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16 Unique Features: Attendance Portal Explained In The Detail

  • Superworks
  • 12 min read
  • May 16, 2024


‘How long can one waste time doing present and absent in their workspace?’ We don’t understand because…

When your company has more employees than fingers in your hand, you need an Attendance Portal. Because you simply can not track their attendance manually by going into their attendance sheets and cross-checking with your HR. Or even if you can do that, when will you focus on the core company functions?

Because either you and your HR managers can do attendance management or crucially core business work! So what will be the solution then? How can you solve this common problem that you just have to face on a daily basis?

It can easily be done with Superworks! Because it is one of the finest Attendance Management Software you can find countrywide. But we can be so sure about the Supeworks being our only solution for solving our issues of attendance management? This with various other frequently asked questions of this Attendance Portal will be answered today!

So, read it to the end, because today we are going to leave queries of yours behind for attendance management system! Starting now, we are going to explain all the features of Superworks’ attendance portal, so you all can understand it in the easiest way possible.

What Is Attendance Portal?

What Is Attendance Portal

In the most basic format, it helps the organization to count how many employees are present today, this week, month, and year. And on the basis of that [and many other factors], organizations pay them accordingly.

Because they have to be sure if a particular employee was present or not! Or if they have completed their daily assigned hours or not! And in those particular assigned hours, they have worked properly or not! However, it is hardly possible when you do that manually, right?

How long will you follow, and track your employees’ work, and how many more people do you have to hire to accomplish all that work? Quite confusing, right? We know! But when you can access the automation to accomplish such a task, that will cost you nothing compared to those extra employees you had to hire to manage attendance. How will you react then?

How Attendance Portal Works?

How Attendance Portal Works

After installing this Attendance Management Software in your organization, your HR can just take the back seat. Because this HR software in India will be going to manage all the attendance by itself! After leaving Superworks’ attendance online system portal in action,

  • You will get Accurate attendance insights – Know when your employee biometric attendance have clocked in, their break time, and their absence effortlessly.
  • Quick attendance calculation– Your HRs will be able to count the attendance in the Attendance Portal of the whole staff [no matter how many] in less than a minute.
  • Multiple clocks in and out methods– Get multiple options for the clock-in method! From web clocking to mobile even you can do it from the desktop at your convenience. If you want to choose Biometric attendance punching, face clock-in & out, geo-tagging, and fingerprint attendance  more.
  • Know the real-time employee status report– With Superworks, knowing each and every ongoing task of the employees is a breeze.
  • In terms of working/Non-working days– You are in command! You can change the working day to a nonworking one, and otherwise, in a single click.
  • You get the shift scheduler access– In just a couple of steps, you can edit your shift policy with this shift scheduler.
  • Create as many shift schedules as you want– It is completely up to you, as you can create the ‘n’ number of shifts and define weekends as per your convenience.

Up until now, you would have a decent idea of how this Attendance portal can be the best for your workforce. So, now let’s go through the features you are going to get on your dashboard of this excellent HRMS software.

16 unique Features Of Attendance Portal

16 unique Features Of Attendance Portal

1. My Attendance

In ‘my attendance’ the employee can access all the detailed information about their current and previous attendance format. And not just for the past couple of months, but they can see their attendance in the Attendance Portal for years since they were in the organization. Other than that, your employees will be able to access…

  • Actual Working Time

  • Payroll Present Days

  • On Leave

  • Paid Leave

  • Unpaid Leave

  • Hourly Paid Leave

  • Hourly Unpaid Leave

  • Clock IN

  • Clock OUT

  • Total Time

  • On Duty Time

  • Break Hours

  • Productive Hours

  • Extra Time

  • And their shift

Furthermore, those employees can be late, missed attendance, or forget to clock in or out, right? For that reason, they can even place a request with placing the reason in it.

2. My Attendance Report

In this feature, all the information of every individual employee is given right of the dashboard. From clock-in to break time and even the total hours, you can see all of them right there. And moving further, even the list of tasks can be seen right here in the report section.

There can be times when the employee can forget to start their timer for a particular task, and even so, they can manually from here. All these can be easily turned into reports that you can download with a single click.

3. My Attendance Requests

In some unfavorable situations, when the employee either forgets to update the clock in, out, or break time or cannot do it, they can place requests. And the authorized person can choose to approve or decline, as per the conditions. And over this dashboard, the employee will be able to see their current and previous attendance requests.

4. My Shift Change Requests

There can be times when an employee would require a shift change for a day or more [only if they allow it, and have multiple shifts]. We totally understand that, so for that reason, they can place personalized requests for a shift change. Like for how many days, weeks, or months they want it, and which specific shift they want to work into.

5. My On Duty Request

From this section, the employee can get the freedom to apply for a Duty request as per the different circumstances. The employee can apply for the duty request of past, present, and future. Furthermore, the request can be made with specifications as per the day, like

  • On duty request- 25th Feb- 1st half

  • On duty request- 28th Feb- 2nd half

  • On duty request- 29th Feb- full day

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No more struggles to manage the attendance sheets!

Simplify your attendance management and continue to instill efficiencies only! Because with Superworks you can!

Problem solver for your troubles with attendance management- Superworks!

6. My Late In

Suppose you have specified a particular time [eg. 10 am], and every employee should have to come before that. In that case, employees doing the clock at 10:05 will be considered late. So all those late-ins will be counted here and will be accessible for years. So the employee can see them, even after years, and download them is the sheet.

7. My Early Out

For a shift having 8 hours, the employee has left working 7 hours with permission, then it will also be counted in this HRMS software. The next day a request will pop up on the HRMS software, displaying ‘1 hour remains to settle.’ But of course, all these will require authorization from the respective organization. And it is customizable as per the individual company policy.

These were the features benefiting employees and from the section below they are to benefit employers.

8. Employee Attendance

Here the authorized person can access the attendance of every employee [whether they are present or absent], their working hours, tracked time, break hours, and all the mentioned details in the ‘My attendance’ section.

9. Employee Status Report

As we mentioned above in the ‘My attendance report’ section, all the details of each employee would be accessible to the authorized person. And they can have a personalized view over those status reports, by selecting any specific employee. Also not to mention, they can download reports of [selected and all] employee status with a single click.

10. Monthly Attendance

A clean and clear chart of attendance [like in the Attendance Portal] can easily accessed here, where the attendance sheet of all the fellow employees would be directly visible. The employer, manager, and team lead can have a detailed view of the attendance sheet and easily download it as per their need.

11. Attendance Regularization

In this section, every employee request for a time update will be displayed here. For example, Rahul came at 9:50 am, but for some valid reason, he couldn’t clock in till 10:10 am. In this case, he can submit his attendance regularization request, and once granted, his clock-in time will be updated to 9:50 am.

So that can be a good relief for the employee who has missed his/her clock in or out for some valid reason. Plus the authorized person can check all the requests like for the current and the previous ones too!

12. Shift Change Requests

Here in this employer section of ‘shift change request’ all the employee requests for the shift change will be displayed here. And it’s up to them to grant or reject the employee’s request. But more than that, the authorized person can see all the current and previous employee requests department-specific.

13. Employee on Duty Request

Here on this side, the employer and the authorized persons can see their specific employee on duty requests, as explained above. And here on the dashboard, they can grant and reject as many requests as they want.

14. Employee Early Out

You have seen the employee’s early out request right above, as we have explained it quite in detail. So, here in this section, all such requests will be displayed for the authorized person. And over that, he can choose to accept or reject as per the circumstances.

Moreover, the authorized person will also have the knowledge about how many employees have their previous early out remained, and not completed., in the same months. Because if one is taking half an hour today [eg. 7th Feb] then he/she or has to complete in the same month only.

15. Employee Late in

How many employees were unable to reach the office on the given time, and were late whether for 5 minutes or half an hour. All such details will be displayed here, in the section of ‘Employee late in,’ which would be exclusively available for the authorized person only.

16. Absent/Present

In this feature, the employer and all the authorized persons can have a detailed knowledge of the people who are either absent or present. And that doesn’t just for today but also applies to the previous days, months, and years.

Best Attendance Portal- Superworks

Best Attendance Portal- Superworks

So, here we have explained all the features you can get with the attendance portal. And still, there are many more remained like the integration of the employee online attendance system to payroll.

For that reason and many others, people are consistently choosing Superworks as the best workforce management software for their organizations. So, book a demo and explore yourself, because even your organization deserves better management software.

Stay tuned to get knowledge of many more of Superworks’ highly efficient features…

[as we have so many of them]…

Superworks- For Efficient management.


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The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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