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Effortless HR: How an Employee Record Management System Can Simplify Your Workflow

  • Human resource management.
  • 10 min read
  • December 27, 2023


Does it look easy to manage multiple documents? – data? or – record?

Perhaps by sitting chair, you don’t understand how hard or clumsy it is but people who handle employee record knows  for each and every challenge

Keeping track of employees’ records, like timesheets, payroll, and performance reviews, can be a big job for anyone. If not done well, it can cause problems. On the better side, when it comes to – proper management of your employee records it can be easy to find and manage them.

This article explains how to set up an employee record management system for managing  up to date employee records and recommends digital tools to help.

For a person, taking care of employees often means dealing with lots of paperwork. Without good employee management systems, this paperwork can turn into a mess of legal problems. A good employee record system not only follows the laws but also keeps sensitive information safe.

What Is Employee Records Management?


Employee records management means taking care of all the information about employees from the time they start to when they leave.

So that It’s also called HR document management as it involves storing, getting, and handling employee documents.

Managing employee records is an important part of employee management in a business. In simple terms, it’s about keeping all the information about employees organized and safe. In the past, people used to keep employee records by an employee or manually, which was not very efficient or easy. Now, most employee records are kept on computers. Using a special program to keep everything in one place makes it much easier- that is called cloud.

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Types of Employee Records Should Be Managed In Business

It includes,

Employee Information: It contains addresses, employee names, bank details, and emergency contacts.

Hiring Processes Records: It should have application, job descriptions, resumes, notes from interviews, job offers, and reference checks.

Medical Information: It contains such as medical records, notes from doctors, details about health disabilities, and requests for special accommodations.

History Records: History records are like records from when they were hired, information from when they started, and important HR forms.

Time & Attendance Records: These can be considered records for employee presence, employee leave, actions, etc.

Money and benefits Records: These records include timesheets, tax papers, health benefit plans, and forms for signing up for benefits.

Leave Records: This type of record including when someone asks for time off and when it’s approved.

HR Documents: This can be considered as written rules and policies.

Employee Development Records: It has added reviews of how employees are doing, documents about promotions, and records of when they move to a different role.

Agreements And Contracts Records: It like contract papers that explain what’s expected in the job, promises to keep things private, and papers that explain the rules of the company.

Safety and Security Records: The papers about safety and security training to be safe, reports about incidents, and papers about compensation if someone gets hurt at work.

How To Keep Track Of Employee Records In A Smart Way?


In the past, people used to write employee information on paper. These records include addresses, phone numbers, job details, and more. Now, with digital employee records, all this information is stored electronically, making it easy to access and manage.

However, HR faces challenges in balancing business needs. In this case, you can use the smarter way and that is- HRMS software, or employee record management software, which can also help HR handle these tasks efficiently.

Importance Of Effective Records Management System


Maintaining accurate employee records is not just a business requirement; it is a crucial aspect that plays a multifaceted role in the effective functioning of organizations.

Here’s a detailed exploration of why employee record management is important.

1. Security of Sensitive Records

Any kind of data is sensitive, and data breaching is very dangerous. In the digital age, the management of employee records involves handling sensitive personal information, including bank details, tax information, and medical documents.

This information is often governed by stringent personal data protection laws. Hence, it is necessary to store these documents securely. A robust employee records management system, especially in a digital format, offers various security features such as password protection, encryption, permission controls, and access history.

2. Legal Compliance

Employee record management is not merely a best practice but a legal compliance. There are also state and local laws specifying storage requirements.

Beyond the legal requirements, maintaining quick  and access to employee records is imperative for producing documents during regulatory compliance checks, audits, or in response to complaints or lawsuits.

These situations often come with deadlines but can be solved with management software. Digital HR management facilitates automation in categorizing and filing documents, expediting the entire records management Process. This employee record management system not only accelerates the completion of tasks but also minimizes the chances of inadvertent document destruction.

3. Efficiency Enhancement

The traditional manual method of record management involves physical paperwork. It can be time-consuming. HR managers spend more time searching for documents than responding to emails or messages.

Digital record management systems transform this process and make it easy by digitizing document storage and retrieval. With all files organized in a central digital repository, the ability to locate and retrieve documents becomes effortless.

4. Facilitating Information Sharing

Whenever the records are well managed, searching them becomes very easy. Well-organized and easily accessible digital documents promote seamless information sharing. Centralized and cloud-based human resource management ensures that employees have prompt  and access to the documents essential for their roles, preventing unnecessary duplication of work.

Furthermore, an effective document management system simplifies collaboration among team members and promotes proper employee management.

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Additional Aspects of Employee Record Management

Employee records provide a comprehensive overview of all kinds of employee data including employee information, employee training, qualifications certifications, and many more. This information is vital for industries aiming to stay compliant with regulations and maintain business competency.

The importance of employee record management extends far beyond compliance; it is intricately woven into the fabric of efficient, secure, and collaborative organizational functioning. As HR Technology advances, embracing digital solutions becomes not just a convenience but a strategic necessity for businesses aiming to thrive in the business.

Steps For Employee Record Management Procedure

best-employee record-management

Before you choose the best employee record management software such as Superworks, it’s important to plan how you’ll set it up effectively.

We’ve made a list of important steps to help you in this process:

Step 1: Make a list of all employee documents. This will create a skeleton of your human resource documentation.

Step 2: Make the access panel for the documents or records. Check, Is either everyone in the company required or just the HR department required? Also, consider how often they’ll you need to access it.

Step 3: Identify your needs and goals for record management. Figure out when employee documents expire and what events trigger them, so conclude that.

Step 4: Decide on the level of security that every different document needs. Also, determine what information should be deleted when it’s no longer needed.

Step 5: Plan how you’ll store and archive your employee records. Create strategies for storage, access, workflow, and archiving.

Step 6: Implement employee record management software in your organization. This will automate the generation of documents, access to information, and workflows.

Employee Record Management Automation To Simplify Workflow


Whenever it is a matter of employee records, it is obviously regarding the employee workflow.

An employee spends a big part of their day dealing with paperwork, and how well this information is managed can affect a workflow company’s success.

It’s crucial to share information with the right people at the right times. However, doing things manually can lead to mistakes or delays in passing on important information.

With employee record management software keep all the information in one central place. This makes it easier to find documents because the software takes care of organizing the database, systems, and physical storage.

Here are a few good things that happen when you use automated employee record management:

Lesser Risk: Using automation employee record software lowers the chances of making mistakes and helps a company follow the rules for storing and getting rid of information without needing extra tools or equipment.

Controlled Access: All the records with employee information must be kept safe. HR representatives should be the only ones who can access certain records. With HR document management system automation, it’s possible to limit access to unauthorized individuals. This includes setting permissions for things like employee benefits enrollment and performance reviews.

Automated Information Passing: When a document is added to the system, the software moves the information into the cloud and around the company. This works for passing information like employee applications, onboarding letters, payroll, and more.

More Accuracy: When the management is done with the automated software, it takes over tasks that humans used to do, and things become more accurate. In human resources, this means fewer mistakes in processes other business processes.

Employee Record Management Software

Employee Record Management Software is – an automated software or app where you can keep track of everything about all kinds of records and information of your employees, from their contact details to their job history.

This Employee Records Management Software typically includes details like contact information, hiring documents, Biometric attendance and leave records, pay details, medical history, expenses, overall performance, and training needs.

Using efficient employee record management software doesn’t just make the paperwork faster; it also keeps sensitive information safe and lowers the chance of problems for the business. This helps your leadership team make better decisions and lets your employees work more smoothly and effectively.


Keeping track of employee records is really important for how organizations work. It helps with things like managing pay, giving employees time off, following the rules, and keeping an eye on how well employees are doing their jobs.

A good employee record management systems such as Superworks doesn’t just save time and make administrative tasks easier. Considering how crucial documentation is in the staffing industry, the benefits of having a good system for managing employee records are definitely worth the effort it takes.


What software do I use to store employee records?

There are a variety of software to keep employee records, from basic spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel to human resource management systems (HRMS). An HRMS such as Superworks provides a reliable and secure method to manage the personal information of employees, including their names the, history of employment, performance records and much more.

What is an employee record management system?

A record management system for employees is a computer program that automates the storage of employee records. It ensures that all employee-related data, including personal information such as job history, reports on performance and compliance documents, are securely stored and accessible to individuals who are authorized. It aids organizations in keeping precise records, increases the security of information and adheres to the requirements of regulatory agencies.

Which software do I use for record-keeping?

The program you choose to use to keep records is based on the needs of your company. Superworks HRMS is a great option because it comes with features that meet a variety of record-keeping needs. It comes with a user-friendly interface as well as secure data storage real-time updates, and integration with payroll and HR systems. Its flexibility and strength make it the ideal solution to manage employee records.

What is an employee management software?

Employee management software includes various features to control different aspects of the employee lifecycle within an organisation. Features include onboarding, recruiting and monitoring attendance as well as monitoring performance, payroll processing, and much more. Superworks HRMS is a software for managing employees that not only records but also includes other HR functions that are essential to providing a complete method of managing your staff.


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