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Best ZingHR alternative

Why is Superworks the best ZingHR alternative?

Get onboard with a platform of experts that has defined new meanings for the Pre-Onboarding of your Employees. And on such terms, you are probably out there looking for a better alternative for ZingHR- Well now there is no need to look further as you got the best ZingHR Alternative - Super HRMS!

After acceptance of the offer letter comes the First day of the new hire. Here you have to familiarize the new hire with their team, and their role in the organization. Give your new hire a fine headstart, by the First day only! From the Preonboarding kit to all the necessary details, provide them the best, and make them well prepared.

Superworks Vs ZingHR

Check out how Superworks better than ZingHR!


Here are the basic features of HR and payroll software, which can be used to compare both options.

Auto scanning of resumes true true
Bulk resume uploading true true
Pre-onboarding true false
User-Friendly Interface true false
Taxation management true true
Collaborative feedback true true
Report & Analytics true true
Reminders & updates true true
Integration with other products true true
Direct uploading on social media true false
Different job boards integration true true
Customized candidate pipeline true true
Advanced resume parsing true true
Centralized candidate data true true
Applicant Tracking System true false
AI- recruitment technology false true
Instant customer support true false

Take your HR management to next level with a budget-friendly ZingHR alternative.

Unleash the power of intuitive tools with Superworks.

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Advanced features

Experience smooth & effortless solutions of HRMS Software

Applicant tracking system

The possibility of building your dream team is within reach, and not far anymore. With this super intuitive applicant tracking system, you can revolutionize the recruitment process by making it seamless & stress-free!

User-friendly interface

From the smooth & fast onboarding to the easy reimbursement, Super HRMS continues to flow seamlessly! As your friendly go-to solution platform, Super HRMS is here to improve your workforce experience, gradually.

Loan management

Manage your loans with the best loan management system in the country. Easy to use Dashboard is right there, carrying all the needed info, or if you need auto calculation, everything is just seconds away!

Better customer support

Almost no need to troubleshoot operations, and no trouble at all with our unrivaled UI & UX design. And for any possible queries, our round-the-clock Customer care is right there to assist. So reach out anytime and enjoy seamless support!

Super HRMS - A right alternative for ZingHR

greater business, and easy Hire

Highly capable applicant tracking system

User-friendly interface- for better user experience

Loan management- for better employee experience

Better customer support- for no troubles & just solutions

alternative for ZingHR

ZingHR alternative FAQs

What is the best ZingHR alternative?

To seek the best ZingHR app alternative for your company, you first need to analyze your needs and budget. And a single platform that will fit in with both the criteria, an option that is both modern and highly efficient- Superworks!

What are the ZingHR competitors?

The easy login ZingHR may have been facing competition from not one but multiple HR solutions like BambooHR, SageHR, Zoho, Superworks, and many others! But in the true sense, you should go through their features, pricing modules, and target markets. That is when you will find Superworks is the option you were looking for.

Where can I find advanced Recruiting Software?

You don’t have to go here & there to watch and compare the advanced features of recruiting software. But just have to move up, because here we have listed all the crucial features, you will require. So, go up on this page, and witness all those features you were looking for including the ZingHR payslip, here at Superworks.

What is ATS? Is it available at Superworks?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application that is utilized for automation and streamlining the recruitment process by managing job postings, collecting applicant information, and tracking candidate progress throughout the hiring workflow.

As part of its HR management suite, ZingHR Review Superworks indeed offers a comprehensive Applicant Tracking System! Through this, you can access modern features, and empower your decision-making for better hiring decisions.

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Level up with Superworks- the superior ZingHR substitute for swift hiring processes!

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