software attendance management, an attendance manager can easily monitor when employees are present and how productive they are. This information helps in planning and organizing work. And that is the only purpose of the employee attendance management system.

What Is The Importance Of Employee Attendance Management In The Workplace?


Attendance is really important for both HR managers and employees. This is not only for the manager but also for the employees. When employees are on time, it helps everything run smoothly and makes the work better.

Managing employee attendance is more than just keeping track of who comes to work and who doesn’t. It’s really important for the success of the organization, and it plays a big role in a few key areas:

  • Effortless Resource Allocation

If you know who is on leave or in the office you will decide to whom you can assign tasks. This avoids problems and delays in work.

  • Increased Operational Efficiency

When employees come every day, all tasks and things run smoothly. Tasks and projects can move forward without unexpected stops.

  • Employee Fairness

If you are capable of keeping track of attendance fairly among all employees makes a good work environment. When everyone follows the same attendance rules, it’s fair for everyone.

  • Cost Control

Managing attendance helps control how much money is spent on labor charges. Fewer absences and overtime can save a lot of money. So, it can be tracked easily.

  • Compliance and Legal Obligations

In some places, strict attendance tracking is needed to follow labor laws. Not following these rules can lead to legal problems and fines.

Problems can occur in your organization if you don’t follow the perfect tracking:

  • People who are absent a lot may struggle to keep up with their work and what’s happening.

  • Other employees have to do more work, which can make them stressed and less motivated.

  • More absenteeism means less work gets done, and projects might be delayed, missing deadlines.

  • Hiring replacements or making existing employees work extra to cover for absent colleagues can increase staffing costs.

So, how can you make sure your employees come to work on time? How do you motivate them to be regular? Let’s look at a plan to make things better with employee attendance tracker software.

Different Types of Attendance Tracking- Top Solutions


Keeping track of time and attendance when employees are at work is very important for making sure everything is in order and for handling things like pay and following the rules. There are a few common ways to do this:

1. Physical Registers For Attendance

Registers For Attendance

The traditional approach involves placing a physical register at the reception area to track the attendance online of employees. It manually records their daily office-in and office-out times along with their signatures.

This is actually a free attendance management system as if you have paper and pen. While this method is simple, it can be time-consuming for HR teams to calculate total working hours manually.

It is often used in smaller setups where the volume of employees is manageable, but it may become impractical as the organization grows.

2. Online Spreadsheets For Attendance


Spreadsheets offer a flexible and familiar – online employee attendance management system. That is used to input the time-in and time-out data of employees. HR teams can easily create attendance management templates for employees to update their work hours. While this method requires manual data entry, it provides a simple and cost-effective solution for smaller businesses or those with straightforward attendance tracking needs.

3. Attendance Management System


This attendance tracking software user-friendly tech tool allows employees to mark their attendance conveniently through web and mobile applications. Consider the HRMS software with an attendance system, that not only streamlines the Process but also automatically calculates and stores working hours in a centralized database.

This not only reduces the likelihood of errors but also provides a quick and efficient way to manage employee attendance.

4. Biometric Devices


Biometric punching or face recognition systems are installed at workplace entrances. These biometric devices enhance security and accuracy by using unique physical features such as face, fingerprints, punching cards to record attendance.

As employees check in and out, these devices automatically calculate the working hours. This modern solution not only minimizes the chances of break time but also ensures reliable attendance records.

What is The Best Way To Track Employee Attendance?

Among all these methods, most of the company prefer HRMS – an online attendance tracking system for attendance management.

Using a Superworks – attendance management system is a great way to keep track of when your employees are at work.

  • They can easily mark their attendance by just clocking in.

  • The attendance system takes care of attendance recording automatically.

  • It has cool features like geo-restrictions, and IP restrictions, to make sure the information is accurate.

  • These online attendance systems also team up with payroll systems, so the attendance details are sent over for payroll without any extra effort.

  • The attendance system’s reports give a quick look at who’s at work and who’s not, making it easy to assign tasks.

Superworks – Revolutionizing Employee Attendance Management

If you want to effectively handle employee attendance Superworks – an advanced attendance management system is the final destination for you.

It can easily keep track of whether the employees are present or absent with comprehensive features and detailed attendance reports.

You can boost accountability, productivity, and employee satisfaction by having real-time visibility into attendance with all in one centralized platform.

If you require any kind of employee management problems, you can directly contact our experts.


Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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