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Collective Dashboard With Recruitment Data Visualization

Job Requisition

Job Posting and Candidate Sourcing

Resume Parsing

Applicant Tracking

Collaboration and Communication

Employee Evaluation

Configurable Job Templates

Hiring Pipeline


Schedule Interview

Integration - Google Meet, Zoom, Google Calendar

Notifications & Email Alerts to Candidate, Recruiter, Interviewer

Share Candidate Resume Publicly

Screening Questions

Skill Master

Analytics and Reporting

Advanced Access Level & Employee Permissions


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What is Super Recruit?

Super Recruit is Recruitment software, also known as applicant tracking system (ATS), a type of software designed to help organizations streamline and manage their recruitment processes. Super Recruit has features:

  • Automate and centralize the sourcing, screening & hiring process.
  • Provide all processes on automation from job posting to onboarding employees.
  • It has various features like candidate tracking, interview scheduling, job posting distribution, & analytics as well.

By checking Superworks staffing software prices, and availing Super Recruit, organizations can save time and effort, improve the quality of their hires, and enhance their overall recruitment strategies.

Why do companies use Super Recruit?

Companies use Super Recruit- applicant tracking systems (ATS), to streamline and manage their recruitment processes. As, Super Recruit helps to automate tasks such as posting job ads, screening resumes, and scheduling interviews, saving recruiters’ efforts, time, and resources.

By making available affordable ats software cost plans, Super Recruit can also help organizations to reduce recruitment costs by automating many of the recruitment processes.

What are the top benefits of using Super Recruit?

Here are the benefits of using Super Recruit in bullet points:

  • Improved quality of hires through data analytics
  • Increased efficiency in recruitment processes
  • Enhanced candidate experience with timely feedback
  • Reduced recruitment costs by automating tasks
  • Better compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

These benefits can help organizations build a more efficient and effective recruitment strategy that results in better quality hires, reduced applicant tracking system cost, and a positive candidate experience.

Which companies can use Super Recruit?

Super Recruit can be used by companies of all sizes and industries, from small businesses to large enterprises. Any company that has a recruitment process can benefit from using Super Recruit. It can help organizations to streamline their recruitment processes, improve the quality of hires, enhance the candidate experience, and reduce recruitment costs.

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