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Why payroll management software is important today?

In recent times, the surge in popularity of payroll software in India underscores its efficiency over traditional systems for businesses. The streamlined automation, accurate calculations, and simplified tax compliance offered by payroll software are driving factors behind this shift. Investing in payroll software is increasingly imperative, as it:

Enhances operational precision

Saves time and resources

Ensures companies remain competitive

Top 10 payroll software Pune has for your business!

Why waste time juggling with piles of papers and never-ending spreadsheets? You can streamline all your payroll processes once and for all by investing in one of the best payroll software in Pune. Let’s start exploring the right HR & payroll software for your business!

Super Payroll

Superworks offers an ultimate solution for payroll challenges, Super Payroll. You can say goodbye to payroll worries with this software! This smart software handles everything effortlessly. From calculating salaries to managing leaves, attendance, and taxes, it's all covered. Accessible anytime, anywhere, it's designed to make your business life easier. With advanced tech, expert help, and a user-friendly portal for employees, Super Payroll is here to turn your payroll dreams into reality.

  • Auto-generated payslip
  • Workforce management
  • Performance management
  • One-click payroll processing
  • Loan management
  • Income tax management
  • Real-time payroll reports
  • Customizable salary reports
  • TDS auto deduction
  • Statutory compliance management
  • Reimbursement calculations
  • Employee self-service
Info Gird

Info Gird leads in providing modern payroll service for diverse businesses. Its advanced tech and user-friendly interface streamline payroll, automating calculations, tax deductions, and compliance. With employee self-service portals, leave management and detailed reporting, the software empowers businesses with efficient payroll processing and accurate record-keeping.

  • Leave management
  • Benefits and deductions management
  • Compliance management
  • Integration facilities
  • Auto-payroll calculation
My Buro

My Buro is one of the well-known payroll solutions for managing payroll effortlessly. Tailored for businesses of all sizes, it streamlines payroll company tasks. With its user-friendly features, HR teams can handle payroll smoothly, saving time and minimizing mistakes. Boosting productivity, My Buro payroll system is here to make payroll management a breeze.

  • User-defined salary structures
  • Unlimited salary heads
  • Salary reports
  • Income tax settings
  • Loan management
  • Auto-payroll processing

Ascent is a flexible payroll solution that makes payroll adjustments a breeze. With easy modifications, this solution adapts to your needs swiftly. It goes beyond by offering detailed reports, empowering businesses with valuable payroll insights for smart decision-making.

  • Single version across all customers
  • Built-in statutory compliances
  • 100% accuracy with arrears
  • ERP integration with multiple SOO options
  • Compliance management
Intelli Payroll

Intelli payroll software is an all-in-one payroll and HRMS system that simplifies payroll processes and compliance for businesses. Tackle complex tasks effortlessly and guarantee precise, on-time payments to your employees with ease.

  • Full and final settlement
  • Employee portal
  • Claims and reimbursement management
  • Leave management
  • Arrear calculation

Oriole is a cloud-based payroll software that can handle every payroll-related task. From simple payroll calculations to taxes and compliance, it's got you covered. With features like payroll service for employees and leave management, it's a one-stop solution for informed choices.

Gizmosys Solutions

Gizmosys Solutions is an excellent solution for businesses of all types and sizes. The software takes care of any and every payroll hassle. It handles tax calculations, tracks attendance, and processes salaries seamlessly

  • Employee self-service
  • Flexible reports
  • Payroll processing
  • Expense claim management
  • Data integrity

Introducing Roll Call is a go-to software for attendance and payroll management. The software is easy to use as well as effortlessly tracks employee attendance and hours, streamlining payroll processing. It can also be integrated with attendance data to ensure accurate and stress-free payroll management.

  • Compliance management
  • Integration with attendance management system
  • Auto-calculation of payroll
  • Payslip management
  • Reports & analytics

Quikchex is the ultimate payroll and HR software. With its simple interface and strong features, the software automates salary calculations, tax deductions, and compliance tasks, thereby saving time as well as minimizing errors. You can count on Quikchex for precise and punctual employee payments.

  • Data management
  • Accrual calculation and encashment
  • Integration with biometric systems
  • Quick tax calculations
  • Reliable payroll analytics
Smooth Infotech

Smooth Infotech stands out as the best HR payroll software, catering to all Indian businesses. With user-friendly design as well as advanced capabilities. It transforms payroll management, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. With Smooth Infotech, you can bid farewell to manual calculations and intricate tax deductions, thereby making payroll hassle-free.


Benefits of the payroll management software

You deserve effective payroll features and modules.

Automated payroll

Super payroll automates all the payroll operations such as payroll calculation, processing, and disbursement.

Direct deposit

The software automatically disburses the salary on the date of payroll without any manual intervention.

Enhanced security

Payroll software includes security features like access controls & password protection to protect sensitive information.

Automated compliance

Payroll software can help organizations stay compliant with tax laws and regulations, avoiding costly penalties and audits.

Centralized database

Payroll software refers to a single location where all employee information & payroll data are stored and managed.

Auto payslips download

Auto payslips download refers to the automatic generation and download of employee payslips through payroll software.


What is payroll software?

A payroll system is a digital tool that simplifies and automates the process of calculating, managing, and distributing employee salaries, taxes, and other related financial tasks.

Is payroll software suitable for small businesses?

Yes, payroll software is beneficial for businesses of all sizes, including payroll software for small business, as it helps manage payroll efficiently and accurately.

Can payroll software generate pay stubs and tax forms?

Yes, most payroll software including Superworks can generate pay stubs for employees and necessary tax forms such as W-2s and 1099s for tax reporting purposes.

Can I access payroll information remotely?

Superworks payroll software offers cloud-based access, enabling you to manage payroll and access data securely from anywhere with an internet connection.

How do I choose the right cloud-based payroll software for my business?

Consider factors such as the size of your business, your budget, required features (e.g., tax calculations, integrations), and user reviews when selecting payroll software.

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