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4 Reasons Why HRIS and Payroll Systems Integration are Necessary For Your Business

  • Payroll Systems
  • 10 min read
  • August 2, 2023

HRIS and Payroll Systems

Let’s face it, HR management and payroll management are tough operations in any business.

As HR management includes,

  • Workforce management

  • Data management

  • Administration

  • Employee engagement

  • Employee development

and many more.

Just like this, Payroll management includes,

  • Employee attendance counting

  • Payroll data collection

  • Gross pay calculation

  • Tax & compliance calculation

  • Payroll reporting

and many more.

Anyone who would like to complete their business goal needs to simplify all these tasks. From managing employees to managing the payroll they need expertise or systems for the same. Not only managing people is the primary daunting task, but money also matters in any business. And that’s why payroll with the HRIS system is necessary.

payroll management

Integrating HRIS software with the payroll software solution looks clumsy at the initial stage, however, it will definitely be a WIN-WIN situation for you. This hack lessens the burden of HR professionals as well as CEOs & founders as well.

HR and payroll functions are tricky and integration of them is beneficial for HR managers. Let’s check if integrating the 2 systems can provide several benefits.

In this blog, you’ll learn about:

  • The processes of HRIS and payroll management

  • The benefits of best HRIS systems & payroll software integration

  • The main reasons why you should integrate human resources management system & payroll

The Main Processes Of HRIS Solution & Payroll Management

These two systems are very different still they need dependency on each other. As HRIS -or Human Resource Management System mostly handles employees and related functions. Contrary, Payroll management tools handle finance-related or payroll benefits administration functions. However, payroll actually needs the support of HR processes and it uses of Agile HRMS. However, firstly understand what processes and operations are included in both the management and then will go for the integration.

HRIS Systems:

HRIS Systems

HRIS – Human Resource Information Systems – This system is made to manage employees of the office and their data such as personal information, previous experience, benefits, and other things. HRIs system has a centralized location for all employee information and helps to manage all HR operations. Upgraded HR software has several advanced features such as – employee self-service, document management, onboarding & offboarding, leave and attendance tracking, reporting and analytics, and many more things.

Super HRMS offers all-in-one human capital management features such as talent management, employee data management, applicant tracking system, employee performance reviews management, document management, employee self-service portal, and many more.

Payroll Systems:

Payroll Systems

Paying salary is one of the major functions of payroll benefits administration. From counting the salary to running payroll is a complex operation. HR administrators mostly do payroll operations such as expense management, time tracking, payroll employee management, maintain compliance, and many other operations.

These systems are great individually, but when they are integrated with each other it will be BONANZA Offer for you! Let’s check why you should integrate HRIS and Payroll systems.

The Main Reasons For HRIS and Payroll Systems Integration

Here we mentioned some reasons why you should choose integration of HRIS and payroll.

1. It Eliminates Extra Efforts to Save Data Twice

Whenever HRIS software is installed, the employee database is managed and updated. So, if the Human Resources Information System HRIS is integrated with the payroll system, you don’t need to update all the data to payroll software small businesses as well.

Organizations can directly access employee information through the HRIS software and just do payroll operations for that. Moreover, through employee self-service features, employee data can be managed easily for human resources as well as payroll operations.

This can be a big time saver for your company and also help to reduce redundancy and mistakes.

2. Synchronize the Time and Attendance with Both Operations

To count exact salary or net pay, working hour counting is necessary. Time and attendance tracking is also an important function of workforce management. Even basic hr functions are included in HRIS software, then also includes time tracking that monitors time, days worked, sick leaves, holidays, paid time off, and unpaid leaves as well.

Payroll integration with the HRIS systems automatically synchronizes all required information whenever payroll calculation starts to count. At the end of the pay period, it ensures the calculated right salary of the employee.

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Want to get more than only HRIS ? – Get integrated HRIS & Payroll!

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3. It Easily Adds And Removes Data Of Employees

If there is no integration between HRIS and payroll, then you have to add employee information in both software solutions. It is quite daunting to either add new employees or remove them from the employee database.

Integrated payroll service provider mostly help to reduce extra efforts to add and remove employees from the system. Whenever you add an employee, it automatically adds the employee to the pay cycle as per the payroll policy such as start date, status, department, salary amount, & bank details. Similarly, it works for the employee exit.

4. It Updates Salary or Wages Change

There are many changes as per the Indian payroll rules in the compensation of the employee. Employee wage includes net pay, CTC, gross pay, variables, allowances, deductions, and bonuses of the employee as well.

Coming to the payroll service and updating their policies one by one is time-consuming, if there is an integrated system then you don’t consider every single change for your employee payroll. Now no need to update salaries one by one in employee data.

The Benefits of The Best HRIS and Payroll Systems Integration

HRIS & Payroll Software Integration

Integrating HRIS and payroll can bring significant benefits, here are some we mentioned:

  • Streamlined Employee Data Management

HRIS and payroll integration can enable saving employees in a cloud-based system and make data management easy to enter, manage and report on.

  • Data Security Enhancement

The integration mostly manages error-free data entry and that’s why it will be more accurate and increase efficiency as well.

  • Easy to Use

An integrated software solution makes the setup easy to use without any expert advice.

  • Regularized Compliance

An integrated human capital management system & payroll system can ensure payroll compliance and protect employee data.

  • Error-free Payroll with Improved Efficiency

When HR professionals use payroll & HRIS software combined, they can use automated employee data entry that reduces most of the errors and ultimately it increases efficiency.

  • Easy to Scale

The integrated solution is scalable and businesses can easily use the HR & payroll software to manage gigantic payroll and HR operations.

  • Reduced Cost

Whenever everything is automated, that actually removes the dependency to hire more people for different roles. Moreover, it helps to eliminate errors and save maximum costs for the business.

  • Customized Dashboard

Custom integration of HRIS and payroll allows for providing a customized dashboard for HR functions as well as payroll functions.

How To Choose the Best HR Software Integrated With Payroll Software?

Whenever you want to choose the HR and payroll – both software integrated, you need to consider some important factors regarding that.

Payroll software

  • Requirements

Getting the custom integration of HRIS software & Payroll software requires – crystal & clear business requirements.

  • Budget

There may be some most cost-effective – HR & payroll-integrated software solutions that are more suitable for small, medium & large enterprises.

  • Customization

Customization is very important, whenever you choose software for a specific purpose you need to consider proper customization for your organization.

  • Scalability

Every business wants to grow, and what if your software solution is not capable for big enterprises? So choose one that is well suited for scalable businesses.

Parting Thoughts,

Which business owner doesn’t want- improved efficiency? Every single businessman actually wants. Integrating HRIS software with Payroll actually helps in streamlining data management, enhancing compliance & security, error-free payroll benefits administration, and many more. Through the Super HRMS and Super Payroll- a pre-built integration – your business could match the height of success levels.

If you still have any doubts about any of the modules, let Superworks handle all your business problems.

Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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