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5 Important Tips To Choose The Right HR and Payroll Systems For Your Business

  • payroll software for india
  • 10 min read
  • July 24, 2023

hr and payroll systems

It would be a serious mistake if you still prefer to stick to old and traditional methods for HR and payroll operations, such as,

  • Adding information on paper
  • Maintain spreadsheet for employee data
  • Do salary calculation manually
  • Count working days & hours

and many more!

Some small businesses still consider doing operations manually without using any HR Technology.

However, upgrading yourself with time helps to succeed in fulfilling your goal with ROCKET SPEED ?!

payroll software

In the past many businesses have taken a traditional approach by adopting the old, boring, daunting methods for HR and payroll processes- However, they didn’t know about the digital transformation through the HR and payroll systems they will get.

This is a one-sided benefit, moreover, if you integrate human capital management solutions with payroll company, then it helps you and your team to save more than 50% of the time from unnecessary tedious tasks. You can get maximum from the integrated version of HR and payroll software.

Let’s check, how! This blog is regarding choosing the best HR and payroll software for your business, before that we will understand features and benefits.

What is an HR and Payroll Software Solution?

hr and payroll software

HR and payroll solution are designed to streamline HR and payroll operations with automated processes.

This system takes every required thing into a single platform, making it easier for businesses to manage their workforce and handle payroll-related operations efficiently.

There are multiple ways you can involve technology in your business, HRMS- Human Resource Management System & payroll- Software as a service is one of the technologies that solve all your HR and payroll problems in just a few minutes.

Features of HR & Payroll System That You Need To Know

HR and payroll solutions are meant to solve most of the business and system process-related challenges. Here are the most reckoned features of HR and payroll software that you need to know before purchasing.

Here we mentioned some of the main features of HR software:

features of payroll software

1. Leave and Attendance Management

Time tracking is one of the crucial functions of any business, and it measures any employee’s working time and productivity. Any HRMS should have real-time tracking to maintain fair HR and payroll processes for utmost employee satisfaction.

2. All-in-one Admin Dashboard

When things are scattered, the process can’t be easily streamlined. In this case, all in one combined dashboard where – from clock-in time to clock-out time, employee policies, attendance, leaves, and module links are mentioned.

3. Automated Employee Records

The HR department has to maintain all your employee’s personal details or employee records along with salary details, bank details, emergency phone numbers, experience, education details, and many more things.

4. Workforce Management

Whether it is 10 employees or 100 employees managing all your employees easily won’t be possible without automation software. From their employee data to their payroll information need to manage properly, and this is very crucial. Employee directory, employee dashboard, and document management are functions under employee management.

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5. Expense Reimbursements

If there is business, then there can be client meetings, sales events, and many other things. Reimbursements such as travel expenses, meal allowances, professional development expenses, communication expenses, office device expenses, and health expenses can be covered under the reimbursement policy.

These expenses are typically related to work-related activities and are authorized and approved by the company’s policies and procedures, and can be handled by reimbursement.

6. Employee Onboarding & Exit

Employee onboarding and exit management are two crucial features of any company, it helps to streamline the welcoming process after successful talent management and relieving process before exiting the employee.

There are several HR operations such as offer letter generation, welcome letter, orientation, and FNF settlement, and these all things can be managed with HRMS.

The main features of basic payroll management software:

payroll management software

1. Automated Payroll Processing

Payroll software enables your businesses to automate the whole payroll in HR management and provide a completed payroll in just a few clicks. Payroll software taxes, and deductions, generating pay stubs, and processing direct deposit payments.

2. Employee Self-service

One of the important functions for employees to add their salary details, check their payroll cycle, and download pay slips is the employee self-service portal. The employee self-service portal is also integrated with the human capital management solution, so the employee can add their personal details.

3. Tax Filing & Statutory Compliance

Payroll software helps to merge payroll taxes and compliances into the payroll service, so the HR manager doesn’t need to worry about future penalties and fines from government agencies. Other than payroll software small business automatically calculates the payroll, it enables businesses to focus more on local laws.

4. Loan Management System

Leave the manual loan system from the bank behind, now you can directly take from your company through the payroll portal. Through the employee self-service portal, employees can fill in the details and apply for the loan. With just a few clicks, select installments and get a provision for the same.

5. Bonus Management

Giving employee bonuses helps to satisfy employees, only a salary within the payroll cycle doesn’t work! Bonus for their happiness actually works as employee benefits, which gives multiple features like assigning bonuses, checking eligible employees, filtering them out, and many more.

A “salary slip generator” streamlines compensation documentation, enhancing transparency and efficiency. Embracing bonuses and tools like this fosters a positive work environment and boosts morale.

6. Reports & Analytics

Cloud-based payroll software can usually generate reports by considering analytics on payroll data. The analytics are made up of payroll data such as employee salaries, taxes, compliances, variables, and deductions, to help businesses make informed decisions.

There are several advanced HR functions and payroll process that has to be done automatically, but the above ones are basic functions that should be added to your HR and payroll software.

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Key Tactics To Choose the Right HR and Payroll Software

hr and payroll

To choose the right HR and payroll software, you just need to understand which benefits you will get from that for your business. There are several factors you can consider such as your HR and payroll need, company size, complexity of the software, and budget or pricing plans of the software.

Here you need to check these whether the software helps you in this, these are 5 important tips,

1. It Should Help to Reduce Manual Tasks

If your team members need to do manual tasks then, what’s the benefit of having software? So choose one that helps you to reduce more manual tasks.

2. It Should Help to Save More than 50% of the Time

Technology is for saving efforts and making all processes easy for you. So ultimately HR and indian payroll software help you to save your time and effort. Choose one of them.

3. It Should Minimize Compliance Risk

In India, rules, regulations, and statutory compliances must be followed. Consider the payroll software that actually helps you to save your business from potential mistakes.

4. It Should Improve the HR Strategy

If HR operations are managed seamlessly, HR should focus on other things and that works fine. By unifying HR and payroll systems, you empower People and help your team.

5. It Should Give a Better Employee Experience

Employees are the assets and they should be treated well. The better UI/UX and dashboard help to give them a better experience. So, consider this as well.


HR Payroll Software is essential for your businesses, and choosing the one needs lots of research. We have combined important tips as they may help you to find the better option for your business.

And, if you don’t want to do that much effort, you don’t need to go anywhere, check Superworks – Super HRMS and Super Payroll and avail these benefits in just a few minutes. Just leverage benefits for improved decision-making, and take your business to another level!

Written By :

Alpesh Vaghasiya

The founder & CEO of Superworks, I'm on a mission to help small and medium-sized companies to grow to the next level of accomplishments. With a distinctive knowledge of authentic strategies and team-leading skills, my mission has always been to grow businesses digitally. The core mission of Superworks is Connecting people, Optimizing the process, Enhancing performance.

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