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best Peopleworks alternative

Why should you pick Superworks as the best Peopleworks alternative?

Nowadays, people have begun utilizing Project Management to revolutionize task organization and dynamic work environments. This Project Management is an advanced version, where you can organize tasks among as many people as you want, assign them to any person, track seamlessly, and accomplish perfection without any hindrance!

To accomplish the perfect completion, you can share valuable insights with specificities, as a team, and even personally through Super Chat. A platform where sharing has been made easy! Share your reviews as files as many as you want regardless of the size and format.

When you encounter challenges and seek help related to the project, administration, or system, you can generate tickets swiftly through the Help Desk! And get your highly needed help, in the least possible time, just so you can work seamlessly!

Superworks Vs Peopleworks

Compare the two platforms well, and see how one works better than another!


Here are the main features of HRMS & payroll, which can be used to compare both options.

Employee Attendance Management true true
Employee Lifecycle Management true true
All In One Dashboard true false
Employee Self-Service Portal true true
Payroll Processing true true
Project Management true false
Time Tracking true false
User-friendly Interface true false
Employee Engagement true true
Leave Management true true
Arrear And Advance Pay Management true true
Asset Management true true
PReimbursement management true true
Better UI UX Experience true false
Direct Salary Deposit true true
Employee Onboarding true true
Applicant Tracking System true false

From talent management to performance tracking get all in one in Superworks.

Discover the perfect tools as a Peopleworks alternative to drive success.

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High-Tech features

Superworks: Personalized Management System for Your Business

Streamlined Project Management

Projects serve as the cornerstone of any organization hence they should be assigned accordingly and managed efficiently among the team. For that reason, the Project Management System is designed for task assignment, tracking progress, deadline management, and seamless communication.

Personalized Social Platform

A team always needs a measure to communicate, so they can work seamlessly without any hindrance. To complete that void, we have Super Chat. From needed inputs to crucial files share without any hindrance. Here you can even star important messages, and edit them as you want.

Efficient Help Desk

Trouble will never leave your side, even in your professional life. To overcome that hindrance Superworks has a Help Desk, where you can generate a ticket and get it resolved in the meantime. The generated tickets can different categories, so the affected person can get resolved whether it's an administrative task or system-related.

Advanced Time tracking

Get a real-time visibility of the working hours of each employee. And turn your business profitable by ruling out insufficient work through Time Tracking! Eliminate the possible time wastage, and keep promoting accountability by improving the productivity multiple folds.

Superworks - A right & better alternative for Peopleworks

Easy & efficient Project Management, for a better tomorrow

Don’t wait for needed assistance, get quick solutions with the Help Desk

Enhance productivity multiple folds with efficient Time Tracking

Connect, collaborate, and conquer with Super Chat

better alternative for Peopleworks

Peopleworks alternative FAQs

What is the best Peopleworks alternative?

Peopleworks payroll is a famous option for achieving HR software because, for a long time, numerous people have been using it for the same. But to avail multiple advanced features people are more often exploring alternatives of Peopleworks HRMS, before the Peopleworks app download.

Though there may be plenty of management services available over the search feed, there is a platform where you can access the most advanced features- and that is Superworks! Try once, and you won’t require another alternative, ever!

Does Superworks have a help desk?

Yes, Superworks indeed provides a help desk from where any employee can find a resolution to their problems at the earliest! Here, an employee can raise a ticket as per their issues, so the system can address the issue on a priority basis as fast as possible!

Where can I find advanced features for Project Management System?

Projects are crucially important for any business to keep running smoothly. And for that reason, only PMS [project management system] exists. Because with many advanced features like peopleworks employee self service, you can achieve high efficiency in work and better results.

And in terms of getting all such great advanced features, you should visit Superworks! It has all the resolve for your every query and every HR solution you need for your business!

Can I get time tracking in Superworks?

Yes, compared to peopleworks HR, Superworks have it onboard! Because the work navigation is the next and needed step forward in terms of work productivity. The tracked time will always help the employees for better time management, and further planning regarding the next projects.

Such highly organized work schedules of the employees would boost productivity and would have the capacity to turn any business profitable!

How to find Peopleworks alternatives?

Not one, but there are multiple ways to explore the better options in terms of getting the best Peopleworks login alternative for yourself! You can do your research online by comparing features, study reviews, and even request free demos from the HRMS service providers.

And at last, your research probably would narrow up to a single option and that is not peopleworks payroll human resources, but rather Superworks! Because it is the right and most convenient option for you!

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Superworks- better Peopleworks alternative

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