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Find Yourself The Best Free HRIS Software: A Simple Guide

  • Software HRIS
  • 10 min read
  • June 7, 2024
Free HRIS Software

Free HRIS Software

When you begin to count the HRIS software on your fingers, maybe you will require the assistance of at least 2-3 other people. But when you start counting the Best Free HRIS software, you may not even cross your first hand. 

For that reason, today we are going to help you through the process of choosing the Best HRIS software for your company. So you don’t have to worry about your organizational functioning, because today we are going to share the secret of finding the best free HR software for your company. Stick to the last, as the greater revelation comes in the end!

But right here, many of you may have been thinking about this HRIS free software, what is it? And how it can be beneficial for the organizations. Because you have the right to choose the best HR software solutions that can be able to be tagged as a great fit for your company.

What is Free HRIS Software?

What is Free HRIS Software?

For small businesses and even large ones, the free version of the HRIS software is coming out as highly fruitful! The reason behind that is this HRIS software solution always maintains and manages all the detailed information about the employees and further human resources-related policies.

So, in every company, where there is a dire need to store and manage lots and lots of crucial information, the role of the best free HR software solutions always comes forward. By completely eliminating the paperwork, this system has literally revolutionized the way in which modern businesses operate. So, moving forth, let’s get to know, what this actually can do for your company!

What can Free HRIS Software do for your Company?

A HRIS software free solution helps the company to do much better in terms of HR management and employee management. Apart from these two, there are numerous features of company management, where we can witness the ease of workflow and improved workability of the staff. And those features where we can see the improvement are…

  • Time and attendance tracking

  • Employee self-service portal

  • Time tracking and Time off management

  • Performance management

  • Leave management

  • Employee data management and cloud storage

  • Applicant tracking system, and many more…

Benefits of Free HRIS Software?

Benefits of Free HRIS Software

In terms of benefits, you can imagine a workspace, you won’t see the people rushing from here to there, but rather you will find the repetitive tasks diminished. Moreover, free download hris software you will find your staff [specifically HR managers & HR Generalists] well-relaxed and focused on the core functions of the company. These are the benefits of your HR software solutions.

Here, moving forward, let’s get into detail to understand the benefits of the hris software free download, which are crucially needed for any business:

Cost-Saving Advantages

So many hours of work are required when a long list of paperwork stays on the table. And for that, any business would require a whole lot of staff, whereas there are still a number of repetitive tasks such as making reports, making attendance sheets, and more in the company.

So as a person in command, you need to make some smart decisions to save your company’s funds, and for that reason,  HRIS software free comes into the picture. As it truly can automate almost every repetitive task and can reduce HR management costs.

Accessibility for Small Businesses

With the tag of ‘free version’, you can understand that almost every company can get easy access to the best free plan of the HRIS Software. So for a change, all medium and small businesses can get easy access to the best free HR features like time and attendance tracking, time management, and many more, and that too with a click only!

So, with the open source free HRIS software, you can have a more than efficient advanced free HR software without spending much money.

Ease of Use and Implementation

Just like the top HRMS Indian companies with the highest ratings like Superworks and Zoho people, many free HR software solutions are user-friendly and quite easy to set up for a small and even medium-sized company. So, you can search for them on the web, for the software that can be very beneficial for your HR processes, and somehow you will turn towards- Superworks! So give it a try!

Scalability for Growing Businesses

The ability to scale up, and long-term growth- these two are the crucial factors that every business wants to get their hands on. For that reason only, we seek a user-friendly interface, and better time-tracking software, so the employees can work with ease and the company can set its trajectory toward growth.

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How to Choose the Best Free HRIS Software?

Now, we have reached the crucial part of the blog, where we will reveal those crucial 5 steps that you should never forget while selecting an all-in-one HRIS software for a company.

Here are the steps you need to keep in mind while choosing the best free HRIS software for small business and the medium one also:

1. Evaluate Software Features

Evaluate Software Features

Identify Your Needs: List all the HR tasks and HR processes you need the software to handle. And here is a list of common features to look for including time tracking, performance management, leave management, and employee data management. Make sure you know what features you need to have in the software HRIS and payroll systems for a better workflow!

Compare Features: Different software has various different features. For that reason, you need to compare all these features to see which software best meets your needs. Like which one has a mobile app from the list and which doesn’t or whatever you need to use for your organization, you can see and compare.

2. Consider User Reviews and Feedback

User Reviews and Feedback

Read Reviews: Have a detailed look over the reviews of the people, on software review sites and forums. As well as go through the feedback from businesses working in the same niche as yours. This way you can get the best opinion for free and can have the knowledge regarding which software offers a wide range of services, and which one doesn’t.

Pay Attention to Frequent Complaints: If multiple users are highlighting the same issues over and over about the software, it’s worth considering. Because common complaints might indicate potential problems you could face.

3. Analyze Customer Support

Analyze Customer Support

Check Support Options: Good customer support is crucially important, specifically when you encounter problems. So, always look for software that offers various support channels like live chat, email, and phone support. Because most probably you may require it at some point in time!

Test the Support: Reach out to the support team with a set of questions before committing as the user. This will give you a clear idea of how responsive and helpful their support team is.

4. Assess Security and Complaince

Assess Security and Compliance

Data Protection: Employee data is crucial, and whether the free version of the software or not, the security should be ensured anyhow. So choose the HRIS software for your company that is up to the mark in terms of security.

Security Features: Look for features like data encryption, regular backups, and access controls to ensure your data is secure.

5. Try Before You Commit

Try Before You Commit

Free Trials: Many of the free HRIS software solutions always offer a trial period. So, book one for yourself and use this time to explore the software’s features and check if they are offering a user-friendly interface or not.

Pilot Test: First take the test, and implement the software in a small team or some department first. Because it would massively help in the understanding of how well it integrates with your existing systems and processes.

Case Study: How a Small Business Benefitted from Free HRIS Software

Here, let us explain the procedure, with an example:

There’s a small retail company with a staff of 50 employees. But they were facing multiple challenges before they started using HRMS payroll software in India like…

  • They were tracking employee hours manually- because of which there were lots of errors.

  • They were facing lots of difficulty managing leave requests and approvals.

  • And were consistently inefficient in tracking performance.

However, they have witnessed a drastic change when they have started using SUPERWORKS! After that, their employee’s work-life has witnessed betterment, and the workflow has been improved…

  • Employees’ time and attendance tracking has been automated, with no possibility of errors.

  • The process of leave management is streamlined, so the employees can focus on core functions.

  • The performance tracking with an easy-to-use tool named Superworks has been improved.


Hope this blog and specifically the case study on the Free HRIS software has been useful for your better understanding. And hope it has helped you to choose the best free HR software! But to be honest, in terms of payroll HRMS, you may not get any better HRIS management software than Superworks!

So, try once and find yourself saving time, free of errors, and with great employee satisfaction! Connect to more…


Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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