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Why is cloud based HR software a thing in Mumbai?

In recent years, the adoption of HR software and payroll software in Mumbai has rapidly increased due to the numerous benefits it offers. 

HR software in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, India come with a centralised repository for all employee-related data, including personal information, job details, and performance metrics.

This makes it easier to monitor employee progress and perform analytics on workforce trends.

It is high time for you to invest in the right HRMS software in Mumbai and enjoy benefits like

Ensured regulatory compliance 

Automated hr technology and more…

Top 10 HR software in Mumbai! 

Be it small or large, every business should invest in the best hr and payroll software in india as it improves efficiency to a greater extent by automating administrative tasks, enhancing compliance and reducing legal risks, improving communication and collaboration, and providing valuable insights and analytics.

Super HRMS

Super HRMS is one of the popular cloud based HR software solutions in Mumbai.  It is known for providing end-to-end HRMS (Human Resource Management System) solutions for various businesses across India.  This system includes one of the most effective time monitoring features and one of the well-known HRMS service providers in Mumbai. Super HRMS makes managing leaves of absence and reimbursing claims simple. You can even get a free demo. It has more than 200 happy customers and 2000+ users due to its exceptional customer support and smooth software functioning.  The software is designed to be easy to use and customizable to fit specific business needs. Choose this software for increased employee satisfaction, improved bottom line, and most importantly, exceptional business growth.

  • Onboarding and offboarding 
  • Clock In/Clock Out system
  • Loan management
  • Employee data management 
  • Employee engagement 
  • Employee attendance trail
  • Access level management 
  • Employee self service feature 
  • Payroll processing & regulation
  • Employee probation management 
  • Employee directory 
  • Mobile application
  • Free demo
Sage HR

Sage HR is quickly establishing itself as the top HRMS and payroll software in Mumbai for managing employee databases and staff leave.  Sage HR assists you in resolving a number of HR issues and frees up time and resources like never before.  In essence, this HRMS payroll software is meant for those who want to concentrate on growing their company by eliminating the overhead time and money spent on paper hunting down employee leave requests. Choose this HR and payroll management software to get ample number of features at the most affordable prices.

  • Leave management 
  • Timesheets 
  • Shift scheduling 
  • Expenses
  • Reporting 
  • Mobile accessibility 
  • Onboarding 
  • Employee self service 

Smart H2R is the best HR payroll software in Mumbai. This HRMS payroll software handles the whole range of employee life cycle from employee hiring to retirement or resignation. It is not just employee and domain centric but also highly customisable. With built-in analytics, it is both cloud- and on-premises-available and has more than 150 satisfied clients from different industries.  Entrepreneurs from similar fields have made sure that the product and support infrastructure are flawless.

  • Asset management 
  • Attendance management 
  • Bonus management 
  • Recruitment management 
  • Employee self service management 
  • Mobile support 

Every organisation would adore having simple access to the payroll and employee database.  A good number of organisations across Mumbai use HRMTHREAD.  It is one of the finest web-hosted payroll systems, since it makes challenging HR processes appear incredibly simple.  The mobile app of this HR software, which offers quick and simple access, is its most intriguing feature.  HRMTHREAD is also effective in managing employee departures as well as ensuring statutory compliance.  It makes tax planning and TDS computations straightforward and easier.

  • Email integration 
  • Performance management 
  • Mobile support 
  • Loan and advances management 
  • Payroll management 
  • Expense tracking 
Wallet HR

Wallet HR specialise is known for offering the best time management tools and features to businesses in Mumbai.  They provide comprehensive HR management software that cover every stage of an employee's career inside an organisation, from hiring to retirement.  They can help you to pace up with the dynamic business needs and stay ahead of the competition without putting in much effort. 

  • Document management 
  • Expense tracking 
  • Help desk ticketing system
  • Payroll management 
  • Asset management 
  • Reimbursement management 
  • Event management 

All over Mumbai, OpportuneHR is a well-known payroll software for business. Because they always focus on providing solutions for the most basic as well as unique requirements of the organizations. OpportuneHR has effectively addressed the critical automation challenges specific to your industry! They focus on addressing real-life HR scenarios ranging from core HR to analytics and even AI applications. Their goal is to provide unmatched management experience, higher productivity, decision friendly MIS reports for their users!

  • Performance management
  • Application tracking system
  • Loans & advances computation
  • Attendance Management
  • Mobile support
  • Payroll & Taxation
  • Travel & expense management

EasyHR is a dedicated organization in Mumbai that provides everything a business would need to effectively manage and connect with its employees. They are an upcoming software solutions company presenting key resources with their rich 20 years of experience. They promote automation in numerous sections of management including leave & attendance management to payroll and even help desk! So you can successfully move forth from spreadsheets to an easy-to-utilize HR software, to save time & effort.

  • Helpdesk
  • Training management
  • Claims management
  • Asset management
  • Attendance management
  • Recruitment management
  • Performance management

JSM Software is a world-class management solution situated in the Indian subcontinent. This organization is built with the knowledge of deep human resources acquired over two decades of doing wonders for businesses. Based on proven implementation methodologies, they efficiently provide HR solutions for uncountable businesses! For businesses facing failures to comprehend the complex HRMS requirements, JSM comes forth with expert HR solutions. From Payroll and employee self service to Travel, performance, and reimbursement management, they are nurturing the small business with expert HR solutions!

  • Expense management
  • Leave & attendance management
  • Employee self service
  • Training management
  • Employee exit management
  • Performance management

Quikchex is a Mumbai-based organization that helps businesses automate their backend HR activities, and provide a greater experience for their users. Their range for providing HR solutions goes from 20 employees to a whooping number of 5000! Currently, they are working with hundreds of businesses and streamlining their management, from better to the best! Quikchex can be your one stop solution for HR works, that can help you from generating appointment letters to database management.

  • Expense management
  • Performance management
  • Recruitment management
  • Leave management
  • labor compliance
  • Mobile support

247HRM is there to simplify HR processes and ease the burden of the business with unique HR solutions. It addresses the gap between HR managers and employees, so even the most complicated functions can simply. They reduce the possibility of human error and allow you to concentrate on the core business functions so you can compete better with your peers! To meet the fast-changing demands of the industry, they can help you enable suitability to handle HR processes so you survive, thrive, and keep doing well.

  • Employee self service
  • Attendance management
  • Expense management
  • Performance management
  • Leave management
  • Payroll & taxation
  • Talent management

Benefits of HRMS software you must know!

HRMS software is the perfect solution for all your HR frets

Increased efficiency 

Automate repetitive & time-consuming human resource tasks, freeing up HR staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

Improved data accuracy 

Eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors caused by human intervention.

Streamlined communication 

Allow HR staff to communicate with employees through one platform & share vital information in a tap.

Enhanced compliance 

Comply with labor laws and regulations by automatically tracking & storing employee data and reduce incompliance risks.

More employee self service 

Provide employees with self-service portals to submit time-off requests, update personal details and more.

Increased transparency 

A centralised platform for storing HR data, making it easier for everyone to access/review vital information.


What features does Super HRMS software offer?

Super HRMS offers a wide range of features to help streamline your HR processes.

Some of the key features our HR and payroll system also include applicant tracking, onboarding, time and attendance tracking, performance management, benefits administration, and HR analytics.

How secure is Super HRMS and what measures are in place to protect sensitive employee data?

Super HRMS is the best HR software in Mumbai as it takes the security of their users’ employee data very seriously.

Our HR payroll software uses advanced encryption technologies to protect data in transit and at rest.

Super HRMS also implements multi-factor authentication, role-based access controls, and regular security audits to ensure the highest level of security.

How does Super HRMS ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations?

Super HRMS software can help you ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations.

We regularly update our software to reflect changes in laws and regulations, and provide access to resources such as compliance guides and templates to help you stay compliant.

Additionally, our HR and payroll system provides audit trails and compliance reports to help businesses demonstrate compliance during audits and inspections.

How user-friendly is Super HRMS and what training or support is available for its new users?

Super HRMS software was incepted with user-friendliness in mind.

We have a modern and intuitive easy to use interface that is easy to navigate.

The software also offers extensive training and support resources to help new users get up to speed quickly, including online tutorials, video guides, and dedicated customer support.

What pricing options do Super HRMS offer and are there any hidden costs or fees?

Super HRMS offers a variety of pricing plans to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes.

Our pricing is transparent and straightforward, with no hidden costs or fees.

We also offer a free demo so you can try our software for HR before making a purchase.

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