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Award-Bagdes High Performer Superworks Ranked #5 as a High Performer in Category Asia Winter 2024 !

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best FactoHR alternative

Why is Superworks the best FactoHR alternative?

Leaving your team with lots of work, and no Help Desk is not justice to them. Get the latest help desk onboard, so they can generate tickets and achieve resolves without hindrance. But some problems could be more technical and require immediate support. Let them reach us for Instant customer support.

Let them connect, communicate, and unify through Super Chat for the better and greater good of the organization instead of clicking in over FactoHR attendance. Let your team notify for real-time instant alerts for seamless internal communication and easy document sharing.

Superworks Vs FactoHR

Feature comparison of HRMS software , get the best one!


Look over the main features of HRMS Software, and easily compare both.

Auto scanning of resumes true true
Bulk resume uploading true true
Pre-onboarding true true
Social true false
Help Desk true false
Talent pool true false
Report & Analytics true true
Reminders & updates true true
Integration with other products true true
Direct uploading on social media true true
Shift Management true false
Different job boards integration true true
Customized candidate pipeline true true
Advanced resume parsing true true
Centralized candidate data true true
Referral List true false
Instant customer support true false
Junk pool true false

Experience HR management made simple by cost-effective FactoHR alternative.

Unlock innovative features to streamline HR processes with Superworks.

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Advanced features

Switch to Superworks from FactoHR and upgrade your Business.

Talent pool

Secure the database of candidates right up your sleeve! With Talent Pool never miss out on any job candidates who have the potential to meet an organization's immediate and long-term needs! So keep empowering your hiring team for efficient & effective hiring!

Help Desk

Speed up your support response time with Super HRMS, and improve your employee satisfaction multiple folds. Help Desk is for quick solutions, so no problem can be there for long! Raise tickets, get real-time updates, resolve issues, and never let go of any problem unnoticed.

Junk pool

To manage rejected candidates, that can be a greater fit for your company in upcoming future. With Junk Pool, you can save those numerous employees in your database for the next time. Saving you lots of time, effort, and persistent repetition.

Super Chat

To sustain better through & through communication between the team. With Super Chat, unify the team effort and channel it towards the path of accomplishment. Communicate better, with easy document sharing, and effective message prioritization, and stay up-to-date with real-time notifications.!

Superworks - A right & better alternative for FactoHR

Easy & efficient hire, for a better tomorrow

Never wait to get help, get quick solutions

Manage greater fit candidates better with Junk Pool

Communicate, collaborate, and conquer with Super Chat

Super HRMS

FactoHR alternative FAQs

What is the best FactoHR alternative?

FactoHR is known for its automated HR operations which are quite useful for HR to seek talents. But at times when such features are not enough, and you require a much more advanced, more efficient, and superior solution [rather than a basic FactoHR employee login over factoHR portal], you should try Superworks- The best FacrtoHR Alternative.

What are the FactoHR competitors?

GreytHR, Zoho People, Qandle, BambooHR, Keka HR, Pocket HRMS, Kredily, the list can go on & on when you have searched for the competitors, before FactoHR login. However, when you begin to have a detailed analysis, in terms of features, pricing [even compared to FactoHR pricing], and better customer support, there will always be one option rather than FactoHR HR payroll software – Superworks!

What is a talent pool meaning?

As an HR when you are seeking the best talents for your company, you go through multiple job candidates. This talent pool is the database of such candidates, who have the potential for your company’s immediate & long-term needs. And unlike other platforms, you can easily access that at Superworks!

What is Help Desk? Is it available at Superworks?

You can easily perceive the help desk as the platform helping businesses provide immediate technical support to their employees! Employees can easily generate tickets regarding their problems, and get them resolved for their the same at lightning speed.

One can easily track the status of their generated tickets, and get timely updates for the same. And here the task of factoHR app download won’t suffice your request as such a feature is available and accessible for all in Superworks!

Do I get Chat feature in Superworks?

Yes, you surely can get the chat feature in Superworks. Because of this, you can seamlessly communicate with your team, and accomplish tasks like never before. And you can share even the largest files, without any concern of failure, regardless of type, size, and distance.

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Superworks- better FactoHR alternative

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