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HR Management Software

Choose the best HR management software in Chandigarh!

In the rapidly transforming business world, HRMS Software has emerged as a crucial tool that modern organizations are leveraging to streamline their HR processes, enhance efficiency, and achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and success.

Today, you can find HRMS software in Delhi, Kolkata, and literally all the states across India. The shift from traditional methods to Agile HRMS represents a transformative change that offers numerous benefits to businesses such as:

Improved business productivity

Enhanced employee engagement

Increased ROI

And much more…

Top 9 HRMS software Chandigarh has!

Whether you are a small business looking for an affordable HR system or a well-established multinational company searching for a scalable HRMS, you will find the most suitable software here. So, shall we dive into the list and start exploring the top HRMS software in Chandigarh?

Super HRMS

Superworks offers Super HRMS, a cloud-based and reliable solution for HR professionals, employees, and CXOs. Designed to foster company growth, the software empowers employees, streamlines operations, and meets diverse HR needs. It simplifies operations, enabling organizations to focus on strategic planning and vital training, rather than time-consuming administrative tasks. With Super HRMS, businesses can optimize operations, elevate employee experiences, and drive overall success.

  • Employee management
  • Employee self-service
  • Statutory compliance management
  • Onboarding process management
  • Exit management
  • Document management
  • Employee directory
  • Mobile leave application HR manager
  • Helpdesk ticketing management
  • Employee data management
  • A centralized dashboard

tHawkHR is a top HRMS software Chandigarh has. The software provides HR and payroll solutions to simplify the routine processes of an HR department. Their goal is to help an organization or industry grow and do well in the market. The special thing about tHawkHR is that it's easy to use and helps manage all things related to employees.

  • GPS-based attendance management
  • Claims approval system
  • Leave management
  • Payroll statutory compliances
  • Payslips generation
  • Tasks management

jihrm is your all-in-one solution for HR Process Automation. It's like a super helpful tool that makes working together easier, takes care of HR tasks automatically, and gives you useful info really quickly. This software helps you with things like tracking who's at work, handling time off, sorting out pay, and talking with your coworkers.


Campus live cloud is one of the top HR Payroll Software that makes managing employee stuff super easy. It's like your personal helper for all things HR. With this software, you can smoothly take care of important HR tasks. This special software brings together and makes things organized, so handling employee things becomes really smooth from beginning to end.

  • Employee management
  • Data management
  • Biometric integration
  • Finance management
  • Responsive dashboards

Introducing Kloud, a game-changing HR software that uses tech to make HR teams and company vibes better. It's like a tech wizard for HR! This software is made especially for small and medium businesses and works magic to make employees really happy.

  • Performance management
  • Recruitment management
  • Reports and analytics
  • Approval management
  • Attendance & time management

ClayHR software is like a magic wand that makes HR work easy and perfect. No more boring manual tasks! This software is a superhero for managing HR stuff without mistakes. It's like a safety net that lets you do your important stuff calmly. This software makes things faster and gives power to employees to do their best work.

  • Employee self-service
  • Time & attendance management
  • Leave management
  • Asset management
  • Compensation management
HRM Wage

HRM Wage, by Shrivra is a smart empowering tool for HR tasks. It makes HR operations automatic and helps you manage employees really well. HRM Wage software makes workdays simpler and more efficient, like a breeze. Any kind of business, big or small, can use this solution

IDS Technologies

IDS Technologies is a vibrant and forward-looking enterprise, positioned at the forefront of innovation within the constantly evolving technological landscape. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, IDS Technologies is dedicated to assisting organizations not only in surviving but also in flourishing amidst the swiftly changing business environment.

  • Human resource management
  • Accounting management
  • Finance management
  • Document management
  • Activity management
JSR Solutions

JSR Solutions is like a modern HR tool that helps businesses. It makes HR tasks easier and helps companies work better. It simplifies how people in a company communicate and makes things run smoother, which makes employees happier.

  • Recruitment management
  • Onboarding management
  • Performance management
  • Compensation management
  • Employee engagement

Benefits of HRMS software you must know!

Choose one of the best HR software Chandigarh has to offer!

Increased efficiency

Automate repetitive & time-consuming HR tasks with Superworks & free up HR managers for strategic initiatives.

Improved data accuracy

Eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors caused by human intervention.

Streamlined communication

Allow HR staff to communicate with employees through one platform & share vital information in a tap.

Enhanced compliance

Comply with labor laws and regulations by automatically tracking & storing employee data and reduce in compliance risks.

More employee self-service

Provide employees with self-service portals to submit time-off requests, update personal details, and more.

Increased transparency

A centralized platform for storing HR data, making it easier for everyone to access/review vital information.


What features does your HRMS software offer?

Our HRMS software provides a comprehensive range of features, including employee self-service portals, payroll management, attendance tracking, performance management, and document management.

Can I customize the HRMS software to suit our company's unique needs?

Absolutely! Our HRMS software is highly customizable. You can tailor it to match your organization’s specific processes and workflows.

Is the HRMS software compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, our HRMS software is mobile-responsive, allowing both employees and administrators to access key functionalities through their smartphones or tablets.

How secure is the employee data stored in the HRMS software?

Security is a top priority for us. Our HRMS software employs advanced encryption and access controls to safeguard all sensitive employee information.

Can employees request time off and track their leave balances using the HRMS software?

Yes, our HRMS software enables employees to request time off, view their leave balances, and track the status of their leave requests conveniently.

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