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A comprehensive HRMS software in Delhi list for all businesses

Businesses are scaling now, and one of the major problems is- Workforce Management. Delhi, India has several IT companies and they have a larger workforce. HRMS software in India is one of the main needs of any employee regardless of any business or industry you belong to. For the utmost need of HRIS Software and payroll software, we have gathered the best hr software in Delhi, that actually helps to manage HR operations in your business.

Just check the comprehensive list of HRMS software, that allows you to choose one of the best among them.

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The top 9 options for HR management software in Delhi

Whether you are running a business in Delhi, Chennai, or any surrounding areas, you may be trying to find one of the top HR software in Chennai, Delhi, or India. Here below we have compiled some of the HR payroll software that cater to all your HR-related needs with automation and other technologies. All platforms are made with either web-based or cloud-based or SaaS-cloud-based technologies, so choose wisely by checking all the information and features as well.

Super HRMS 

From effective talent hiring to exiting with the full and final settlement- Superworks cover all! This platform is specially designed to solve all HRs problems at budget-friendly rates. You can subscribe to their monthly or yearly based plans as per your employees' size. More than the HR management platform, this software as a service has several other modules such as Super Payroll, Super Recruit, Super Project, and many more.


SHRMpro is a fully integrated, one-to-one HRMS tool that helps to upgrade your HR game. Cloud-based software has multiple features that help you in recruitment, HR, and many more operations. It has everything dynamic as you can adopt a dashboard, reports, and workflow of that. You can easily integrate the module with other modules of the same platform for business process automation streamlining


There are multiple HRMS modules, that Flexiele owns. As per your organization's need, you can consider Basic HRMS, additional features, or an advanced version of the platform. From the employee's entry into the company to other operations for them, Flexiele is capable to help them for finishing without any hassle. Flexiele is an incredibly flexible solution, you can get in a customized version.

  • Leave & attendance management
  • Travel & expense management
  • Survey & helpdesk
  • Reports & analytics
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Asset management system

JSM HRIS is a global HR and payroll software that can handle all your HR-related problems. No matter what if you are in Delhi, India, or other countries it will definitely help you for solving HR challenges. There are business intelligence capabilities and some methodologies that help you to make a team excellent without any hassle.

  • Employee data management
  • Candidate hiring management
  • Timesheet management
  • Leave management
  • Appraisal management
  • Attendance management

AUPRO HRMS has a number of functions other than core HR functions. It is the solution that can handle businesses' HR and payroll problems. From time and attendance calculation to disbursing salaries in employees' accounts, this platform can provide everything under one roof. If you are looking for the ultimate solution that is suitable for the organization, then this can be your answer.

  • Employee management
  • Leave & attendance management
  • Travel & expense management
  • Training & development
  • Appraisal management
  • Payroll management
Savvy HRMS

Savvy HRMS is an all-in-one platform that fits all types of organizations. Whether it is the manufacturing industry or IT or another industry Savvy HRMS can cater to all your needs. It provides the utmost customization for your HR needs, just check the features and functions of HRMS software.

  • Employee document management
  • Core HR tasks
  • Visitor management
  • Survey tool
  • Travel & expense management
  • Asset management
  • Separation management
  • Labor management

If you are searching for competitive edge HR software in Delhi, then Talbrum is one of the best you can take. You can get a number of advantages by adopting Talbrum, which helps you to manage employees' time, count their payroll, and help to manage the whole HR function. It has an HRIS portal as well as a mobile app that can handle all your HR challenges.

  • Core HR
  • Time attendance management
  • Leave management
  • Shift management
  • Employee recruitment
  • Task management
  • Device management

OpportuneHR has different kinds of modules that cater to all your needs. Whether you have a small business or a growing organization, OpportuneHR is a perfect solution to use for an organization's HR process streamlining. This is cloud-based HRMS software in Delhi with advanced technology chatbot & that is mobile-friendly.

  • Attendance management
  • Leave management
  • All in one dashboard
  • Geo-fencing tracking
  • Data analytics & reports
  • Performance management
  • Employee self service

Benefits of HR Software for every business

Fulfill all your HR needs by using HRMS software in Delhi

Increased Efficiency

Automate repetitive & time-consuming HR tasks, freeing up HR staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

Improved Data Accuracy

Eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors caused by human intervention.

Streamlined communication

Allow HR staff to communicate with employees through one platform & share vital information in a tap.

Enhanced compliance

Comply with labor laws and regulations by automatically tracking & storing employee data and reduce in compliance risks.

Employee self-service

Provide employees with self-service portals to submit time-off requests, update personal details, and more.

Increased transparency

A centralized platform for storing HR data, making it easier for everyone to access/review vital information.


Which is the best HRMS software in Delhi?

There are several factors that need to be considered whenever you are thinking to adopt HRMS software in Delhi. From organization size to budget, you need to check everything for your business need. Here we mentioned, some of the best HRMS software such as Super HRMS, HR Pearls, Savvy HRMS, and many more. Choose one of them wisely.

Do small businesses need HR software?

Every business needs HR software, regardless of the size of the business. From a few to big count of employees HRMS can help to streamline all kinds of HR operations, manage employee data, employee lifecycle, onboarding to exit, and all. Ultimately it saves more than 50% of HR time. And last, it saves your business cost.

What functionalities are there in HR software?

There are multiple basic functionalities HR software has, such as – Onboarding, attendance management, leave management, employee lifecycle management, analytics & reports, employee data management, and many more. You can consider advanced functionalities for the HR software if you are an enterprise.

What is the main purpose of HRMS?

The main purpose of HRMS is – To streamline HR processes. Moreover, it should solve HR challenges such as – wrong attendance calculation, leave policy & leave calendar, payroll calculation, and many more. This can ultimately save you extra effort and time to enhance productivity.

How does HRMS software work?

First of all, HRMS takes the data through the employee self-service portal, then it transfers the data to a cloud-based centralized system. Secondly, this automated software process the data and store it for attendance, leave, and further payroll as well. At last, it streamlines all the HR-related processes and also provides the employee with the ultimate experience.

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