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Welcome stress-free days with our employee compensation system!

We manage employee compensation like no one else!

Track revision cycles

Have clear and accurate visibility of all salary revisions.

Customizable salary structures

Get ready to use salary structures that can be personalized easily.

Compensation analytics

Acquire compensation analytics, reports and insights for better planning.

Compensation history

View compensation data of all employees at one place.

No payroll agonies, if you’ve Super Payroll by your side

Build happier workforce with effective compensation management

  • Smooth reimbursements

    Uploading receipts and claiming reimbursements is now smoother, quicker, and easier with Super Payroll.

    Smooth reimbursements
  • Easy data access

    Employees can view all their financial information including salary slips, tax declarations, and more.

    Easy data access
  • Plan & budget

    Effortlessly budget for several job roles while hiring & get clear picture of employee costs.

    Plan & budget
  • Empower employees

    Employees can do a lot of things on their own including investment declaration.

    Empower employees
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Start your payroll automation journey with Super Payroll

Offering power-packed features to address compensation challenges

Security deposit

Customize security deposit settings according to your company. You can fill in employee name, choose when you want to deduct the security deposit, when you want to deduct the security deposit and more.

Gratuity module

Configure gratuity settings as per your needs by selecting year, pay days, working days, and maximum gratuity amount. You also get a simple gratuity calculator for easier and quicker gratuity computation.

Advance & Arrears

Employees can easily request for advance payment from company or outside payroll. HRs can also manage payroll arrears from a single window and get them resolved without any delay or confusion.

Customize security deposit
Gratuity module
advance and arrears list
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Super Payroll- An intelligent system streamlining employee compensation in clicks.

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Simplified employee compensation for 5000+ HRs

All we do is fulfil every payroll need, small or big!

Maulik Vora CEO of Zluck solutions
Mittul Golakiya CEO of Infyom technologies
Krunal vaghasiya CEO of tatvam cloud solutions
Jatin Lathiya CEO of 16pixel
Alpesh Gediya Chapter lead of telstra India
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Quick, Easy & Clutter-free SUPERWORKS is the best app that we ever used to manage our team, It's very easy to use. The ability to view real-time resources allocation is the most loved feature in my organization.

Maulik Vora

Zluck Solutions CEO
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All in one Communication tool you need. We are not able to think of any other tool once we moved to SUPERWORKS. It made our day to day communications and project management so easy.

Mitul Golakiya

InfyOm Technologies CEO
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I think SUPERWORKS is an exciting platform with a company that has forward-thinking and built around objectives. It is very much a part of their working culture. It has been a great experience using the software developed by them. We have been using it for the last 1.5 year for our project management, and let me tell you, productivity has definitely been on a surge to growth.

Krunal Vaghasiya

Tatvam Cloud Solutions CEO
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Increasing productivity and helping us manage employees better. Keeping an eye on what the team works on has never been easier.

Jatin Lathiya

16 Pixel CEO
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I absolutely love how innovative and efficient this software has been. With a number of changes and upgrades coming our way, it has been a pleasure to understand and use this software.

Alpesh Gediya

Telstra India Chapter Lead

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